Steve Harvey Responds To Ex-Wife’s “Put On Blast” Videos Thru His Attorney, Says Ex Is “Devious and Selfish”

- By Bossip Staff

Steve Harvey’s camp is finally responding to his ex-wife’s series of “Put Steve On Blast” videos:

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife posted several videos on YouTube this weekend in which she alleges that the comedian and author was a chronic cheater in their marriage who then took their son and left her with nothing after they split.

In three videos totaling more than 25 minutes, Mary Harvey discusses the entire arc of their relationship, from their meeting in the mid-1990s to the present. She claims he was unfaithful practically from the beginning and was ruthless during the divorce.

“He turned my son against me, had me evicted from our house,” she says. “I woke up, and everything was gone.”

In response, a statement from Steve Harvey’s attorney, Bobbie Edmonds, states: “We are appalled and aware of the videos and other fabricated documents … which contained false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging, malicious, explicit and slanderous information about Mr. Harvey, his current wife and others.”

The statement adds: “The ex-wife is fully aware of the court’s current orders and permanent injunctions which prohibit either party, their lawyers or representatives from discussing and releasing information on the Internet and to the media. We are taking the necessary legal steps to rectify this matter to the full extent of the law and we will be seeking contempt and sanctions against her for such reprehensible and callous disregard for the court orders.”

The couple divorced in 2005. Two years later, Steve Harvey, who has written several best-selling books offering relationship advice, married Marjorie Bridges – who had been his mistress, according to Mary Harvey.

Mary Harvey claims Steve is currently suing her in Texas, which is why she is now speaking up. “In Steve’s opinion, I was responsible when Oprah did not give him a TV show,” she says. “I’m being sued for that. That is why I’m saying what I have to say.”

She is unable to put everything behind her, she added, because her name keeps coming up in the media – most recently, she says, in Essence magazine’s Steve Harvey cover story on Jan. 11.

“To keep seeing my name referenced when talking about his life – that part of it, I don’t understand,” she says.

Adds the statement from Steve Harvey’s attorney: “We are saddened that the ex-wife has resorted to such devious and selfish behavior, with a reckless disregard for their minor son, her adult son and Mr. Harvey’s other children.”

Check out videos HERE, HERE, and HERE for a refresher…



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    How over this story am I let me count the friggin ways!!!

  • Syreeta

    I’m all for hearing both sides of the story.

    Speak Ms. Mary!

  • Black Eyed Susan

    reckless regard for the kids….lol, ni$$a please, what about his reckless regard when he was sleeping around namely with his homewrecking ‘used to be the mistress’ of a wife Marjorie…NEXT STEVE, you’re a major FAIL!

  • lani3000


    Your inviting us TO scrutinize you.


  • YokoDMV

    steve (like most of us)is in NO position to give dating advice thats why i have been ignoring his post-lacefront wearing azz…still God only knows how my bitter azz exes would talk about me..

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • Kim

    Umhumm. I knew they were going to get her. There is so much more to this mess, that is exactly why I don’t jump on the hate band wagon the minute you hear something about someone in the media. The first thing I said was what about her 12 year old child? I bet you this is going to end up being just like the DeWayne Wade situation, crazy broad making crazy accusations because she can’t move on and using the chilren to do it. No Judge removes a child from the mother unless there is a real issue there. Take that to the bank.

    • me

      they got her? is that getting got? second of all you have no idea how corrupt the justice system is. you have no idea how wrong you are.

    • jac

      kim, i agree with the other individual; you have no idea how corrupt the justice system is, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY, like steve has. Why would they take the little boy? because he could afford the attorney that did the taking. steve has been known for being a womanizer way before he became the holy man he is today. we’ve never, ever heard a word from his ex. she’s been the graceful one. i wouldn’t follow steve to the corner, nor would i listen to his talk show, nor would i ever read his column. he couldn’t teach me the abc’s on a good day!

  • Telia

    Steve Harvey is a b***h

  • skool

    Looks to me some people can’t take the truth, poor Steve.

  • Just sayin'

    How do you LET your ex from taking your son away from you? Sounds like he didn’t want to pay child support?

    • Just Syain

      Who dat wit my name?


    • Uhh Yeah Ok

      Don’t you just hate that .. lol

  • msmjj

    Steve is a no good dog. why would he take a child from their mother. now I know the reason why I never liked you…karma is a witch…so he will find out..

    • G.M.

      u make it sound like a kidnapping smh, he’s the fuccin father…aren’t women always complaining about fathers being in their sons lives, well steve is, doesn’t mean he has to be in his exwife’s life…she’s just mad that she cant claim child support to live off of since steve has custody…the only thing steve need to send her a$$ is a job application lol

    • Ms.EJ

      Hello GM…Welp, this is a prime example of what I’ve to you in a thread not too long ago that women do not always get a free ride in court and not given everything as you constantly state. It would be a miracle if you acknowledge this now that you’re seeing it in real time per’se. I just feel for the child altogether.

    • G.M.

      @MSEJ: and how often do things like these happen…if u were to view the percentage of men winning custody of there kids compared to women u would understand those things ive stated on previous threads…i know some men get custody but its a rarity, it should be joint custody automatically

  • Caramel Cat™

    I knew this was coming…lol…Mary messin’ up his money!


  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    hey steve, she might be those things that you are calling her, but the one thing you didn’t call her was a lier

    • i dont get it

      very true.very true.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Oh yeah, fabricated pretty much means lie too or fake or made up.

    • bishop

      Did you read the article. The word fabricated was used from Steve’s camp. Step it up man!

  • xedos

    Well Steve if you didn’t have shyt to hide you wouldn’t have a court order in the first place to keep he rfrom talking. this means their is some truth to what she’s saying.

    • bishop

      I doubt it. A woman scorned would talk reckless about the guy that dumped her. Calling him gay and every name in the book. The court order was to keep her from talking reckless in public. But she must have been listening to some chicken head friends of hers and said eff it, and started babbling in public. Now she is about to feel the long arm of the law. She must understand when a court injunction says shutup, you shutup. So to speak!

  • xedos

    Girl you better call Gloria Allred quick. you see how quick tiger jump off get her money

  • Mike

    He calling her selfish, after she had been with Steve since he was broke (before Apollo), then when they divorce he tries to cheat her out of getting anything, not to mention he cheated on her several times.

    Steve tries to blame men for a lot of women being single. He always calling out brothers, when there are so many skeletons in his own closet…. Keep speaking Mary. I’m tired of this bama azz nygger.

  • yz

    This woman have issues; he11 even crack head get to keep their kids. Steve has admitted to not being faithful and not being a good man back when he was married to her and his first wife. Yeah he is suing her she signed a gag order; this has nothing to do with Oprah. This lady is on a witch hunt; she is bitter.

    • Curious Misses

      Is she bitter because she’s telling her side of the story?

      I’m confused . . .

      Let’s imagine YOUR name and life were being being brought up in the media (in front of millions of people) and YOU had to constantly relive the hurt that was brought on you at the hands of a spouse/lover each and every time you were spoken about. Would YOU not at some point in time feel the need to speak on your own behalf?

      Think about it for a moment.

      I think sometimes the word “bitter” is thrown around too freely.

  • G.M.

    where’s the 1st wife at, what about the current wife or all the damn kids he got to toss him under the bus if he’s such a bad person, i dont hear them speakin up about how much a hypocrite he is…the only one complainin is the b1tch with no money, no job and obviously no life…and if anybody got a problem w/steve then u must truly believe nobody changes for the better and redemption is completely unattainable

    • yz

      I usually think your comments are harsh
      But the statement below I totally agree with you on
      if anybody got a problem w/steve then u must truly believe nobody changes for the better and redemption is completely unattainable

  • mel

    didnt real say much we already know what she accused him of so the attorney didnt really tell a different story bottom line is if you gonna leave your wife cause she wouldnt be the first he could at least make sure she is financially taken care of till she can provide for herself and as far as the kids go join custody is the way to go never take a woman’s kids thats low!!!

  • anonymous

    Another angry and bitter black woman.

    • StopKiddingYourself

      Another post by an uncreative person parroting a tired azz stereotype.

  • lilkunta

    Se is no more devious than you Steve. If you are truly born again, why havent you righted past wrongs? Have you aplogised to Mary for repeatedly cheating on her?

    Have you make it right when you had your lawyer represent her(HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST) andget ehr no fair spousal support?

    I dont like your comedy.
    I ‘m so mad @ Oprah for putting you on her show as you have no expertise to be writing a book.

  • juliemango

    I like steveh hes funny and hes the marrying kind unlike many bm!!!

  • Curious Misses

    If Steve had just stuck to his vows and not cheated on his wife, none of this would be taking place right now.

    See, life could be so simple – it’s the people who make it hard.

    • G.M.

      and if this woman would of just got a job and saved up her own money, then this b1tch wouldn’t have sh1t to complain about and her water wouldn’t be cut off and she could still be washing the bitterness out her a$$ crack and washin all the sh1t comin out her mouth towards steve, most relationships end, her fault for not being prepared for it

    • Curious Misses

      @ G.M.

      Let’s start from the beginning.

      What came first? The cheating or the divorce?

      Try to answer this without:(1) referring to anyone as a b*it*ch
      (2) avoiding the question

    • G.M.

      man, it isn’t as fun if i cant call this b1tch a b1tch but okay lol…what came first, obviously the cheating…which she put up with for years…the moment she found out he was cheating she should of been planning for a future without him and his finances/success but she didn’t so now she’s just bitter woman who probably wont shut up until she is given a hand out of some money or she destroys an empire she didn’t build

  • yz

    He has four kids only one with Mary.

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