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Damn, we knew that Baseball and Football players were gettin’ it in, but the NBA???

I know what you are thinking, because it is the same thing I am thinking.

After Tony Allen laid the smack down to Mayo on the team plane, he decided he needed some enhancement for round 2. Showing that he isn’t a good fighter or steroid user he got caught.

Since the NBA drug policy is a bit relax, Mayo will only get suspended for 10 games and no one will care.

Our society is a bit hypocritical like that.

MLB player takes roids it can keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

NFL player takes roids it is good for jokes, but that is about this.

NBA player takes roids it is forgotten soon as I hit the published button.

Funny how that works.

The steroid that Mayo got caught with is called Dehydroepiandrosterone. Here is the definition.

DHEA has been implicated in a broad range of biological effects in humans and other mammals. It acts on the androgen receptor both directly and through its metabolites, which include androstenediol and androstenedione, which can undergo further conversion to produce the androgen testosterone and the estrogens estrone and estradiol. DHEA is also a potent sigma-1 agonist. It is considered a neurosteroid.

I have no clue what any of that means, let me call Roger Clemens.

Word is that the 10 games that OJ Mayo will miss will cost him right around 400 stacks, that’s gotta hurt. Better keep an eye on what’s in those pills pimpin!



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