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If that isn’t something right out of a Arnold Shwarzenegger flick…SMH

There’s been no claim of responsibility, but Russian media are reporting that it was two bombers — one of them female — who exploded themselves at Domodedovo International Airport on Monday, killing 35 people and injuring more than 100. At least eight foreigners, including a Briton and a German, were among the dead, the Voice of Russia radio reported.

“The blast occurred when a suspected female terrorist opened a bag. She was accompanied by a man whose head was ripped off by the explosion,” an unnamed Russian law enforcement source told RIA Novosti. “It cannot be ruled out that the terrorists wanted to leave the explosive device in the hall, but the bomb was detonated inadvertently or by a remote control device.”

The Guardian quoted witnesses as telling Russian TV that they heard the male bomber shout his haunting last words: “I’ll kill you all!”

Then the blast rang out. “He blew himself up in front of my very eyes,” Artyom Zhilinkov, who was there to pick up a friend arriving from Dusseldorf, Germany, told Moscow’s Pravda newspaper. “It was a man, he was wearing a black coat and a black hat — that’s all I can remember. He literally blew up into pieces.”

Its scary that people are that throwed off that they want to see large groups of people die, but what’s scarier is that people can actually STILL pull bullsh*t like this AFTER 9/11 and the various terrorist attacks of the past few years.




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