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  • latrice.v.nicole

    (first)nicki all the way


    oh please…they must’ve stayed up extra late on ‘google images’ puttin’ this mess together.
    hellz bellz.
    i could do the same thing with beyonce & tina/cher/diana OR gaga & madonna/gwen/grace. so really, come on. there’s nothing new under the sun get over it.
    kim = 90’s
    nicki = millennium
    get with the program. duh!

  • Lady A

    You know I didn’t realize just how much of kims swag nicki was copying. But I actually see it as paying homage to kim. The only one they showed of nicki I didn’t like was that black curly wig. It was HORRIBLE.

  • Amber

    Ooh s**t.. so kim really did have that haircut first. damm im riding with her now. nikki has to bow down and pay homage.


  • lil sexy

    oh kim played herself helll she would be hosting t.v. shows like queen latifah had it not been for that jail stint then she refuses to put out music too. so she better step if or nobody is going to buy that album.

  • Divine

    Seeing all those pics make me understand why Kim was pizzed…
    And anyone who is HONEST with themselves would be too.

    I guess there is only so much you can do when you are a female rapper.

    But how’s this for an idea? How about just be yourself? Instead of a character?
    That would be Novel, new, fresh and different.

    Same shyt different decade.

    And what’s worst, young people are too musically deprived to realize, Nicki is lyrically subpar.

    If she were a man, she would be roasted.

    If she was born 10 years earlier, she would have been laughed at.

  • Eldica

    Ha! So what Kim influenced NicKi a lil bit, come on Nicki is doing it best Kim fell of and plus she was never as pretty as Nikki to begin with, and Nicki gat business head on her shoulders, sorry Kim but you played yourself!

    • britchick91

      a lil bit?

  • The Truth

    I dont see how you can say that Nicki was never as pretty as Kim to begin with…. Well we dont know exactly how Nicki looked to begin with b4 the plastic surgery.

  • Essence

    Nicki is doing it best…Kim was never able to pull it off. She always looked like a cheap imitation of Ru Paul to me.

  • The Truth

    Typo… I meant to say…..I dont see how you can say that Kim was never as pretty as Nicki to begin with…. Well we dont know exactly how Nicki looked to begin with b4 the plastic surgery

  • Me

    It’s obvious that Kim is the originator and Nicki is the duplicator. Nicki’s whole style is a clone of Kim. I will say this for Nicki, her fans praise her like Jesus. You can’t say anything bad about that chick without them jumping to her defense and kissing her ***** like she is their lord and savior. They must be young. A lot of Nicki fans were 4,5,6 and 7 years old when Kim was doing her thing. Probably born in the 90s. You can’t deny that Nicki has stolen her swag from Kim. You can’t deny Kim is the better MC. Nicki just has the better looks. That seems to be more important in this generation than actual talent.

  • BaDDesT BiTch On BossiP

    NicKi Looks Better…Kim lOoks like a DaM Fool with that ChaNeL print on her Hair…Kim need to sit her old a$$ DowN she trying to hard to stay relevant….LOL

  • Llondon Girl

    I have nothin against either of these ‘ladies, though being older my preference is Kim back in the day. But, the 1st image I ever saw of Nick was her squatting, coochie all popping out, with that lollipop in her hand. Very similar to Kim in that infamous poster (minus the lolli). But no, Nicki’s not imitating anybody is she. Oooook smh Not saying Kim was the originator, but the similarities are undeniable. DAMN Nicki

  • Llondon Girl

    Mobb Deep ft Kim, Quiet Storm remix!!!! Cannot deny that tune 🙂

  • imjustsayin

    It’s fckin blunt bangs Jesus do you gutter ducks really think Kim created that shyt
    I seen Katy Perry and gaga with similar wigs blunt bang and all
    I know damn well they didn’t cop any ideas from Kim ghetto azz
    Please kill that played shit

  • tommykimon

    I think Kim looked better in most of the pictures. I know I’m surprised too. Nicki really did swagger jack Kim no wonder she is so mad.

  • clinique

    Wow you’re really upset by this huh?

  • !!!!!


  • Enough is Enough

    lmao! yeah Nicki must owe her money or something its ridiculous. @ImJustSayin: try to take deep breaths…

  • Diva

    DAMN @ Lil Kim’s face!

  • SayCheese

    I love Kim’s Chanel hair. That’s hot.

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