Kim Kardashian Says She Wants Her Son To Look Just Like Kris Humphries

- By Bossip Staff

SMH at this chick:

Kim Kardashian has only just confirmed she is dating NBA star Kris Humphries, but she’s already thinking about babies. On Sunday, the 30-year-old “Kim and Kourtney Take New York” star tweeted a photo that appeared to be a childhood version of the New Jersey Nets player with the message, “I want my son to look like this!”

Humphries all but confirmed he was the boy in the photo, tweeting back around nine hours later, “Hmmm, I think I can help you out.” Kardashian was first linked to the 25-year-old basketball star in December, soon after splitting from model Gabriel Aubry. “I’m having a lot of fun [with him],” she told earlier this month, the first time she confirmed the relationship.

Though the duo was photographed last week outside Serafina restaurant, Kardashian told the magazine that Humphries would not be appearing in her new E! reality series because she met him towards the end of filming.

Damn, please let somebody wife her up and impregnate her asap…SMH.


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  • momo

    He is cute!. But….I’m sure these men are tired of the “reality” and she’s so go go go! Probably why things haven’t workd for her. Kind of like taylor swift and jake gylenhaal he couldn’t handle al the paparazzi so he dipped! Kanye too amber startd to get too famous so he dipped!

    • KeepinItReal427

      She wants to have his kids huh? Its funny how when Khloe was getting ready to marry Lamar, Kim tried to prove to the world she wasnt jealous of her sister by proclaiming, “He’s too tall. I dont even like tall guys!” Hahahaha. Oh this girl is TOO fake for words.

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  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    She’s looking desperate now, I always thought khole would be the one to be the last to marry and have kids but nvm that lol.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    He’s cute …adorable baby pic too πŸ˜€

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Btw,if these 2 actually end up procreating hell will definitely freeze over because he’s way too young,just getting his taste of somewhat fame since no one really knew who he was before dating Kim..I mean,let’s keep it 100,this “relationship” is doing him more of a favor than it is for her since she’s been a celeb.
      & I just don’t see her becoming a mommy anytime soon because she’s a HUGE narcissist! So not only will the baby most likely kill her “career” it may “ruin” her body…SMDH!

  • Shanice

    This is why she can’t keep a man. How long have they been dating? And she’s already talking about kids. She’s insecure. With other issues most likely. Just desperate.

  • 7lady

    Did she not read madame noire advice #9…do not appear desperate! It is a sure way to make a man go left. #dumbazz

  • bust a big one on me

    Dam Kim my bff was at the Nets/Mav game she told me how desperate Kim was acting lol PLZ NOT ANOTHER BUSH FIASCO

  • Lisa

    Y’all are so stupid these two are having a good laugh at the tabloids and the blogs. Come on people they are messing with your head and of course you people will get all stirred up for nothing, these two are friends and pranking the h*ll out of the media. SMDH!

  • missy

    Kris is bi-racial and Kim is an idiot. She has no idea how genetics work. Kris sister Kaela is fat and not cute. Did Kim stop to think if they have child it might look like Kris fat sister?

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 β„’

      Bwhaahahaahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha! too funny! but i will not even lower myself to comment on this nothing azz skank.. but your comment was too funny!! fat sister! ahahhahaha!


    Well it’s good that ms.Kim K is thinking about settling down. She’s 30 years old! That coochie probably got about…10 more years in it. Then things are gonna get hard, even with technology of today…

  • momo

    She is getn OLD. But uh she shouldn’t be so damn desperate. Ur def not supposed to talk about kids etc. When u just start dating! She tryna scare ol boy off! Lol she doesn’t hav the time to give a child attention! She must feel some type of way because kourt has the kid and klhoe got the dream wedding and she left in the cold!

  • Wrap

    Kim wants us to care so bad. Im sorry but he is no Reggie Bush.

  • Jay the Real One

    Sounds too desperate. Who on deck?

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    but how will that work because Kris is 1/2 white,1/2 black his damn self? Kim has to be aware of how genetics work LOL

  • 7 octaves

    Kim every black man that gets one like u, a light female or a becky is hoping the same thing. Don’t worry it will still be black and called the n-word by white folks!

  • 7 octaves

    Kimmy cakes outted Gabriel Aubry and was advised by her PR staff to shut up because it could be seen as gay bashing.

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    “Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness) 1/24/11, 09:25:AM

    but how will that work because Kris is 1/2 white,1/2 black his damn self? Kim has to be aware of how genetics work LOL”

    If I’m correct Kris’s dad is biracial. I think Kris is like Halle’s little girl – like 1/4 black.. I think Miles was half and half but not Kris..

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      ^^^ I already peeped that pic & his dad looks like a black man to me^^^

      Kris also looks obviously biracial(1/2 black,1/2 white his damn self too) even tho Sandra claimed he looked like a typical white boy to her.

      Anyways,like I mentioned earlier,I highly doubt these 2 will procreate…Kris is enjoying his new-found fame,Kim is all about Kim & who knows if these 2 are even “dating?”

  • yoli

    Ok… given his “height” , “Hair color” and also the “light eyes”…the baby will come out looking like Khloe…NEXT

  • chaka1

    This chick is sick. What is she, 14 year old? Act like a friggin grown woman for your once in your life! Every post about her makes me want to throw the laptop out the window. What a moron.

    This is nothing but dumb publicity for that stupid show..

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    “Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness) 1/24/11, 09:48:AM

    ^^^ I already peeped that pic & his dad looks like a black man to me^^^

    Kris also looks obviously biracial(1/2 black,1/2 white his damn self too) even tho Sandra claimed he looked like a typical white boy to her.”

    I guess we’re seeing two different pictures because the one I am seeing of them in their Hamburger spot wearing the red shirts sitting at the table – Kris’s father does not look black. He clearly – again to ME – looks like a biracial man – and as far as Kris goes if I didn’t know there was some black in him I’d never know it by just looking at him.. I know white men who are darker than this guy here – and thats no lie.. Oh well, to each his own…

    • Mixed Chick

      Kris daddy looks light a regular light skinned black guy with Black looking features. Cash Warren is half black and half Irish. Michael Warren is just a light skinned black dude and when light marries white you will most times get very light. But not always.

  • Divine

    I sure hope this works for her. I feel bad for her because she says stuff like this and next month his parents find out about who she is and tells him to end it, she will be looking stupid once more…..

    All she has to do is sit back and let things be and… She’s too old for this stuff…

    I really hope this is a TV arrangement and Kris is a willing participant…Because she is doing the most right now. TRYING TOO HARD.

    I really believe the reports that she is jealous of Lamar and Khloe and also of the fact that they got their own show.

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  • ttoomuh

    she still looking for blk dik??? He is Biracial blk and white i heard him state in an interview before. This bish neeeds to SIT the fk DOWN!! ole desperate azz self, grow the fk up!!!


      he father is black and his mother is white.

  • anon

    Can y’all go on a second date before you talk about having kids he so young, dumb and full of…that his little naive self will let her trap him

  • anon

    Oh and he about 1/4 black at best



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