Diddy Says President Obama Needs To ‘Do Better’

- By Bossip Staff

Diddy spent a lot of time getting people to Ci-roc the vote and get president Obama in office. In a recent interview with Source magazine, he weighed in on President Obama’s performance thus far.

Our favorite mouthbreather, music mogul Sean Combs, is featured on the Source magazine’s Feb/March 2011 cover.

Source: What’s your assessment of President Obama thus far?
Diddy: “I love the president like most of us. I just want the president to do better. There’s a difference between us voting for somebody and us believing in somebody. He’s the person that we believed in so I pray night and day that he understands how God ordained his presidency. I feel there was a promise made to God to look after people that was less fortunate, and [many] of those people are African-American…”

We wouldn’t consider him a political expert but he’s entitled to his opinion. While he’s giving advice about doing things better, he might want to start with Dirty Money.


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  • Lola

    He might start wit himself… He is such a corn ball

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      EXACTLY! he’s just hopping on the bandwagon.

    • christmas808

      diddy need to worry about his 50 kids and his bankrupting artist before he start worrying about what Obama doing

    • GetItTogether

      Fck Diddy. This jus shows 1) He has no idea what Obama has already done on the DL for Americans. 2) He shouldn’t have dropped out of college.

    • kalifa

      Sean needs to keep his piggy in his shorts and stop breeding every vagina he stumbles upon.

  • JohnDHater


  • ladyinblue

    “I love the president like most of us. I just want the president to do better”, says the destroyer of hopes and dreams for those who THOUGHT they would have a musical career on Bad Boy



  • Teena

    Not once have i EVER heard of Diddy doin ANYTHING for the less fortunate. Now I could be wrong. I’m sure he’s done SOMETHING. But why don’t we know about it. All i see when I see or hear Diddy is EGO. It’s unattractive. He needs to sit down and SHUT IT UP.

  • Oneofakind

    Diddy needs to really shutup! He thinks he’s the damn president and that he runs everything. I dnt like him bc he is all talk and no action at all! I think Obama is doing a good job thus far. Diddy needs to focus on his own self and let the president do his job!!!

  • realtalk

    However, Diddy is NOT the President of the United States! So why are we trying to attack Diddy for his faults. We all have faults or things we could improve about ourselves as well. Nobody is perfect! But I agree with him. President Obama really needs to address the state of Black America. It’s getting ugly and if the United Nations can recognize the problems, the first “Black” president should “do better” by acknowledging it too instead of trying to please the very people that hate him.

    • kita

      I agree with you Realtalk, it seems like he will compromise for anything and its never in the working mans favor only republicans and businesses. If i would have wanted a person to do all the things he has agreed to do so far I would have voted for Mccain not an undercover Republican

  • Matix B

    I cannot comment on American politics, as I’m no longer living there. But please someone tell me what the faq is the beef with OBAMA?? He is just a man not a messiah; IMHO he took over the office during enormous conflict and has tried to mend the fragments of his beleaguered government.

    • yoli

      MESSIAH means messenger!!!! The FBI gave the same title to MLK…… and JESUS was one as well….

    • Matix B

      I’m well aware of that. What’s your point, (no sarcasm)?

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  • H.B.I.C.

    Diddy needs to stop career jacking. why ALL his artist fail? Cause all along he wants to be the artist! He wants to be the only star. He need an ego adjustment.

  • Jay

    I will say I tried Ciroc, it is a pretty awful vodka. I would rather buy overpriced Belve before I buy that crap.

  • http://thev2v.com Catherine

    He needs to change is name to Dirty Diddy, but I digress. I saw him a on a late night show once and supposedly he was advocating for some illness, and when asked about it, like what it was, he couldn’t even give an answer! As a black person I felt so ashamed! Look at this monkey on national television in front of millions of viewers and he’s promoting his involvement in a cause and can’t even describe the ailment! It was so horrible. I was so pissed.

  • So What?

    He need to do better in: life, relationships, work, mouth, & any & everything I can think of. ….Uhhggg he needs to go away & get lost. Ciroc coconut is the last good thing he has done.

  • yt



    • yoli

      Im on the floor………

    • haha

      lol riiiiiiight

  • VO

    Puff the same guy who never pays his artist. Yea we should listen to him..


    Before this fool has anything to say about our President Obama, he may want to start with hisself and stopped having all these babies out of wedlock and sit his *ss down somewhere.

  • jmagic

    Says the guy who has 9 kids by 9 women,who has his goon shoots up a club…and a guy who dances around on the stage at 41 so yeah obama you better listen

  • Supa_sexy

    All I can say is I agree!!! I believe Obama should do better, but then again he is only one person and this world was already F**Ked up b4 he got in office so it’s only so much he can do at a time. Follow and twit me at NaturalbeautyEP

  • brooklyn

    I agree with Puff cause that health care plan he is trying to push is for the birds because if you read the entire bill no one wins and plus it has not worked in any other country before im just saying

    • Matix B

      Universal health care does work in Canada; mind you we do pay a hefty price for the luxury of free health care. Our system has flaws, like any other system but it works none the less. Taxes are like death, inevitable.

    • SMH

      You didn’t read the bill, be quiet.

    • Matix B

      I wasn’t commenting on the bill. I was commenting on the comment about it not working in other countries. I added my two cents, if you don’t like it skip it.

    • RMEs

      chuckling…”we pay a hefty price for the luxury of free healthcare.” things that make you go hmmm…

    • Matix B

      Yes I agree, it’s a conundrum; you have to pay for everything. Nothing is free even “free” health care.

    • christmas808

      the problem is not the health care bill the problem is black people will vote to put obama in office but wont go out and vote to give him the democratic majority to obtain a single payers system #fact

  • big dog

    We expect to much from the man in one term but We the people of the United States are suffering from this economy. Why should we pay taxes to the country if the country isn’t taking care of us. Jobs don’t even pay enough to survive. People have kids, Gas bills, electricity bills, water bills and House payments. Not to mention we have to eat. HIV is rising and men can’t stay in their pants so health care should be a big deal. Prices are rising every week or every month. Our rights as citizens are falling short, the cops that are suppose to protect and serve are killing and torturing our people everyday. Our freedom of speech is no longer relevant.

    • christmas808

      instead of talking bout gas prices and high bills u need to be encouraging blk people to go to skool and stop tryna me the next lil wayne

    • big dog

      Do u know me, I thought not FYI I encourage many black youths to stay in school. I try to encourage many black people not to put themselves or our people down but all I can do is encourage, they have a mind of their own. But the fact of the matter is everything that I said is true. And when I say gas I don’t mean gas to put in ur vehicle I’m talkN about gas for peoples home. And since ur so damn smart people with good education and good jobs are being laid off themselves not just the one with lesser education. Ya’ll judge the struggle but no nothing of the struggle. There are plenty single mothers out here who had to drop out of school because they had and kid and weren’t able to go back because they have to work to raise that kid. Yes no one told them to go and get pregnant but the fact remains that they have to do the best they can to raise those kids because those kids didn’t ask for any of it. U got elderly who try to survive off of Social Security which isn’t much or a retirement check. Let me ask u what are u doing to help the young black children. Nothing but try to encourage because that’s all we can do is try. U have no control over what the next person does. Don’t be mad that I state the fact.

    • big dog

      And By the way talkN about the high prices of what it is to survive in this economy is encouraging the kids to stay in school. Lil wayne does have his flaws but If u know anything about the man he is well educated.

  • http://Bossip.com Eddie

    Diddy needs to get a vasectomy.



  • LMBO!

    So does Diddy with his wack autotune and his wack music. I wish he’d do us all a favor and go away for good.

  • thesaneone

    diddy’s personality is really unattractive! he’s so ignorant and arrogant at the same time. i cant take it.

    • Coco0326

      I SO agree!!!

  • brooklyn

    @Matix b if you read the bill it has things in there like if you sell you home you will be taxed 17% thats just to much and its so much that goes with the bill pls read it then comment because health care is not the only thing on the table again im just saying

    • Matix B

      I’m glad you pointed that out, but I never commented on the bill, and I know I can’t speak on it, just saying that some forms of universal health care works, not only in Canada but a lot other countries have success. I recall posing a question as to why there is beef with Obama and his policies, still no response. Instead we are nit picking about whether I read the bill or not. Tell me about the bill. I’m not trying to be smart.

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