True Or False: Did American Idol Cost This Girl Her Job???

- By Bossip Staff

Hey, sometimes you got to make a sacrifice to chase your dream. That being said, b*tch you better win!

According to TMZ reports:

The “American Idol” wannabe who was introduced on “A.I.” as a singing waitress at a New York diner was “let go” from her gig at the eatery after the show got in the way of her work schedule … TMZ has learned.

When Devyn Rush got her golden ticket to Hollywood, sources close to the singer tell us she informed her bosses at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in NYC about her trip and expected to have a job when she returned.

But, we’re told, when Rush got back and asked about her schedule, she was informed that her services would no longer be needed.

Staff members at Ellen’s tell us they simply couldn’t hold Devyn’s position because the Hollywood trip happened to line up in the midst of the diner’s “busy season” … and they needed to fill the spot.

A rep for the diner tells us the issue is still in “limbo” — and both sides are trying to reach an amicable resolution.

“Amicable resolution” huh? Yeah, ok. It’s kinda f**ked up that they gon fire her in this recession knowing damn well that girl needs her job. Let us know how that turns out for you Devon…

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  • Tm30

    It’s messed up because she plugged the diner during her audition. Plus they’re still getting publicity because of her.

  • yz

    thanks for the post you said it all. LMAO

  • juliemango

    Business is business unless it profits them to take her back she will have to seek emplmt elsewhere thats just d way the cookie crumbles!!!

  • shaq

    nobody told her azz to go on american idol!!! i cant go to my boss and say “hey im going to japan…i’ll be back some day.”


    OH~MY~GAWD!!! WHAT U SAID!!!!!

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    She didnt care about the recession when she went to Hollywood so they didnt care about cuttin her a check. Oh well find another job in a karaoke bar.

  • Bossip, Post THIS ONE... thanku

    I third the above comment. LOL

  • really?

    The recession is probably exactly what promted her to go to AI. How much of a future can she have as a waitress? It’s a shame what we’ve come to. We can’t even support our youths’ dreams. If a below minimum wage job impacts the diner that much, they’ll probably be out of biz soon…Follow your dreams Devin!

  • Shelia

    A few points… I think it is true that there are many more important things we should be concerned about. People starving, the economy, horrible natural disasters, etc. But… I may, or may not work there… And although Devyn has a great voice and is a great performer, she got fired because she was on her cell phone at work continuously. She also was late all the time and often didn’t show up at all. She was a bad employee and as everyone knows, if you don’t follow the rules where you work, someone else (who is hard working and does follow rules and is talented, etc.) will take your place. That is all. That is the inside scoop.

  • Paul

    I also may or may not work there and….1st off this was not her 1ST TIME being laid off from ellens, and yes i will agree and say that although she IS a great singer she was not the best employee/waitress and if you work in a RESTAURANT their priority is if you can wait tables, not how good you sing. There is an amazing singer on every corner. and about 50 amazing singer/servers that work there.
    2ndly if she was fired for IDOL, Why wasn’t ZAK (another employee who got to hollywood but wasn’t featured on tv) not fired? he still sings n serves.
    3rdly … this is new york city, im sure she could find another job. She used ellens in her idol story to make it more interesting, just like they used her for publicity. I’d say thats an even trade.

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