Twitter Files: Joe Budden And Marlon Wayans Catch iFade

- By Bossip Staff

Twitter, a publicist worst nightmare. Yesterday afternoon Joe Budden and Marlon Wayans got involved eScuffle that was anti-climactic, yet entertaining nonetheless.

Peep the pages below for the blow by blow breakdown (pause.)

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  • C Allen

    Too bad Wayans account is suspended…..he had some good comebacks for Buden although nobody has been knocking on either of their doors begging for their services.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Marlon’s Twitter account is not suspended and Joe Budden’s group has just been signed to Shady Records.

    • No Mercy

      Being signed is a far cry from selling units. I can’t say that I know what Joe Budden has done.

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  • YokoDMV

    COMEDY! Marlon wins!!! all those dead career and one hit wonder jokes were funny as hell ….CLEAR!!! lmao

    • YokoDMV

      oh and Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 4 is actually an excellent mixtape – both marlon and joe are talented

  • It's A Shame

    Lol @ Joe Budden trying to stay relevant. Marlon’s more famous than you’ll ever be. Marlon most definitely won that one.

  • uknoitsromaro

    So when was the last time we heard Joe Budden on the air? Maybe u shud ask for a performance at Roscoes lol

  • Crisy


  • Just Sayin

    Marlon roasted his no talent havin a$$!

    joe budda couldn’t “rap” a present!

  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    this seems like they had a beef some time ago that never got resolved. like who’s on top tonight… yea i heard the rumors about both of them

    • Truth Hurts

      It sound that way? Only a true fag would try and turn this into some fag shit…STFU and go stock up on ya astroglide punk…lolll

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I love Marlon…since freaking Don’t Be A Menace. Marlon has been acting since forever….wasn’t he on In Living Color at one point??? Isn’t he a partner in a production company that also has its own studio?? Imma need Joe “I can’t keep a woman” Buddens to shut the f*ck up. What has he done, ever??

  • Uncle Qwilly

    When joe said he was in the “stu”(lol) I would have replied, “Doing what? Making a “Pump it Up” remix?

    • SirBadat

      LMFAO…dead bruh

    • Jessica


  • SirBadat

    Marlon won

  • Divine

    You should never go in on a comedian LOL!!! It’s their JOB to go in on folks…

    I wouldda been like
    “Shuddup, Marlon”
    And called it a day! LOL!

  • alex

    yall dumb as hell. Joe budden still rap. He in a group. Slaughterhouse. Dey jus signd wit eminem.

    • SanityKane

      Technically so does Hammer… see where I’m going with this…LOL 🙂

    • Buggin_out



    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      Dead @ Sanity!!

  • DollBaby1o1


    when i hear marlon, ion even know who the h3ll joe bud is.

    better leave sweet marlon alone! he’s an og celeb!

  • L Dub

    but Marlon Wayans is getting paid; joe budden is not… oops…

    • Truth

      That’s the problem everything is money. So if Joe Budden had more money then he won. Dam the mentality. Anyway, the only thing y’all know Joe Budden for is Pump it up. He actually makes very deep music that relates to everyday life. He has an underground following of die hard fans and sells out shows without a deal. It’s not like Waka Flaka or I get money songs. It’s real music that gets you through the day. I thought the same thing about him being a one hit wonder but when I heard “I’m so easily side tracked, Role reversal”,and So long Good by” on you tube I was hooked. You will never want to hear that garbage on the radio again. Check out the Mood Music 3 and 4 he has about 5 albums he put out independently.

    • Truth Hurts

      YAWNZZZ@ truth

      Y adone? You said all that to defend the career of a NOBODY that tried to call a SOMEBODY unfunny, broke & career dead? lol….Whether it matters or not “Deep & meaningful” aint selling records. Nor is Joe…Go cheer for your boo elsewhere…lmaoo

  • chrissy

    Marlon wins…..

  • Honest Truth

    Who is “Joe Budden”? I think Marlon makes more on WB residuals….case closed!

  • TheMan

    WOW complete fail for joe budden, and the crazy thing was i never thought Marlon Wayans was funny until he just roasted joey, dang


    Po Jo. Literally “Poor Joe.” He needs to call it a wrap.

  • Alexis

    Who the hell is Joe Budden? At least I’ve heard of Marlon Wayans… He wins for that alone, LOL!

    • stef

      wow…u are dead wrong lol

  • Entoon

    too funny! love marlon wayans! joe budden is a major dyckhead! arrogant non rapping azzhole!!!

  • thesaneone

    why would anybody try to clown marlon wayans? he’s not funny? r u serious?! joe budden just got roasted!! “yo, me and my dog play frisbie with ur latest CD” nuff said.

  • No Mercy

    I’m with you. I don’t know what song they are talking about.

  • Sugar

    Who is Joe Budden? lol lol
    washed up mofo on the real!!!!!

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