Jennifer Hudson: “I’m Not A Part Of That Devil-Worshiping Illuminati Crew…It Could Not Be More Untrue”

- By Bossip Staff


Everyone from Jay-Z to Lady Gaga has been accused of being a member of the Illuminati secret society, thought to be some mysterious group of power players who pull strings to help launch careers. But Jennifer Hudson ain’t having it. The Grammy winner is blasting rumors that she is part of the cult.

“I’m so glad someone brought this Illuminati mess up because only a child of God would address it,” the 29-year-old singer told fans during her Ustream session. “That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life. And it’s offensive because basically what? The people that are here today don’t deserve to be where they are? What, we didn’t work for it? So I find—and I hate to go there—but I find it’s those that can’t make it that would probably join Illuminati, or whoever that is, to get somewhere.”

And while it’s easy to buy into the Illuminati’s existence, J-Hud explained that anyone who believes the Illuminati myth is being fooled. “Don’t listen to that type of stuff, don’t follow that stuff because those people are only luring you in to become a part of some mess like that, so know that you’re only falling victim,” she warned. “That’s their way of gaining [followers]. I’d advise you to stay away from it. Those who are reading it are falling into it. It could not be more untrue.”

Not like she would really admit it if it weren’t “untrue”…


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  • superiorhead

    Haters say anything

    • bakupoffme

      @superiorhead ur icon pic is DISGUSTING! grosss

  • The Real Ariona Taylor

    If it were true, she would have ignored the question or gave a quick, “No”. I judge no one so as long as illuminati is not messing with my deep fried chicken and snickers, back to hell with it.

  • b yo self!

    Hey Jennifer, tell us how you became an elite in Hollywood when you aren’t having musical success??? Why did your career excel after their deaths??? Why are you attacking those who question SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES??? …

    • Drippy_JerryCurl

      @b yo self
      PREACH!!! absolutely and I heard they have to lose something, or someone close to them,as there crucifix to the devil.Don’t know if it’s true but…so far what i’ve seen and heard,sounds kind of suspect,plus…It’s in the bible REVULATIONS.

    • R U Serious!

      You can’t possible be that dense, as to ask a question most people know the answer to, already.

      Most know that winning MVP, a championship ring, Oscar, etc. will get you noticed and open up all kinds of DOORS FOR endorsements, etc. into the “Elite” world.

      She will forever be on the “A” list because she won an Oscar. It’s that simple, not to mention that she’s Oprah’s home-girl that was robbed on American Idol.

      Not everyone stoops so low as to bow down to the devil or the god of this universe who has dominion over this Earth until judgment day where he and all of his followers are doomed to internal life burning in hell. Don’t believe hell is real, observe the liquid fire beneath the ground that surface via Volcanoes. Oh, it’s real.

      “Weak People” who cop-out & join forces with the devil to seek the temporary material stuff of this Earth only play themselves in the end (with a heavy price for selling their soul) as they can’t drag any of it to their grave & are Hell bound on judgment day.

  • msbliss

    That’s the problem with the human brain. Whatever theory you have about anything there’s always a avenue to support it. Be careful of what you put in your head! From religion to politics, keep it simple stupid.

    • Drippy_JerryCurl

      Read Revelations 13:14-18
      Man made money,to gain authority,power! The wealthier you are, the more power and influence you have on others.The beast(satan)uses “money” as his mark 666 to gain worshippers!!!


    then what was Tiffany Evans talking about?! She’s in the industry and she confirmed that some of our favorite celebrities are devil worshippers! #justsaying

    • Wayupstairs

      You mean the 18year old with one song.. right ?

      So black entertainers can’t be successful unless they worship the devil or sell their soul ?!?! hmmm…

  • KocaKola

    @ way

    So by ur logic since you don’t have “one song” your opinions and statements are automatically false. FAIL!!!

  • Tellthetruth

    A Caucasian male wrote and quote “If you want to keep blacks ignorant and in the dark about anything, put it in a book.” I think this is the most solid and true statement ever. Why?!? Let’s begin. I’m not saying what Jennifer says is true or not, but we as whole need to stop being so closed minded when it comes to certain issues. Suppressing it isn’t going to make it go away. Face it. Instead of coming on blog sites such as these to attack our OWN people, how about saying a kind or sincere word and if you can’t think of anything kind or sincere to type just don’t say anything. The majority of blacks are a bunch of self loathing, self hating individuals and at this rate it’s only a matter of time before our race as a whole is eradicated. Don’t believe me try reading about it. Now, for those of you who disagree with me, please save your comments. I’m not here to argue and go back and forth on the internet with anyone. I’m just stating my opinion.

  • Tellthetruth

    Lastly, as far as Jennifer goes. Whether she is part of a cult or not that should not be anyone’s concern. God knows the truth and so does she. When judgement day comes let Him be the judge of it not anyone else!

  • Iguessso

    ….how are those who are reading about the illuminati and being exposed to alot of things that are going on in that industry going to want to be apart of the illuminati? Most of the folks reading about it are actually turning away from the industry.

  • really?

    I believe her. It seems like if you’re black and successful you’re accused of being Illuminati. Why is black success attributed to some wicked spiritual cult? It’s as if they’d never be able to achieve success on their own “God-Given” merits! Please. Team Jennifer!!!

    • Mabel

      Exactly! If blacks don’t strive for success they will be a permanent uncerclas.s in America. Look around at who’s doing the menial jobs in most places. They created this whole Illuminati thing because black entertainers were getting too successful, so lets start a rumor so they fall. Illuminati = the new AIDS

  • Whatev

    Hmmmmm, indeed.

  • Ms. Jones

    I think the whole thing is a sham. People get fooled way too easy. As long as I have faith in my God I’m good, you all can believe what you want. Secret society that runs the world…yeah right. To each his own. SN that baby is so cccaaaauuuutttee with his chubby little cheeks!

  • No Homo

    Matthew 4:8,9
    8 Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory,
    9 and he said to him: “All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an ACT OF WORSHIP to me.”

    If Satan would only give Jesus Christ control of all the kingdoms of the world ONLY if he worshipped him…what makes yall think Satan aint making the same offer to imperfect ppl?????? -_-

  • anonymous

    Many black people really believe that a black person can’t possibly become super successful unless they are devil worshippers. Hard work and talent don’t really matter. Black people need demonic help. SMH. We are sad.

  • mixed bad chick

    These ppl are crazy believing this illuminati bs. i swear every generation comes up with sum dumb theory. When i was young everyone was on the makevelli theory trying to find out the hidden secrets. Now here we go with this. when my parents were younger they had the same thing too. Its just sumthing to entertain young ppl and keep them talking about sum stupid unrealistic theory. ppl can be so dumb and gullable at times. smh.

  • juliemango

    There is no doubt the illuma exists but the common folk arent aware of thr agendas can judge jen. only those in the kno how their power n influence prosper the willing on another note cute baby he looks like a half-breed!!!

    • Ms. Jones

      WHAT? Hopefully you posted this from your phone or something so it was hard for you to proofread…beacause you made absolutey NO SENSE.

  • Dilla

    @R U Serious, preach!! Your comment is on point.

  • The Upper Room

    God is the only judge. With that being said…….1 Timothy 6:7-10
    For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

    • The Upper Room

      Please note that it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all types of evil. Not money itself. A person’s heart is known to God. Many blessings to all

  • KK

    Awww, he’s too cute!!!

  • TRUFF IS...not all that glitters is gold

    So there are ppl affliated with the illuminati? Question is who are they? They will never admit…someone’s not telling the truth….just like gay entertainers dont come out for one reason or the other

  • jazzie91

    Wow n*ggas is dumb. Jennifer Hudson was A-list and famous BEFORE her family was killed. Does American Idol ring a bell? How about Dreamgirls? Or what about that Oscar she won? SMH@ idiots and haters.

  • Taisha from Chicago

    All this talk about elitism, devil worship,eastern stars, masons,scientology and christian faith is making my head spin. I just have come to the realization that humans just wanna belong to something no matter what the hell it is to feel special & superior. One thing is for sure when all the smoke clears from all the abracadabra,alakazaam and bibbidi bobbidi boo we are all leaving this planet in a cardboard box!! It’s just to bad her mother,brother and nephew couldn’t meet that beautiful baby of hers..

  • Annoyed

    This stuff is so stupid. The reason you know it is foolishness is because is.. Are there any one other than black artists involved this cult? Do you ignorant people know there are thousands of rich white men in corporate America who carry the majority of the power and wealth in not only the United States but the world? They buy elections, create laws, win no bid contracts and yes become President because of legacies. These are the people you should be afraid of. Idiots.

  • bubbles

    I was told she sacrifice her family…if u notice her career took off after that…smdh

  • The Truth Will Soon Be Revealed

    Let’s keep it real everyone! Jennifer Hudson knows the truth however,she’s been told by her team to state publicly that she is in no way affiliated with the “illuminati”. Do you wonder why? Because a lot of people want to know about the murders that took place and there has been no mention about a trial even though the crime took place over two years ago. Jennifer Hudson knows that she can possibly lose fan because of the many speculations surrounding her family being murdered. Her Team is trying to save her image of being a wholesome girl from chicago with the powerful voice. However, people will still speculate as long as a trail does not take place.

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