London Hotel Threatens To Boot Barbz Out Of Her Hotel If She Can’t Control Her Minions

- By Bossip Staff

Ladies and gentlemen, Onika Maraj is a WORLDWIDE phenomenon.

HipHopWired reports:

Having a cult like following can be a gift and a curse and while currently doing overseas promo, rapper Nicki Minaj is finding that out first hand.

Apparently, the management at The Dorchester hotel where she’s staying in London are fed up with hundreds of fans crowding outside and notified the female rapper that if she doesn’t have here minions leave the premises, she will have to get out.

Minaj tweeted this earlier today:

“Ugh! The lonon barbz r giving me life! They’re so passionate. They’re still @ the hotel. The hotel is threatening to kick me out”.

Followed by,

“So the hotel made me walk out the “back” door and guess what? Paparazzi and Barbz… Lol. Ima need that hotel to sit. U aint stoppn nuthn”

It seems like Nicki’s UK stay hasn’t been all crumpets and tea. Young Money’s first lady was forced to cancel an appearance at London nightclub, Runway last night after a fight broke out at the venue.

She was scheduled to make an appearance at Runway following a performance at nearby club Oceana, but police presence because of the melee forced her to cancel.

As usual, Minaj kept her fans posted via Twitter, tweeting,

“Had a blast @ oceana! Security issues r now preventing us from entering runway…”

Don’t think Kim ever got love like this in her hey day…we’re just saying.


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  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    well if they boot her its their loss im sure she will find some place better

    • Kyra


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      They know not what they do.

  • such and such

    absolutely crowds do what they want.

  • SMH

    Lacey you are a good looking woman so you don’t have to advertise that you are on the search for white men. People don’t understand that white men seek black women more than black women want them.

  • SMH

    I can’t stand Nicki.

    • jodian

      You’re actions are speaking louder than ur words stan,I mean hater…

  • !!!!!



    did they ever try to boot GaGa OR Bey …OR MIKE (RIP)???
    they need to stfd for real.



  • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts

    well look @ her fans explains alot !

  • Bruh Again

    This has racist overtones. Why kick her out? The hotel should just call the police to disperse the crowds. If it were Brad and Angelina, and crowds formed like this, would the hotel threaten to kick t-h-e-m out?

    • London Girl

      I hear you Bruh, but I think we can both agree that Brangelina’s fans are a different ‘type’ to Nicki’s fans. I am in no way condoning the Dorchester’s actions or comments but, sad to say, young Black people ARE generally too rowdy and unruly. I see them all the time on road and they, for the most part, have no manners, decorum, or respect for others. Those kids are probably up outside this prestigious hotel making a whole heap of noise, intimidating people, and just generally making a nuisance of themselves. Think mob mentality. Look at how the small crowd acted when she flew in to Heathrow; multiply that by say 10. smh

  • Kenedy

    I’m afraid 4 the “barbz” if she told them 2 jump off a cliff, they probably would

  • memorybliss

    The guy behind her on the right is staring at her behind so hard he’s leaning.

  • 504_MsGV

    Times have changed and Papz are so desperate for pics and everyone wants to know what you do behing close doors. Wasn’t as many bloggers and youtube’n back in the 90s. Sad.

  • bigeasy

    She’ll be washed out the moment her vajayjay sags from banging everything with pulse to get ahead.

  • Mz. Riley

    More HYPE!!!!! U already kno ym is behind all this…we don’t believe u

  • JaZzIe91

    wow I guess Nicki is a force to be reckoned with. I’m still not a fan tho :/

  • @Bruh Again

    The color of Nicki’s fans is the reason she got kicked out!

    • London Girl

      That, and probably how they were possibly acting.

  • tragic


  • bakupoffme

    i dont believe ppl actually listen to the garbage she puts out lmfaooo just shows u where the world is heading. Real music was in the 90’s hands down not this garbage

  • thegreatness

    I really believe that she hired all of those paps. there is no way that the brits care for her like that

  • imjustsayin

    people dont listen to her music
    then exactly how did she get fans in the first place
    ill take nicki’s music over her persona anyday to tell you the truth if you cant get with it thats fine but ENOUGH with the excuses
    the chick got here from her music and underground buzz and you know it

    • clinique

      I am inclined to agree with the latter half of that statement. Her buzz I feel is what got her where she is. And I say that cuz because I hear a lot of the same reviews on her. Most people feel she’s ok as an artist but not as great as she’s hyped up to be. Good marketing is crucial in this lifestyle.

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