Pure Comedy: Gabby Break-A-Union Would Never Be An Unwed Mother

- By Bossip Staff

We saw a bump. We asked a question. And the virtuous Gabrielle Union responded.

Gabrielle Union has no plans to get pregnant anytime soon despite the rumors. Pictures of a slight tummy bump set the rumor mill a blaze. Gabrielle who’s dating Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade wasted no time denying these rumors,

“No, I am not pregnant and please let the world know I will only be pregnant after I am married, and that will be years from now. I want to play roles that let me wear a bikini and run around like a badass! LOL It’s kinda hard to do all that with a baby bump!”

“When erroneous reports of pregnancy pop up for different actors or artists, that can stop us from getting work…it’s hard enough in this recession trying to find a job without our own people putting up unnecessary roadbloacks for us to feed our families.”

Darn. Now we have to see if they’ll take this Edible Arrangement back.


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  • Eric

    How old is she? Either way I wish her and D-wade the best. I’m sure he doesn’t mind getting her pregnant, lol.

    • Lawrence

      Get the f!ck off our website cracker!

    • Eric

      Relax, dude. No need for the name calling.

    • Eric

      Lol, I’m not going to argue with you, bro.

    • Bertha

      No stay. This site needs more white men.

    • Cali

      @ Eric, Black men ON THIS SITE are very jealous of White men lmao! They are ignorant, possessive, jealous, hateful, pose as White women and FAIL all the time so just ignore them the way you would a child.

    • Cali

      Hellooo??? I said “ON THIS SITE” which is pretty damn clear so WTF are you talking about stupid??!!

    • Black Male

      It burns my soul when I see a black woman with a white man.

    • Whitney

      @BlackMale STFU you pathetic fool. You black men are a mess.

    • silentseeker

      Stay as long as you want Eric. I’m color blind.

  • Mrs. Rance

    TMI Gabby. No one really gives a damn.

  • Tanatan

    What do u mean Kadadah? Have u forgot he was messin wit her while he was still wit his wife? I think that qualifies him as being like the rest of tha BB players!

    • Kadadah

      His marriage was basically done @ that point. He moved on, the wife should’ve done the same!


    And u know all of this because?

    • Kadadah

      The same way you knew how/when he was cheating on his wife!!!!!

  • Melissa Lee

    She won’t have a baby out of wedlock but she’ll date a married man…

    • Cali

      Ummm yeah, why she is pretending to have OUTSTANDING morals all of a sudden is surprising and why is she acting like her door is being knocked down for lead roles? She is a bit delusional along with the fact that she has 5 or more years to have children lol. Didn’t she just turn 40?

  • JustSaying

    Years from now? She’ll be 39 this year. She ain’t got that many left. Not if she wants to have her own babies.

  • G.M.

    kudos to Gabby for obviously knowing how to use birth control…she’s a rare breed nowadays lol

  • Tanatan

    Hahaha! I guess it all depends on whether u like him or not. Me personally cant stand him. Maybe u feel differently kinda like his wife felt about their marriage!

    • Kadadah


  • tankreeper

    really CALI…all black men right…no white man on this earth fits that description…..that was very ignorant of u

    • Cali

      Dumbazz did you miss the “ON THIS SITE” part…helloooooo??

  • Whitney

    Gabby represents for the beautiful dark skinned sistas.

    • Jay

      What about Sanaan Lathan and the williams sister’s though.

  • MissLayDee

    Wow…is everyone on their PERIODS tonight???? Sheesh….

  • tt

    Wow women wake up, years from now? Just how much time do you think u haven that’s the problem with women nowadays. So busy chasing a career then crying the blues and wondering why they can’t have babies. 40 is very old to b having babies, yes people do it, whateva!

  • Whatev

    Maybe she just said that so as not to scare off DWade… because honestly Gabby, you’re beautiful and I have nothing against you, but you do need to be thinking about having babies if you want them. tick tock

  • http://besomewheretween.wordpress.com Ms. Jones

    blah…all this means is she hasnt figured out a way to trap him YET!

  • Jay the Real One

    I like her and D Wade as a couple. A BLACK couple featured on a BLACK site for a change.

    • Glok..Stacking paper and clips !!


  • Hotmochagirl

    Good for Gabby. There are too many unwed mothers with unplanned for children who never know their fathers out there. Don’t be another statistic in that department.
    And it’s good to see D Wade with a black woman too, as most of those ballers either go light or white.

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