Drizzy Drake Is Going Back To What He Does Best

- By Bossip Staff

Rapper Drake has decided to go back to his acting craft and has begun negotiations to join the financial thriller “Arbitrage.”

The independent film, written and directed by Nicholas Jarecki, follows a powerful executive attempting to sell a company before it’s discovered he’s guilty of fraud.

So far, the recruited cast includes Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon and Eva Green, with Drake hoping to be the next one signed.

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  • BossipGirl

    he looked so much better when he was younger

  • zoom

    What kind of mix is he?

    • BritishGirl

      LOL! Now I feel foolish.

      Get a life grr.

    • BritishGirl

      Ignore that….wrong post!

      Anyway I think he’s Jewish/African-Canadian (if that exists I’m not too sure)

    • Maureen

      “What kind of mix is he?”

      Wow. He’s not a dog for crying out loud.

    • DaTruth

      With that stupid a$$ comment, you just attempted to push us back about 50 years. Where do you live, in Alabama? This isn’t a pedigree website, it’s a website about PEOPLE…

  • MzBzable

    Ewww…Drake is so ugly!

  • riddle me that

    next to get signed

  • jdmann

    Yea…yea…yea..there is a god.

  • 504_MsGV

    He is cute in these pictures. Nice smile. I think he is adorable.

  • Flohno

    OMG! I must’ve had the worst taste in boys when I was a kid because I used to think he was cute.

  • nursedred

    I love dorks. Eff the thugs and smooth guys give me a nice boring nerd any day

  • what_am_iDoing


  • lil Meow meow

    Drake actually looked attractive when he was younger. Especially in the picture in the bottom right hand corner.

    I guess not all people grow into their looks, some people grow out of their looks to become ugly as dog shyt…smh.

    and whats with drake’s smile? when he smiles his smile takes up half of his face. No bueno.

  • juliemango

    Drake is on his way to playin obama & hes far from ugly he could use some workout tips from ll coolj tho!!!

  • AriesGirl504

    His dad is African American from TN, and his mom is Jewish from Canada….

  • Shilee

    Drake aint bout to play NO DAMN OBAMA!!!!!!! does that make ANY kinds of sense??? Drake SAID, keyword is SAID, 1 more time, whats the keyword??? SAID, you got it!!! smdh @ these STANS, he said he would LOVE to play President Obama, but Im pretty sure they’ll get a US citizen for that, I PERSONALLY think that Christian Keyes would do a good job!!! on to the 2nd LIE……… Drake is NOT cute!!!! if he had NO MONEY it wouldn’t even be a DEBATE!!! just like ugly Char said, he looks like a thumb with eye browns, or betta yet a person wit down syndrome so Imma need you to get ya FACTS right K BOO BOO 🙂

  • http://facebook.com london

    i ❤ u drake

  • Kenedy

    Jimmy was cute….Drake…not so much

  • iStyle

    That’s good news. Drake should start acting again, get that money then bring out a new album by next year.

  • hisheadisbig

    Damn his dome was and always will be colossal!

  • scott600

    how come darkskin girls are allways jealous of liteskin girls…. how come lightskin girls are perfect… lightskin girls allways have good hair and pretty skin…. lightskin girls can also get a job easy… you can allways have unprotected wit a lightskin girl .. cause we all kno u cant catch hiv from a lightskin girl

  • shake em

    they don’t believe in shape-up/line up’s in canada?

  • Kyra


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  • lerato lorraine

    i think drake looks cute

  • kidrebelny

    Drake looks like E.T., he definitely looks better older, but he still aint cute, sheesh those pictures are horrid.

  • California Love

    Drake is fugly… then and now.

  • no_halfsteppen

    F%^8k Drake no acting no rappin a%^&s.

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