SMH: 5th-Grade Girl Kicked Out Of Class Because Her Hair Was “Too Wild”

- By Bossip Staff

Wow. SMH at them putting her in the “Special” class because of her hair!

School administrators in Edenton say 10 year old Jakyra Kearse’s red and blue mohawk was too distracting to other students. On Wednesday, the 10 year old arrived to school sporting the new hairdo. That morning she was taken out of her regular 5th grade class and put in a smaller room so that other students could focus.

“I went into the small group room and that’s for bad people because I was a distraction to everybody,” said Kearse. “There was a lot of laughter as I understand it at the time, numerous distractions of what was going on,” said Allan Smith superintendent of Edenton-Chowan Schools. Her mother, Ruby, is a former hairdresser who gave her daughter the look. She says her daughter has worn dyed hair before without any problems.

5th grader said she was inspired to get the look by pop star Willow Smith. “Sometimes I be thinking of Willow Smith and her video and I wanna be like that sometimes” Ms. Kearse told 13News Thursday morning that her daughter is back in her regular classroom today with the same hairstyle. She said that school officials said that students just need time to adjust.

She said she doesn’t understand why the school didn’t just do that in the first place and she’s frustrated at what happened Wednesday. Kearse is not facing any disciplinary action. She has been allowed back into her regular classroom. School officials say other students are adjusting from their initial reaction and the hair is becoming less of a distraction.

All she was trying to do was be like little Willow Smith…whatever happened to schools embracing creativity??


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    • shake em

      there’s nothing mature about the look at all, it’s just ghetto and ugly. She looks like a peacock. Its a juvenile hairstyle if you ask me. I don’t see grown (professional)people walking around with that mess.
      Its like her mom purposely set up her daughter. It is a public school at the same time that mess is distracting so i don’t know how i feel. if i were part of the school administration i would be adding new rules to the book as soon as i saw that.

    • Royal Chocolate

      Well said Tanisha.

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      What the hell happened to ribbons and hair barrettes? I guess it would’ve been too much like right to do her hair in a way that would be conducive to a 10 year old.


      Plus–that shyt is wack for an adult female..much less a ten year old.

      One more thing—If I would’ve had to guess her age (from that pic) I would’ve guessed her to be at least 15.

  • Jeri

    WTH was this little 10 YEAR OLD girl doing with this mess of a hair do anyway?? Parents need to explain to their kids that celebrities like Willow Smith do it for entertainment; there’s nothing wrong with expressing your creativity, but tone it the f*ck down!

    • YO MOMMA

      Her parents need to be smacked!as long as this policy is for whitees ,blacks and the like then i have no issue with the school board kickin her lil azz out..smh

    • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

      There is a reason it said the mother was a FORMER hairdresser!

  • purple love

    1st of all she looks a mess(n I blame willow smith personally lol) 2nd I don’t really see a problem because this white girl got sent home from my school for having a green mow hawk the sht is a distraction

  • BeautyIsHerName

    What is a 10 year old doing wearing red and blue weave?? This must be a southern thing because kids on the east coast would NEVER come outside like that.!!!

    • geographylesson

      Edenton is in North Carolina, which IS on the East Coast.

    • geographylesson

      Hi kd….I seeee uuuuuuu…lol!

  • Essence

    ^^^No this is not just a southern thing. I’ve been little hoodrats in training from NY wear their hair like this all the time.

  • It's A Shame

    She’s too young to have all of the weave and color crap in her hair anyway.

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    All that getto mess on her head. Too much for a 5-grader.

  • Legion

    Whatever happened to parents embracing common sense…and there is absolutely nothing mature about that look. Willow Smith gets paid to look like an idiot.

    • P

      HA HA Funny!

    • just me_sunflower


  • Tia

    These ghetto Black folks really think its appropriate to send a 5th grader to school with multicolored weave in her hair. School is a place for learning. I hope her grades are high.

    • toosexy

      no…that parent…i’m black and I don’t agree with that…

  • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts

    What mother would let there child go out looking like that ! her mother should be arrested just awful & tacky!

  • mimi

    She is too young for that foolishness and her parents should be slapped for allowing it.

  • tommykimon

    That hair style is distracting and she is way too young for such a mature hairstyle

  • Yes Ma'am

    My 16 year old asked for a mo hawk, I said hell no and told her when she’s grown and out of my house go for what she knows but no foolishness is going to happen here.

  • Matix B

    Maybe thsi is ok for crazy hair day or whatever but not cool for everyday school. I wonder what her mom’s hair looks like?

  • tami

    I concur. How her mother styled her hair is secondary to the fact that she obviously didn’t review the rules of proper English grammar with her daughter.

    Some parents need to do better!

  • Grrrrr

    I was thinking the same thing. I be. If she wants to be creative get in a damn school play.

  • Boondock Saint

    Applauding the school. They shoulda suspended her for that. A 10-year old has no bidness wearing her hair like that, period, let alone while in school. I can see once they reach 16-17-18 years old, but 10 is wayyyy too damn young for that ghetto foolashness.

    • Boondock Saint

      And what the blankety-blank is her mom thinking? Yes, I said MOM, and I have a 70% chance of being right. First, she named this kid Jakyra, then has this child’s hair “did” in ghetto fashion.

      Somebody’s setting this kid up for failure.

  • WithAllHonesty

    While I hate the hair style on any woman of any age, its her hair! Now if the teachers and students lack the ability to stay on task and rather focus on HER hair, that’s on THEM!

    Let little stuff like this happen continuously and we’ll start losing rights.

  • Wildcherry666

    Come on people. I have seen worst hairstyles than this. I think its kind of fly. lol. The problem with the school system is lack of creativity with their students. If it was distracting, I would have started a discussion with the students about her hairstyle and talked about individuality and art. There was a way to make this a non issue and made it a fun discussion. Why does everything in school have to be about penalizing students.

    • Tee


  • WithAllHonesty

    SMH at the number of people thinking her being seperated was okay. Her hair, her style, its school not the work place.

    Just a matter of time before being Black is a distraction.

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      Did it ever occur to you that school is supposed to be preparing you for the work place. DUH!!!

  • So Simple

    Wow! Why do we do this to ourselves? Schools usually won’t put up with anything that is a distraction to the learning process. Somehow this loud ghetto hairdo took away from the kids concentrating in school. Maybe, they were talking and laughing instead of learning. So, they removed the distraction and returned the discipline. Eitherway, what Willow Smith (who doesn’t go to school nor does her parents care about school) gets away with, the average child can’t. Instead of more Willows, we need more Sasha’s and Malia’s. Children who are well spoken, well educated and very well aware of self without looking like clowns. Shame on the parent for giving this the greenlight during school. This could have been a fun spring or summer vacation look. But, nothing is important enough to upstage your education, except God. We have to do better black folks.Other races are leaving us in the dust as we strive towards crazy looks and name brands.

    • Boondock Saint

      Exactly. Then people wonder why Black kids are always bringing up the rear in education. We’re focused on everything but education. It’s a fikkin’ school, not a ghetto fashion show. In some countries, all students have to wear the same uniform and hair style. Where do they rank in education compared to us? Exactly.

  • really really?

    finally ppl on here agree.

  • Lil P-Nut

    I am all for creativity, but this child looks ridiculous! Her parents need their a s s e s kicked. Why is the mom more focused on making Jakyra’s look like this than making sure her child is able to articulate herself in a grammatically correct manner? The priorities of this family are all screwed up!

  • Help the people!

    “Sometimes I be thinking”. Sound like mom needs to stop worrying about hooking up her hair and get her hooked on phonics!

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Hahaha! For sure……



    • Boondock Saint

      Sometimes I be wondering the same thing. SMH.

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