You Can’t Be Serious: This Wankster Wants Facebook To Pay Him $500k For Suspending His Account

- By Bossip Staff

Doesn’t a lawsuit have to meet certain criteria before it’s filed? We cannot believe that an attorney or court of law actually found merit in this loser’s lawsuit.

Mustafa Fteja said his account was disabled in September, cutting off his access to friends and family around the world, as well as to personal memories and photos.

“That was how I stayed in touch with people,” said Fteja, 39, who estimated he had about 340 friends when he was inexplicably cut off. He said he has pressed the company for months to find out what happened, but to no avail.

“You call, they don’t answer the phone. You write, they don’t reply,” he said — leaving him no choice but to go to court to get what he considers his property back.

“I lived in a communist country where people had no rights. This looks the same to me,” the Montenegro native said. “I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing this for justice,” he said.

Fteja, who filed his suit against the $50 billion company in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday, said he has been using Facebook for about three years, mainly to keep in touch with family and friends in Montenegro, Albania, Germany and Austria.

He found out he had been cut off on Sept. 24, when he tried to sign on to his account, but couldn’t. After a few more attempts, the site told him his account had been “disabled.”

He tried to find out why, but only got a form e-mail back two weeks later telling him he had somehow violated the terms of the Facebook agreement.

The Web site typically cuts off users if they’ve posted objectionable content, or are suspected of spamming.

“I know one thing — I didn’t do anything. I didn’t violate anything,” Fteja said, adding he wouldn’t be suing if he had.

“Did somebody hack my account? I don’t know. If it’s that somebody hacked my account, Facebook should help me. If you have a problem with your AOL login, AOL helps you. Not Facebook,” he said.

Since the site didn’t inform his list of friends that his account had been disabled, many assumed he had de-friended them. “I don’t know if you’re mad at me or what’s going on,” one female friend told him in a voicemail.

His suit notes that Fteja is Muslim, and charges Facebook with religious discrimination. “You don’t treat people like that,” he said. “They make a lot of money from the people. Why treat your customers like that?”

Religious discrimination? You’re not in it for the money?? And he still wants his account restored??? GTFOHWTS.


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    lol is it that serious

  • Peppa

    First of all, this idiot reeks stupidity on so many levels. On the one hand, you do not pay a fee for FB, so if they cut you off, what makes you feel you can sue. Secondly, if FB is the only way your friends and family can contact you, how did you friend send you a voice mail. But the thing is, no matter how frivilous a (((CIVIL))) suit is, the courts will take it, because it does not involve a jury. Which means nobody is Sequestered , and the city pays nothing.



  • It's Me

    goes to show you people will think of a way to sue anybody for anything. SCARY LIFE TIME WE R LIVING IN!

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  • if anything be noble

    LOL @ “Fool, FB is free.”

  • thatbrutha

    Well FB may be free but if it vanished right now your close friends would be lost unless you were in contact before fb. What of all the people you have got back into contact with.
    Its invaluable.
    I think this has legs

  • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

    I love how he says he’s not suing for the money but he is asking for 500k in the law suit. SMH @ how retarded he is.

  • Hunter Eldridge

    I love the one sided mouth grin, he cant be trusted. We need to work together to make world peace, is happiness not our goal in life?

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Lol, people take fb too serious, u can tell he’s a fb addict. Fb is so getto now I wish they would shut it down. Call your darn family on the pbone if u want to keep in touch. What they don’t do that anymore?

  • Breanna

    Now while facebook may be free to use, to think that they make no money off of us is ridiculous.
    However, this guy is insane if he thinks he’s getting 500k! Get his account restored and move on.

  • kissofdanger

    His case is legit.

  • tommykimon

    He’s stupid, I’m glad I’m not on FB everybody I know that is on it are like drug addicts. They get so addicted to that stupid site.

  • jay

    We do pay for Facebook–not in money, but in information. About ourselves, our relationships, our preferences.

    That information is valuable. The company has an estimated value of $9.5 billion, based entirely on our personal information.

    This guy wanted answers and Facebook blew him off. I’d be pissed too.

  • juliemango

    Facebook is a privledge not a right tho the owners took advantage of it to make some obs. cash!!!

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