Cry Me A River: Montana Fishburne Says The D.A.’s Office Won’t Let Her Be Great

- By Bossip Staff

Back in September, when Lawrence Fishburne’s spotty-booty daughter went to rehab, we thought she was genuinely trying to get her life together.

It turns out her rehab was part of a plea deal which the L.A. Attorney is now trying to renege on, TMZ reports.

TMZ has learned Montana’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, filed blistering legal papers in L.A. Wednesday, claiming last June, prosecutors who filed the assault case agreed to allow Montana to enter a rehab program for 90 days, and in return she’d get no jail time.

Holley says Montana, relying on the L.A. City Attorney’s offer, entered a rehab facility, where she’s been since September.

According to Holley, prosecutors did an about-face in November and told her they wanted Montana to serve 120 days in jail.

Now Holley has gone to the judge, asking her to enforce the deal her client relied on.

TMZ has learned … Montana has now decided to spend 180 days in the rehab facility.

She better be in there getting some guidance and healing and not just trying to duck a sentence! You know… so her dad doesn’t have to suffer through any more Black Men’s spreads. SMH.

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  • purple love

    Damn btwn her and lilo that lawyer got paid in 2010

    • Thaddious

      A white person lied? Imagine that-

  • TBM

    What was the plea deal for and what exactly did she do?

  • I love Tamron Hall

    That lawyer do got a booty too! Still dont got nuthin on Tamron Hall tho!! 😀

  • purple love

    @tbm she beat up her bf’s ex

  • jp

    thats alot of photo shop

    • London Girl

      A HELL of a lot!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Anyways….she looks great in these pics above #thatisall#

    • nywoman23

      ure cute, but damn you give tyra banks a run for her money.

      through that forehead, i can see clearly now the rain is gone, its gonna be a bright , bright sunny shiny day lol . im only teasing

    • Lacey (Lord Help Me Find My White Prince)

      Bunny is sooo pretty ^_^ i like your piecing.

      In regards to Montana. who cares? She’s a disgrace.

  • Mz.Elite

    Now se e these pictures should be the FIRST thing to let you MEN/BOYS knw these women really dont look the way yall see them in magazines!!!!

    We ALL know that booty spotted like a leopard!!!! But that pic showing her azz got her extra smooth and blemish free!!!! Blah….

    Dont care much bout the subject but had to make a statement on the pics!!!

    FOLLOW ME!!!!

  • 7lady

    It’s so creepy how she look just like her daddy. He shoulda slapped her tongue out her mouth for that disgraceful sh*t!

  • Shat


  • Mscreative1

    Photoshop is a hella program! Go Adobe CS5..

  • jdmann

    Free Chippy D and let her be great.

  • true

    Photoshop n implants can do miracles on ppl. You go Putana Fish-burns.

  • Ookie Dookie

    Her spotty one hundred and one dalmation azz is so caught up in the matrix even morpheus can get her out. NEO!!!

  • DOC

    Pics are photoshoped like a muthafocker.

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  • really really?

    let her do her thang. all these female ppl love are as much photoshoped as her. u jus aint seen the real them to prove it. blah. sad

  • lawal

    i like mr fishburne his an intelligent actor, but about his daughter what exactly is her offence

  • p-mac

    she look good like this. i’d nut….

  • Avon Barksdale

    Forget about Montana, her lawyer is the one I want! Look up some pictures of the lawyer, she is RAW! I have a picture of her jogging. You would think she is in her 20’s the way her booty and thighs look! And she worked on the OJ Simpson case.

  • Really?!

    This dingy azz little girl needs to walk away quietly and shut her mouth! Every time she opens it something stupid falls out!

  • BlackBeautyWeb

    She needs to get Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hiltons lawyers. Those hoe*s can burn down the white house while snorting coke and wearing jewelry that they were caught stealing on camera and still get probation.

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