Jesus Take The Wheel: Crazy B*tch Tries To Trick Husband’s Mistress Into An Abortion

- By Bossip Staff

We couldn’t make this kinda sh*t up if we tried…

A crazed wife who tried to forcibly abort her husband’s mistress’ baby is to be jailed for four years.

Kisha Jones tricked seven-months pregnant Monique Hunter into taking pills that would kill her unborn child.

Miss Hunter, 26, went into premature labour but the baby boy survived.

Jones, 40, was also accused of tried to finish him off by sending a toxic liquid to the hospital disguised as breast milk and pretending to be a hospital worker to take the child off a ventilator, but those charges were dropped.

Under a plea bargain deal she will be jailed for four years in February but could be out in as less than two for time served and good behaviour.

Miss Hunter had been dating Jones’ husband Anthony for three years but claimed she did not know he was married.

Both women were pregnant with his children and when Jones found out that her love rival was expecting as well, she flew into a rage and decided to kill her baby, it was said.

ONLY FOUR YEARS!?!?! “Good Behavior”!?!?! The b*tch will be out of prison to try to kill him again before he even gets to 1st grade! Thats not our idea of justice.


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  • _CAKES_


  • 7lady

    Her dumb azz shoulda been tryna kill her husband. That baby aint got nothin to do with that mess. Crazy azz.

  • Ms. Jones

    Who does that to a baby…After those 4 years she needs to locked up in a crazy house 4 ever

  • anon



    4 years and then upon release what go after the child , the mom , or the husband. And we locking up people who sell drugs to people who want them for 10 to 20. Its all wrong but make punishment fit the crime.

    • agree

      couldnt have said it betta myself…

  • Mz.Elite

    She’s beyond sick… Killing babies??? Trying to anyway… Ugh she needs to be locked up longer than that!!!

    Our justice system is garbage!!!!

    FOLLOW ME!!!!!

  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    damm, hey you know what they say about a scorned womem

  • G.M.

    2yrs for attempted murder of a baby…told y’all the system is biased to women and y’all get away with a sh1tload of crimes…smh @ this story, was this baby john connor or somethin, that crazy a$$ wife was on a seek & destroy mission like she was the fuccin terminator…and i just saw nancy grace last night where a mom let her 13 month old baby drown while playin facebook, she’s gettin a small charge 4 that and also a teacher caught fuccin a 16yr old and she is so far gettin a slap on the wrist smh

  • G.M.

    lying isn’t a crime unless ur on the stand durin a trial and cheating isn’t a crime unless ur in the middle east lol…the husband wasn’t the one tryin to kill babies, the crazy a$$ wife made those decisions on her own, killin babies cant be justified by infidelity smh…but i bet the husband gonna keep smashin the 26yr old mistress while his 40YR OLD wife is in jail lmao

  • yup!

    wow! it aint worth it ladies. why try to kill the baby?! thats not gon make him leave her alone nor would it make him not cheat anymore. NEVER go after the other chick, b/c theres no such thing as stealing a man, he left or cheated because he WANTED too!!!..smh.


    That’s what happens when you mess with someone’s husband. Hopefully more wives will get in that behind.

    I don’t understand killing babies, but I understand. Chick is calling my house and sleeping with my husband. Yeah, ok!

  • DivisionAvenue

    man she looks evil them evil broads got da best pu$$y

  • http://Bossip Caramel Peach

    he go get whats comin to him men aint shit

    • G.M.

      oh yeah, he’s definitely gonna get whats comin to him…which is some more of that 26yr old mistress pu$$y lol

  • G.M.

    @Jessica: lmao…no, she shouldn’t have tried to kill anybody and just got a divorce but im sure being that the wife was 40yrs old and no spring chicken anymore if she offed her husband then she probably would of felt alone as well as no matter what the husband did thats still her kids father, plus goin to jail and the kids will have no father or mother, y’all women got to learn to check ur emotions

  • Vee

    At least tell the story right because what I read in the paper was that the mistress carried on a 3year affair with the husband and was calling and taunting the wife telling her that he was going to leave her and their 4 children which is why she didnt get as much time most likely. Women need to stay away from married men but trying to kill the baby is wrong. And by the way the father is at home caring for those four children while she serves her time and has been supportive of the wife throughout the trial. Read this from a more reliable source called the newspaper.

  • cc

    very well said!!! totally agree.

  • JustAshley

    Amen! You betta preach!

  • Artiewhitefox

    Hasn’t anyone learned that jailing anyone does not help anything, but make it worse for whoever. they may have had a job,and then lose that job by the time they are out of prison.Jailing is a thing the devil is exuberant about.Satan glares at whoever with self righteous gratification when humans are locked up. I have to tell you Jesus is not happy when humans are locked up.Can you see Jesus happy with humans incarcerated? The being that bails you out is Jesus and not money to a bail bonds man.

    having a bail bonds man bail you out is like the catholic church having someone buy you out of hell,and hell in reality is not a place.hell is a dead end street for the soul that will be given when God shines his light again,and those that do not have the loving spirit of Jesus in them loving even as Jesus loves will have a soul gong hasta la vista baby where life has no power.

  • always knew

    lmao @ women and the stupid stuff they let men, get away with.. LMAO! what an idiot! then trying to kill the mistresses baby! OMG! LMAO! ROTFLMAO! OMG! ‘ladies’ and I use that term loosely.. 🙂

  • SoulSista

    This is sick. This woman obviously needs mental help along with incarceration. Of course the mistress and child didnt deserve that but i don’t believe that you can “date” a man for 3 years and not know or see some signs that he was married or involved with someone else. Be woman enough to admit that you are just a ho who screws married men.

    • Coco0326

      I totally agree…that b@itch knew!

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Everyone is wrong in this situation! The wife for being a heartless murderer, the husband for being a dishonest cheater, the mistress for being with a married man for 4 years getting pregnant then taunting his wife. Nobody wins.

  • Muffy0129

    This is straight out of mary b morrisons book “Darius Jones.”

  • Howcomeucan'tthink

    She tried to kill the child several times which is the most disturbing thing to me…..but what kind of conniving no-rules havin’ type of trollop do you have to be to continuously screw the husband of another woman. You’re only getting… what she(the wife) lets you have, HENCE, the sneaking, the girl taunting her, him (the husband) only being able to see the mistress at certain times, etc… who wants to live like that, that is so pathetic.. I wouldn’t want the man that I’m in love with denying me, acting like he’s not with me, hiding me, etc..and that’s what you get when you accept ‘mistress/sidepiece’ status…I mean, marriage is a bond sealed by God, if you mess with that, you should expect problems and retribution…I would never let myself or my daughter mess around with a married man…

  • YourDelusional

    I totally agree with you!! The whole situation is a mess. You have to fault the man first, but also things would be far better if women respected themselves more, and would stop having children out of wedlock, with these lying a*s boyfriends/men in general without them willing to put a ring on it! In today’s world is quite difficult to make a marriage work, but just a “relationship” with benefits is even more difficult, and rarely leads to marriage. The wife is CRAAAAZZZZYYYYY, but these women having kids out of wedlock aren’t any better!! These whoes need to start using birth control. It angers me to the nth degree when these whoes get knocked up, and then need to go on the Maury show to find out who the baby’s dad is!! Then the audience has the audacity to boo the man. We SHOULD be booing both. Nobody tells these whoes to get pregnant. These idiot women should know by now that the men don’t want them and 90% of the time the women get stuck with the baby, and not to mention that they’re hundreds of contraceptions available to prevent preganancy With ALL the headache of raising a child in a single parent home, who would want to get pregnant in such a situation?Stupid. So, sorry in 2011, I blame the women.



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