SMH: Man Strangles & Kills Wife Whose Facebook Status Read “Feeling Really Good”

- By Bossip Staff

This is unfortunate:

A shocking murder confession has left a Clayton County neighborhood shaken up. Neighbors watched as the suspect, 55-year-old Drew Shepard, was led out of his Jonesboro home in handcuffs. He was jailed on murder charges. “I still can’t believe it. I can’t,” neighbor Belinda James told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.

On Thursday, Shepard called police and said he strangled his wife after an argument, Clayton County police Capt. Tina Daniel said. Daniel said Shepard’s wife, Aletha, was sitting at a computer when he approached her and attacked. “He did use his hands, put them around her throat. There was a struggle. She began to fight back. He came from behind, and it appears it was a case of manual strangulation,” Daniel said.

The scene contrasts the loving marriage Aletha Shepard depicted on her Facebook page. On the page, she describes herself as loving life, her husband and grandchildren. In her last post, dated Wednesday afternoon, she wrote that she is “feeling really good.” Neighbors said the attack seemed out of character for Shepard. “That’s not his demeanor at all not to me as a neighbor,” James said. She said Shepard would often give candy to the children at her day care center. She said his wife mainly kept to herself.

“We used to just say, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ She used to come out every now and then and speak,” James remembered. But the lives of the couple James has lived next to for eight years have changed forever. “It’s a shock,” James said Shepard also pleaded guilty to marijuana and methamphetamine charges in Clayton County in 1993, but his attorney told Jones he did not remember the case.

SMH…Damn, you never know what evil is lurking behind the kind eyes of crazy neighbors.


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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    WOW. Wth! I wonder what really happened. You never know what happens behind closed doors. People are snapping off left and right.

    RIP to the wife and condolences to the family. Hope he gets thrown under the jail.

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    What’s the big deal? Sometimes women need killin’!!! Just sayin’….


    Naw just jokes. But facebook is the bane of our current existence… RIP Ms. Shepard

  • Entoon

    the stupid controlling insecure azzz men out here act like meeting & marrying a woman make her his property. that’s b*llshit*!!! aint no one person is born to SERVE the other!! damn she couldn’t even communicate with others!! these insecure controlling azzholes like to imprison women locked htem down anway from friends and family thinking that ish is cool! what one person do u know would enjoy being in someone’s personal prison! now this bytch azz lonely insecure azz wipe is gonna have plenty of special friends behind bars for the rest of his life with his family damning his azz to hell!

    • lala

      you have such a negative viewpoint on women/marriage and just life. You are such a sad miserable human being and I really feel sorry for you. you obviously have had some really bad experiences with women. Smh

    • G.M.

      no not really, my experiences with women haven’t been too bad, i always cut em out my life before they start weighing me down lol…and im not sad at all, dont waste ur emotions on me, my life is goin great so far and im workin towards a brighter future…my outlook on marriage is a realistic one, marriage has a great meaning but its just an illusion, you’ll learn that one day

    • lala

      Are you sure, because it seems whenever there’s an article about couples or women, here you come with your negative thoughts. Sometimes reading your posts are a little depressing. But hey if that’s how you feel that’s how you feel. Hope I wasn’t too harsh 😀


    Speak!!! Very true…

  • RazeKane

    Gonna blame facebook for this sshhh too.

  • Witchcraft

    That story doesn’t make any sense, why would someone kill there wife of so long and have any motives at all? I think there is more to this story than what we are being told.

    • LYRICS


  • G.M.

    husbands and wives stay killin each other…smh

  • shinefromw1th1n

    I never did understand why people feel it’s necessary to get on Facebook, Myspace, twitter, etc. and broadcast how good their marriage/relationship is. Its usually a facade, anyway. Anyone who is really loving and living their lives in a happy relationship/marriage is doing just that: living it, not typing about it on social networking site. She still didn’t deserve to die, though. R. I. P.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    She probably had been putting up the good front for years like many people do in relationships that aren’t really good. And he snapped that day and took it to far and now she is dead….SMH

    Leave bad relationships behind. We are all individually 1 of 8 billion too many people to fall victim to just one of them.

  • G.M.

    maybe he discovered an affair she was having on facebook, found out she was gonna leave him and take his money to be with her new beau and he flipped the fucc out and offed the chick…wouldn’t be the 1st time for some sh1t like that to happen…and the neighbors all said this seemed out of his character and that the wife kept to herself, so u never know…most guys do just up and do crazy sh1t out the blue, somethin sets them off usually

    • G.M.


  • http://bossip Pimp 4 A Day

    What is a grand mama doing on facebook anyway? Not saying she deserves to be harmed/killed but it seems weird seeing 50-60 year olds on facebook.

  • Anthony

    This is so crazy. There are just so many wackos out there and so we all have to be careful in selecting the right mates for ourselves. This proves that a more indepth investigation needs to be taken before getting serious with anyone.

  • G.M.

    atleast this is a couple that lived up to the vow “until death do u part” lol…too soon???

  • Vampire Bill VahChina Thrills

    I think this is a sad story but it may be less about male female relations than mid-life issues. A lot of people freak out at certain ages. This comes on the heels of the fact that a very high degree of people cheat in marriage, anyway. The convergence of a mid-life crisis, cheating, and even suspect cheating is a mofo.

  • kg

    “its like an epidemic ~people killing women like they nothn”~~~~Regina King

  • kg

    @gm men killing women 3 x as much Among the persons killed by an intimate partner, about three quarters are female, and about a quarter are male: in 1999, in the US, 1,218 women and 424 men were killed by an intimate partner, regardless of which partner started the violence and of the gender of the partner.[80]

  • kg

    marriage is a prson

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