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Busa Bust, got held up by one time last week and his lawyer is planning to take action:

A UK based lawyer is planning to file a complaint against machine-gun toting police officers, who arrested Busta Rhymes last week in the London City airport. Busta Rhymes’ lawyer Philip Trott was with him on September 25 in the airport, when at least 15 police officers detained Rhymes over his immigration status. Trott, who traveled with Rhymes from Amsterdam to London to help with any issues, is a partner in the law firm Bates, Wells and Braithwaite. When Trott and Rhymes arrived in London, five officers with machine guns greeted Rhymes and Trott’s entourage on the runway. Ten more officers greeted them inside and attempted to send Rhymes back to Amsterdam.

We can understand the law being the law, but 15 officers and machine guns is a bit much for one crew. Come on London, it’s Bust-A-Bust, you don’t remember him? Maybe he shouldn’t have cut off his dreads and taken those ‘roids. SMH


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