Oprah Has To Keep A Close Watch On Her OWN Pocketbook, Scraps One Show And Hires Rosie O’Donnell Instead

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like the folks at OWN are trying to pull out all the stops make the media queen’s newest venture a success.

Was Rosie O’Donnell behind the Oprah net work’s decision to dump the long-in-the-works Mark Burnett talk show? The talk-show queen’s fledgling cable channel suddenly scrapped plans this week for an expensive daily morning show, which was being developed by the “Survivor” producer and featured his wife, “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey.

“We have to be really smart about what goes on our air and when,” OWN CEO Christina Norman said announcing the move.

The start-up network, already saddled with lackluster ratings, also needs to keep an eye on its purse strings.

And word is that it was just too expensive to produce both the Burnett show and a new daily show starring O’Donnell.

Rosie has told fans that her program will be taped in New York before a live studio audience and will likely debut in September.

Rosie’s salary alone will be in excess of $4 million, say sources.

OWN’s financier aren’t too worried though, sounds like they have total confidence that Oprah will make this ship sail.

It is estimated that OWN — which was financed by Discovery Networks, not Oprah’s own fortune — has already burned through more than $110 million of its $189 million in start-up funds, in part by producing then scrapping expensive pilots. “We recognize it is going to take a while to find a voice,” Discovery CEO David Zaslav told The Los Angeles Times. “But we have an advantage, because we know what that voice is going to be.”

Aight now Oprah, let’s go ahead and get this thing together. Those white folks that gave you that bread are only gonna be patient for so long…


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  • dee

    another show hosted by another white person….

  • Trust YOUR Instincts

    Oprah will be fine! She has a TELEVISION NETWORK for crying out loud. TV execs will be pitching stuff to her 24/7. The money will come TO her from now on.

  • Adrienne

    Rosie? She should have been the one scrapped! Ugh! She’s a nuisance! I hope the OWN network are making the right decisions.

  • Janette

    It’s a good move because Rosie is a known, controversial personality. This will bring in the ratings but thus far the network is lackluster.


    One thing for certain and two things fo’sho Big O ain’t hurting for the ends…..

  • Orlando

    She had talked about Rosie and Rosie was in the promos before the network launched…..

  • caper

    while blk folk sit on the sideline and observe your highness network, OWN—- only “white folks network”. someday blackpeople you’ll find a way out of that hole. and a ladder just ain’t gon do it. there will be no negativity on this channel your highness says.—–OK- well what kind of peter pan world are you living in? this is the reason why i have to be the bell-ringer for the negative cause its people like this that are “sleep” and thats on snooze, but baby welcome to the real world and i’am gon ring my bell loud and clear, you people know who butters your bread. then all you folks what to do is go to sleep. ring-a-ding, ring ring. wake up everybody no more sleep’n in bed and u know the rest.

  • don't ask

    The only black people working for Oprah are Gayle and Andre, her hairdresser.

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  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/8813f4f10a519a57296e11e0c5e60f74?s=80 Julez


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