10 Myths About Single Black Mothers

- By Bossip Staff

The idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” is rarely taken into consideration when it comes to single mothers. Most often, the assumption is that all single moms, especially those who are African American, have the same story—characters, plot line, ending, and all. And the media doesn’t do much to dispel the stereotypes that lead to these assumptions, in fact, most portrayals of ‘single black mothers’ tell the same old story.

Head to MadameNoire.com to read 10 myths about single black moms

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  • EvaBrownBaby

    This list is weak and wack

  • kadija1982

    list has no stats or facts and just glorifies being a single mom or baby mama..smh

  • Oooh Weee!!

    Our favorite troll found hiz way 2 Madame Noire, I see… LOL


  • Smart Brother

    The way I see it, black single baby mamas are the ones mostly responsible for the ow standards and demise of this generation’s young black men.

    With their poor choices, hoodrat sensibilities together with their funky a$$ loutish behavior, its no wonder none of those creatures are marriage material!

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  • OMG!! Here we go

    Well “so called smart brother” if you must no the reason us black woman you called “creatures” are not married is because most of “YOU“ “So called smart brothers” are on the down low, gay, deadbeats, cheaters, broke or just dumb. And this message is not for all black men just azzholes like you who like to play the blame game. Black woman have been treated bad by black men for so long that they started treating you all the way you treat them. If you cant take it dont dish it. This world is so screwed up!!!!!

  • Mia

    This is in reference to comment #4.It’s people like you that make it it hard for others.In case you did’nt know there are some very intellegent,responible women who happen to be black and are single mothers.Everyone in the world is not the same and after you writing a comment like that just shows how little you think.

  • Strong Black Man

    Smart Brother stfu douchbag

  • Keep it Real

    The truth of the matter is A BLACK college educated woman is three time less likely to get pregnant than a black high school drop out. Why? Stop making excuses. The unskilled and uneducated black women is the one who is having almost all of these illegitimate kids. Y’all running around making excuses for them.

  • keema

    Smart Brother doesn’t get a response from me. I refuse to stoop to his level. Not everyone single mother is a hoodrat. Some of single mothers are college educated, hard working women. What is so sad about black men today is that they are so quick to f$#% us, and when we become pregnant with your baby you want to talk shyt. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself before you start generalizing. You sound really stupid.

  • keema

    @Keep it Real, for your information i personally know BLACK college educated women who have are single mothers. Get over yourself. You are another one talking out of a$$.

  • Keep it Real

    To azzume that you can have a productive community with 70% or more illegitimacy and no men in the home is just a LIE perpetuated by liberal progressives. This is the progressive liberal ideology ie “new familial structure” LIE that has been embedded in the cultural beliefs of the community over the last 50 years. It has never been accomplished in the history of civilization.

    Y’all want a community to achieve economical and educationally but y’all aint willing to give up on the idea that it can not be accomplished without the traditional family structure I guess when you really want to believe something you can rationalize anything.

  • keema

    No other race tears each other down like black people. And you wonder why other races look down upon us???
    We don’t lift each other up and support one another no the black men are always running their mouths and judging. Listen you don’t know what people go through on an individual level so stop this judging. It’s ridiculous and petty.

  • keema

    @Keep it real…when you commitment-phobic men are ready to get married, let us women know. smh.

  • Oooh Weee!!


    Yes, the last statement iz true. Az in, those Black men who want 2 rationalize their failure 2 b strong-enough leaderz, r willing 2 believe their lack of presence n the community iz all the women’z fault.


  • Keep it Real


    Thats 50% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion. That’s HALF!

  • Oooh Weee!!

    How convenient that u feel “enlightened” enough 2 dispense advice 2 women, while ignoring the source of the pregnanciez & STDz which we r solely responsible 4 preventing (by ur logic)… Cuz a man’z just gonna b a man, right?

    What child-like thinking u use… XD XD #fail

  • samech

    Good thing I’m not in this category.

  • Keep it Real


    I find it heard to believe a non obese single educated black woman with no kids and no emotional issues ie biter angry ect. can’t find a black man. Maybe she’s not picking the right type of man who is into her instead of picking the man she’s into? Never the less if she can’t find a black man marry a man of another race. If she has so much to offer certainly one of them would be willing to marry her.

  • Keep it Real

    @Oooh Weee!! Aka Dahonest truth

    What’s so diffulcult about protecting yourself. A lot of black women do it and most women of other races do it. Stop making all of these sorry excuses for not being responsible for your body. See the truth of the matter is like someone posted on here before. A BLACK college educated woman is three time less likely to get pregnant than a black high school drop out. Why? Stop making excuses. The unskilled and uneducated black women is the one who is having almost all of these illegitimate kids. Y’all running around making excuses for them. Men should be more responsible. But who has more to lose if he isn’t. Women are wagering more and putting more on the table.

    1. Emotional and physical stress of being pregnant.
    2. The mental anguish of thinking about an abortion or getting an abortion.
    3. Sacrificing her career and or education.
    4. Sacrificing all her needs for the rest of her life for the greater good of her child.

    Black women need to take responsibility and control for their va_gina and stop crying, Sweetie. While ya’ll crying about it, women of other women races are empowered by it. A man can’t keep you pregnant. Both parties can prevent pregnancy. Every woman has final say in this, so we’re talking about this in the year 2011 why? Black men aren’t the only ones having trouble accepting responsibility it seems.

    Women you’re commander and chief of your Va-gina. You can deny anything that tries to enter and veto anything that is submitted.

  • Keep it Real

    I’m not him although I put some of his good points in my comments. I See people copying my comments all the time. No big deal. What your point is your point.

    Mines is that the African American community will always be at the bottom as long as we have 70% plus illegitimacy with no men in the home. Black women want to use the customs and traditions of pre 1960’s with the sexual freedom they have today. Doesn’t work. Birth control should be required for every sexually active female that doesn’t want to get pregnant. All men should use condoms, however in almost all long term relationships BLACK, WHITE, GREEN OR PURPLE they are almost always discontinued at some point before marriage.

  • kenya

    Wow..ok..not all single black mothers are uneducated. Some are in school and are working do better for their children. You don’t know the reason why some have become pregnant. You don’t know the circumstances that they had to live with in their childhood while growing up. Some have been in foster care system, been sexually abused etc. There are women out there that are really hurting and how to take care of that hurt for them is too filled that void.
    Anyways it’s a beautiful thing for a single mother to then realize that she is not her past and that she can start over in life. Also that she learns form her mistakes, that she can take control of her life and knows her selfworth and that there is a MAN out there just for her but she just have to stay determine, focus and work for a better future for their child or children.
    See there are deeper issues that needs to be addressed about why black women become pregnant. smh

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Really though…I just wanted the baby. I’m not on the whole marriage thing. Feel how you want about me or other single Black mothers, we’re too busy holding this world up to care!

  • R.I.P Magnolia Shorty

    It’s really funny how not only white women and white men make up the majority of America but somehow are near the minority of STD’s like H.I.V and A.I.D.S. This includes the gay community as well. Could it be because white men know how to strap up??? The fastest growing group of Out-Wedlock kids and/or kids period is biracial! Wonder why that is. Is it because other races of men know how to prevent both sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy at the same time? White men are vigilante about condom use and will never leave it up to so called “trailer trash” i.e. women they deem below them to protect him. The black community is ripe with Johnny Apple Seeds! http:// www. wafb. com /Global /story. asp?S=13899723

  • R.I.P Magnolia Shorty

    All 70% of so called black kids do not have a black mother but they sure as heck have one thing in common and I wonder what that is? Lol!!!

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      Wooooooow! You just opened my eyes to some real stuff. If a black man has a baby with a non black woman that child is considered “black”. Which would mean that a black woman had nothing to do with it. The numbers are slanted and are in favor of the ppl who choose to date outside their race and procreate. Which in turn makes it look like black women are the ones who are having all of these “bastard” children. Smh. How could I not see this?

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