RHOA Cynthia Bailey’s Dude Peter Wants You To Know: “She Only Gave Me $10K And I Can’t Stand Them Other Broads…”

- By Bossip Staff

Sometimes the husbands from Bravo’s hit series Real Housewives of Anything need to learn how to just shut the hell up and let their wives collect a paycheck. In the recent issue of Uptown Magazine, Cynthia’s husband, “Broke As A Joke” Peter feels the need to make clear that his wife was not the main investor in his club… It was only $10,000 AND that he would have rather her NOT disclose that information but since Bravo is currently paying the bills he rolled with the flow…

Peter also spoke his true feelings on all the housewives and Andy Cohen:

The Other Cast Members:
If they say, “What do you think about the other Housewives?” I’m gonna say, “I can’t stand Phaedra’s ass. I think Kim is crazy as f–k. Nene has a big-ass mouth, okay? And Sheree’s not cute! She thinks she’s cute, but she’s not cute.” And this is ON the record. The only one I like is Kandi, and she’s too soft. That’s why she got played with Kim. And that’s how I truly feel.
Not A Freeloader… It was just $10,000:
As much as I appreciate what she’s done, it probably came across to everybody that she put up all this money to help me build my restaurant. No. Initially, she put up $10,000. Uptown [Restaurant and Lounge] cost several hundred thousand dollars—$10,000 couldn’t buy the silverware and the plates at Uptown.

So it’s not like she’s supported my vision and gave me money to build a restaurant ’cuz that’s not what happened. And I want to clear that up. I didn’t agree with her putting that out there to the public. But she’s on a reality show and she’s a new jack to it, so she might feel as if that’s what she needed to do. I didn’t agree to that. But I didn’t oppose either, especially if she’s telling the truth. She has the right to say it. But I don’t want the viewers to leave with the impression, “Oh, sh-t. He got with this model girl and she’s putting up all this money to support his sh-t.” That’s not the way it is. If that’s the last thing I do before I die, I’ll make sure that she gets her money back.

If I Need Money Again… She Better Give It Up:
If I need her to do something for me again, she better step up. That’s part of her duty as a wife. Because she’s never gonna call on me and I say no—never. It’s my duty as a husband to provide whatever support to [help] her go forward. The show that I’m on is called Atlanta Housewives, not Atlanta Husbands. I’m not getting paid to be on the show. But I have to do it to support my wife. So I just gotta bite my lip, swallow my spit, and call it a day.

What If They Can’t Make It:
Cynthia’s been independent for 11 years. She never lived with [actor and model] Leon; they just had a baby together. And she [believes] that whatever [she] makes, [she] has to hold on to it, because she’s responsible for not just herself, but also her daughter [Noelle]. Even though I’m there now, she still has the mentality that, “If it doesn’t work out with this Negro, for one reason or another, I would still like to have my money because it’s just me and my daughter.”

I do respect that what’s hers belongs to her. I have nothing to do with it. And what’s mine is mine. We have a prenup. But if I build something and she was by my side while I was building it, that’s definitely for us.

I say anything I f—ing feel, because I don’t feel I need to answer to anybody but God. People are going on Andy Cohen’s show and being all careful—I don’t give a f-ck. If they ever put me on that sh–, I’m gonna say exactly how I feel, and that’s what people wanna hear. If he asks, “What do you think about the guys in Atlanta wearing heels?” I’m gonna say, “That sh-t is not cute.”

Dayyuummm Peter!!! Tell Us How You Really Feel!!! Well… It’s obvious these two make it down the aisle and that checks are rolling in on Cynthia’s end. She recently put out a story with Life & Style giving full details before the wedding episode actually airs….

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  • barb

    sit down grandpa.

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    • lola_uk

      does anyone know where peter is from?
      Ps. not “the islands”,lol i’m looking for an actual name.
      thanks 🙂

    • bcgh

      😛 😛 😛 I love this , i lov e my b oyfriend, he is a nice guy !.

      i met him via —– Bla c k’w h it e’F li rts. C” 0- M—-

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  • eehm

    bitter old dark black man!

    • rachel

      I don’t care if it was $2.00 a real man would never ask a woman for money, he’s a hustler just like NeNe husband Greg.

  • Houston stand UP

    Wow he actin like ne ne hubby rite now goin to the public all he is doin is ridin ok Cynthia coat tail and fame

  • Shananigans

    he has issues

  • Renee

    Every time I look at him, I think of Papa Smurf. I don’t know why Cynthia thinks she can’t do better. He doesn’t want a partner. He wants someone that he can run over. She has every right to know what’s going on with them financially. She’s not his child.





    • already

      Its his wedding photos..thats why he is dressed like that.


      already shut the hell up!!!!

  • Boston Brainchild

    Am I the only who’s noticed that he looks like Jeffrey from Fresh Prince? Btw, if Cynthia gave you $10,000 of her hard earned money then she DID support your vision. How much money did you put into it? Negro please!

    • Huh?

      LOL re looking like Jeffrey from the Fresh Prince! I thought that too! LOL… I expect him to talk with a british accent every time I see him!

      He’s lame…no wonder Cynthia keeps having doubts…

  • Sandy Bear

    I think Renee is Sheree.

  • Do more reading

    I would have been like “big Pappa” and stayed behind the sceens…Too many birds flying around on that show…


    Hell, that’s what I thought too…That bytch is stuck on “STUPID” if she thinks 10k is any type of real investment. Now if it was 250k, that would have been different… 😈

  • Orlando

    Probably not the smartest idea to go into business with someone you’re dating… even if you’re going to get married. Especially if the investment is one of the top failing investment ventures you could ever go into…. Restaurants and Nightclubs. (Yes, nightclubs can be extremely profitable… With an extremely high overhead, especially when you add restaurant to the mix. )

    • d

      You are right about business and dating/possibility of marriage….
      I’ve never owned a business, and I’m going to say too lose what one has worked hard to make happen has got to be difficult, emotions run high, one’s attitude is not right, the pressure of trying to make the right decisions, when one is aware of what is looming….etc….There are a lot of people out here struggling, and they possibly can identify w/what this man is going through & dealing with…..

  • It's Me

    He hit the nail on the head when he describe all the women. He only left out that Nene has HORSE TEETH!!

    • pisces


  • 80's girl

    Can’t stand Peter ugly, arrogant, bitter azz! Whether it was $10,000 or $10 Cynthia gave him, she was kind and generous enough to help him. They will be divorced within a year! He is too verbally abusive.

  • kslim1

    Says the man who’s never given $50 to anybody, lmao.

  • 80's girl

    Btw, Peter used to date Nia Long as well and was after her money, what an opportunist!

    • tommykimon

      How is he pulling these beautiful woman?

    • free

      ok, because he said he used to mess with a celebrity and, once he heard in the streets or some tabloid that the celebrity was saying she wanted to marry him, he bailed on her. regina king also said she knew him from way back so he’s been in the circles.

  • misstoi

    ONLY 10,000 thats because its not your 10,000! She’s a fool. I know her daughter is good because her father is actor Leon and his family is weathy.

  • d

    I agree w/your comments. I definitely thought it was a lot more, and she had a reason to be upset w/him by not discussing certain information w/her. Don’t get me wrong $10,000 is some money, and w/this economy some is better than none…
    I’m not mad at him for speaking his mind “coodles” to him…..
    I don’t understand why she felt as though she had to have this over the top wedding. Yes, I understand she has never been married, but it’s not about the hoopla etc…it’s about both of them. I think someone stated: BRAVO was more than likely footing the vast majority if not all of the bill for this event….

    There is nothing wrong w/supporting your spouse, but when dealing w/business it’s better to try and keep that separate “you can still be supportive”, because nothing is guaranteed in the business world….If one invest w/spouse remember its an investment, and no guarantees….

  • RazeKane

    I think I’ve seen Peter’s face on some orange box in the supermarket..lol. But, it seems like peter wants to marry a gullable investor who is too stupid to see what time it is…wake up.

  • lt

    i thought she put up all the money for the resturant the way cynthia was talking. is peter from new york? he seems to have a slight accent.

  • wow

    He’s saying it’s only 10k so he does not look like the rest of the busters in Atlanta that ask successful women to support their pipe dreams, but I’m sure Cynthia would say something totally different.

  • miss prissy

    at first I was TEAM CYNTHIA but now i like Peter even more. People that been in REAL relationships can feel where he’s coming from!!!!! And i dont think he’s broke hell she aint brining in $$$$ like she used to as well,I think there are a lot of bitter(lonely) ladies on here that cant handle a MAN speaking this mind!! GO PETER fux the haters!!!!

    • wow

      My comment to @realreconize applies to you as well!


    Peter is a real man…. that;s why half the broads hate him. They don’t know what a real man is. A real man is not determined by how well he can take care of you. Many men are finacially stable and since that is what most thirsty heffas only care about they couldnt even understand the maginitude of dealing with a secure man.
    Cynthis is stupid why marry a man with 5 babymommas anyway. It amazes me how every so called cute broad is either manless or dating someone subpar… good luck with that I hope yawll marriage makes it.

    • wow

      Real men don’t have 5 baby mommas. A real man gets married and have/support his family. He does not wh*re hop from one coochie to the next. IJS

  • darealwifey

    Peter and Cynthia are an attractive pair, but I’m not sure Cynthia was READY to walk-down-the-aisle. Peter might be what she needs to keep her from being so wishy-washy, but what is dude bringing to the table? He wants to be the MAN, but it seems like he’s not REALLY taking care of her.

  • http://childrenofthenow.wordpress.com children of the now

    The boy Peter is wild.

  • RazeKane

    If Leon even gave her a hint of wanting to get back together, she prolly would drop old school in 1 heartbeat (not 5)…lol

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