First Look Inside Little Willow’s New “21st Century Girl” Video (30+ Photos)

- By Bossip Staff

The whole Smith family – even Trey – was spotted in L.A. over the weekend supporting Little Willow’s video shoot for the new single “21st Century Girl.”

And Little Jaden looked like he’s turning the experience into a project of his own, on his little documentarian steez.

Check out the photos below.

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  • afro british

    I blame gaga and nicky for this fashion

    • Kyra


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  • clarkthink

    30 pictures??…..that’s 29 TOO many!!

  • Uhh Yeah Ok

    Her Boots are interesting ..

  • Wildcherry666

    I dont want to sound like Im a hater, but the smith family is really getting on my nerves. I think it is just a little too much what they are doing with their kids. Let these kids be normal and be children. Once you lose your childhood, you can never get it back.

  • luvbug

    Will someone plz sit that minnie mouse mixed with avatar child down. Will and Jada is taking this to far,lol. Can someone plz tell me why Jackie Chan is always behind them now? Where is his family? Something isn’t right about this whole family nor Jackie Chan. I believe all of them are a bunch of freaks.

  • Unico

    Willow Smith is my new obsession ❤ so adorable.

  • Dcgal

    I hate to be a hater too, but they have been blessed so much…please stop ousting your kids on the world people….we should be listening to elders not 10 yr olds…..

  • team willow

    Has anyone ever considered the fact that maybe these kids aren’t being forced to act or sing? Just maybe they actually want and enjoy doing this. Take it from someone that works with the Smith family, these kids are very happy and also continue their education while working. Some kids choose sports, or dance. They choose to act and sing. Get over it.

  • Kitty

    shes just a lucky girl n shes only famous cuz her dad n mom its sad when u dont have 2have true talent these days


    AMEN!! Thank You!

  • Sherlock Holmez

    I bet y’all hope your parents would have made you sing & dance for stacks when you were that age. Such a pity aint it? Bless the Smiths.

  • Wildcherry666

    Most of you people are missing the point. Why do rappers,actors, singers,sports players only get our love? Willow needs to be focused on school. We as black people need more doctors, physicist, scientists, engineers and other professions. Most of the kids in our communities will never have the opportunity willow has. They have more of chance to be a doctor than a entertainer. Jada and Will Smith are setting a bad example by not putting a priority on Willow’s education. It sets a bad example to the younger generation.

  • jazzie91

    Most black people are haters by nature. They are doing what they do best.

    They hating on this positive family but can’t wait until Lil Wayne’s next CD come out. SMDH

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