Seen On The Scene: Attention Whores Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Party At “Dulce”

- By Bossip Staff

Evelyn Lozada and daughter Shaniece posed pretty for Evelyn’s Dulce Taste Spi-n shop at her boutique in Miami.

Of course her attention whoring fiancé Chad Ochocinco was in the building as well…

Photos: WENN

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  • Just Syain

    Is that puppy sh#t on the grown!


    • hhrtyf

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      evelyn is an old hoe
      hmmm i thought she was young-ish now i see she’s an oldschool golddigger looking for some niggger to take care of her adult child too

  • Just Syain



  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    there is no way that he is gonna marry this big mouth broad. they must have a show together in the works

    • Lisa

      You didn’t know they said it’s already in the works.Chad should be focus on what if any football team he will be on next season.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Evelyn looks nice & her shoes are the biz 🙂

    Love me some Chad 😀

  • I love Tamron Hall

    Chad and Eveleyn dont match!! I’d hit Evelyn then quit Evelyn.

  • jazzie91

    Evelyn doesn’t act like she has kids…

  • G.M.

    chad is only fuccin w/ evelyn to get to the daughter, i see u bruh lol

  • Uguess

    Evelyn La Z Lister .

  • YokoDMV

    *sigh* at least evelyn really makes n effort with keeping her appearance together…cute-ish shoes

  • 5150

    Ev went from a gambler 2 a sissy

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i don’t know who is a better looking mother/daughter combo evelyn and daughter or lisaraye and daughter???

  • mamamoney

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  • tommykimon

    Her daughter looks super grown. Evelyn has got to be in her mid to late forties.

  • PalestLatina

    Lozada is a BURNT BORICUA and her daughter is just as bad. Two tranny, goldigging Rican women raised on welfare with 12 children by 12 different men. Lozada could never get a WHITE LATINA so he settled for a BURNT BORICUA in a blond weave.

  • Sugar

    She look’s like the taco bell dog!!!1 lol lol

    • Sallyone

      RFLMOA!!! So true



  • SoulSista

    Both are shallow ignorant egomaniacs. They deserve each other.

  • bored_at_work

    her daughter is pretty. how old is she?

  • sportstalk23

    New sponsor I see for Evelyn lol wasn’t it just months ago he called her a hoe on twitter and she had something negative to say about him at his party and now poof their engaged, must be a show around the corner way to convienant. Also the daughter is suppose to be 17 or 18 so says Evelyn, who needs to admit she’s in her 40’s

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