Chad Is A D**khead But He Would Rather Be A ‘Johnson’

- By Bossip Staff

Ok, ok, ok, enough already. Choose a name and rock with it, please and thank you.

Chad Ochocinco(notes) is an unpredictable fellow. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver told ESPN’s NFL Live yesterday that he is planning to change his last name back to Johnson but hasn’t actually filled out the papers to do so just yet, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I don’t have a choice right now. I have done enough with the Ocho thing and its been fun,” he said, the paper reports.

Also, the day after he said that he would like to play for the New York Jets’ Rex Ryan, Ochocinco also expressed his excitement to return to the Bengals next season even if quarterback Carson Palmer(notes) gets his wish and gets traded from the squad. “I’m wearing stripes next year,” he said, the Enquirer reports. “I’m excited to come back and I’m ready to go. I’m not sure who will be at the helm back at quarterback. I love Cincinnati and the fans.”
Ochocinco has $6 million in salary coming to him next season, his 11th with the Bengals.

What’s interesting is that when he was “Johnson” he was a better football player and as “Ochocinco” he was a better celebrity, go figure.


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  • tommykimon

    Wow he really needs to make up his mind.

  • purple love

    Its nice they kept him 10 years is such a long time to get traded hopefully he can retire there

  • children of the now

    There was nothing wrong with being a Johnson in the first place.

  • whatisthat

    maybe his “oncocinco” name has cursed him since he has changed if from johnson..maybe God will bless him by this move..go figure!!

  • whatisthat

    oh ya..he has not been playing up to expectations with that staged name anyway..change it back to johnson..please..

  • thebeast1123

    Trade dude he is so unproductive….but then again it is the Bengals….they are so boring without him.

    • Lisa

      He was to busy with reality shows and stupid stuff to focus on playing football. It’s funny how TO went there and out played him. I hope they keep TO and let Chad go.

  • It's Me

    he changed his name to make a statement to the league. Now the statement was made he can go back to his real name. Sometimes we just have to show them crackers!!

  • Lauryn

    I think he’s changing back so when him and Eve gets married, she will be Johnson instead of OchoCinco

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    The Bengals are gonna dawg him OWT! Mark my words…And Rex Ryan ain’t havin that foolishness on his team, they ride Mark Sanchez’ behind for not looking “happy” enough, imagine how bad he’d get cussed out and benched by Ryan for some of the things he does. Its a different era in football, the takin Sharpie markers out and end zone dancin just ain’t it anymore, fans these days wanna see some spectacular plays!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    nice azz he needs to get rid of that watt bulb foreheaded beast who thinks shes gangster but ain’t

  • The Bear

    “Ochocinco has $6 million in salary coming to him next season, his 11th with the Bengals.”

    IF, and that a big IF there is no lockout.

  • WhyYouAsk

    So what happens to the name of the talk show with him & T0? Hummm???

  • juliemango

    If diddy can name change n make it work for him so can chad!!!

  • BuBBleS

    ChaD CaN ChanGe his NaMe as Many Times as he Want…wHy Do u Haters Care…SmDh…TeaM 85

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