WTF??? Man And His Jump-Off Get Popped For Keeping His Wife Locked Up In The Basement For Years

- By Bossip Staff

Sometimes the only thing worse than these dirty dogs are the dirty broads who allow them to do the sh*t they do.

A man has been arrested for allegedly keeping his wife locked for eight years in the dark, dank cellar of their home in southeastern Brazil, police said Thursday.

Joao Batista Groppo, 64, was arrested after his wife of 40 years, Sebastiana, was found confined in a “filthy, dark” cellar, said police inspector Jaqueline Barcelos Coutinho.

Groppo’s girlfriend, Maria Furquim, was arrested as an accomplice by police in Sorocaba, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) west of Sao Paulo, the inspector said.

Initially, Groppo told police that he had locked his spouse up for 16 years. He later revised the time period to eight years, which their son confirmed, Coutinho said in a telephone interview.

The son told her he knew what his father was doing but was unable to persuade him to stop, Coutinho said, adding that the son “may face charges of failing to come to the aid of someone in need.” She declined to identify him.

Groppo, who described himself as a retired industrial consultant, said he locked up his 64-year-old wife beginning in 2003 because she is mentally ill and aggressive, the inspector said.

“He told us that locking her up was the only way he could think of to prevent her from wandering off and getting lost,” Coutinho said. “She does have psychiatric problems but she is definitely not an aggressive person.”

Coutinho added that Groppo claimed he took his wife to visit a psychiatrist once a month.

Police were tipped off to the situation by an anonymous telephone call and arrested Groppo on Wednesday, the inspector said.

Her own son didn’t look out??? Poor lady.


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  • tommykimon

    Too sad, he could’ve just left the woman or filed for divorce.

  • 7lady

    He should’ve taken her to a facility where people could take care of her if it was that bad. I bet he don’t get a lot of time. And that son ain’t sh*t!

  • goodlucklava

    I’m really just glad that theyre white

    • SMH

      “I’m really just glad that they’re white”…

      Are you really that ignorant and uneducated???

    • G.M.

      whoops, didn’t mean to post in y’all reply convo

  • loc

    Since when are brazilians considered white?

    • eaglesfan

      When they are married to WHITE NFL quarterbacks – such as in the case of Tom Brady’s wife.

  • shinefromw1th1n

    Maybe what goodlucklava meant was that he/she is glad these aren’t black folks.

  • always knew

    LMAO! people are getting more and more crazy! 🙂

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    white people do that kind of fu-ked up crap and the stupid weido son was just as guilty!! they should never in their life talk about what black folks do!!


    Anyone who’s bringing up thank good their white and only white people do that stuff is ignorant uneducated and obsessed with race their damn selves. Maybe the rest of the world will stop talking about us when people like you that make us educated black people look bad stop bringing up race when it doesn’t apply. Pick up a book obviously u could use it. PEOPLE FROM BRAZIL ARE NOT WHITE. Perpetuating the stereotype for your own people. Sad….

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