Farrah Gray Talks Publishing Company and Business Rules To Live By

- By Bossip Staff

When Farrah Gray was just 6 years old, he was already a “working man”. He held down a job selling lotion door to door for $1.50 a bottle. That same initiative led to him become an entrepreneur and, eventually, a millionaire by his 14th birthday. Now 26 years old, Gray has built on the solid foundation he created as a teen. Although his business portfolio is diverse, having dabbled in everything from food production to platinum dealing, his most recent venture has gotten a whole lot of people talking…

Continued at The Atlanta Post

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  • Just Sayin

    Make that money brotha!

  • Lacey ( Lord Find Me My White Prince)

    SEE i like black guys like THIS.

    But they’re rare 😦

    If every black guy was like this I’d never have to date white chocolate

  • afrodite

    It’s always been my greatest dream to have my own publishing company. Where are the rest of the bothers like this?

    • afrodite


  • hmmmmmmmmm

    For people who don’t already know, most people would never guess that this young man’s father is/was activist Khalid Muhammad. He took a totally different path from his dad but he was obliviously blessed with his dad’s drive. More power to him.

  • MikeKill

    This dude is gay!


      ^ and this dude is a fckn hater!
      Anways Congratulations Farrah I remember reading your book when I wanted to start my own business and it did bring inspiration. So look out for the new media mogul!….

  • http://glakia.wordpress.com Lakia Gordon

    I think it’s great to see young men reaching for their dreams!!

  • ShaniceBangs

    We need more black guys like him in the UK. Black guys in the UK are broke, and they don’t seem to have any ambitions.

    We need to move to the USA and give it a trial.

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