Maybe Mashonda’s Finally Past Throwing Stones At Alicia & The Beak’s Matrimony-Dom

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Mashonda’s son Kaseem ichatting and hanging out with his step-uncle Cole.

We wonder if this means that the current and former Mrs. Deans have squashed the beef?

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  • xxbiggirlxx

    I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

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    This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

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  • shinefromw1th1n

    Hopefully she has because you don’t have to do anything to show people what they’re getting themselves into. Alicia will see for herself, in time.

  • sportstalk23

    At some point a person has to just get on with life easier said than done especially when the person you see as your husband mistress is stepmom to your kid. Put it like this don’t think were going to be seeing a blended family with Swizzy and the two Mrs Beaks, like Big Willy and the two Mrs.Smith’s


    Don’t lie who else touched their screen trying to rub of that speck of dirt on Cole’s forehead before scrolling down and realising oh! it’s on that pic only…LM.AO!

    • Ash

      Yes! I was like what the hell

  • Sonya

    Alicia’s brother seems like a great guy. But then again, why wouldn’t he be? Alicia is pretty special too.

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