Making It Rain On Them…Homies? Ted Williams ‘Pays It Forward’ And Slides Some Stacks To His Homeless Buddy

- By Bossip Staff

Guess, Ted heard us talkin’ bad about him yesterday.

According to TMZ reports:

Ted Williams just pulled off a HUGE surprise for the homeless man he shared a tent with on the streets of Ohio — when he drove up to his friend’s corner and dropped off a MAJOR wad of cash.

Sources connected to “Golden Voice” tell us … shortly after Ted ditched rehab, he reappeared at his old stomping grounds Monday … but this time he was being driven around in a black SUV.

We’re told Ted located a man named Victor (pictured right) — his best friend and tent-mate on the streets –and immediately pulled over the car.

The reunion was emotional — and after the men exchanged a hug and some kind words, Ted gave Victor a wad of cash and promised to help him out once he gets his own life back in order.

Job well done my man, but this doesn’t make it ok to bail on rehab, clearly you need some help and you should still get it.

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  • chantel

    that was very kind of him. never forgt where you come from when you rise to the top

    • Keep it Real

      That’s right especially when you’re going to be right back there in 6 months to a year. Don’t worry partner. Ted will be back sleeping next to you in that tent really soon. I sure he was thinking the same exact thing.

  • lani3000

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn RIGHT!


    The should have never gave that ninja money. I can’t wait until his 15 minutes are over. He totally funked up this opportunity.

    • Back to the Way things Were!

      They didn’t give him Money. He earned it via his unique and God-given talent. He did a few commercial for top 500 companies. What they gave him was an opportunity (hired for Job/Gig) and he performed and was paid for his work/service.

      He’s a fool for dissing Rehab. It will all go down the drain from here with “No” jobs.

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    I’m glad he’s thinking about others he should start a homeless relief fond there.

  • daisy jay


    That’s what friendship is all about. Too many people take the money and run, leaving their friends in the dust. To hear about this is quite refreshing.

    Yes, he needs to go back to rehab. I’m not convinced that he’s COMPLETELY okay. Unless the fact that he was given another chance made him wake up and completely quit drugs, I’m not sold.

  • Bim Boo est in 1993 ^_^

    His gonna be back on the streets soon.

  • ohsotrue

    That was cool, but doesn’t all street ppl love to return to their stomping grounds to show the ones they left behind what new things are going on with them. That isn’t anything new for a drug addict. I really don’t think this dude is going to have that joyful second chance, he is not ready nor will he ever be. He has lied and he is afraid of change. Dr.Phil has given him every opportunity to do right and he always has some kind of excuse. I was in his corner but now not so much.

    • Back to the Way things Were!

      Well said! This is nothing new. Even the most hard core thug will help out a homey.

      It want be long before the little chunk change comes to end. By that time, all of his begging & pleading will fall on deaf’s ears as no he is blowing his opportunity.

      He wanted out because he can’t wait to burn all of his money on booze & a few pieces of clothing. Where is his apartment or $30,000 trailor house. At least it will be his place to call home as oppose to sleeping on the ground.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    Acts like this give you longevity and good moral character.

  • sexygrandmom

    Look Dr.Phil should be shame of himself Ted told him he did not want to go to rehab.Ted has to want to help himself

  • Texas

    That was nice of Ted. What about the ex-wife who struggled all those years raising his kids. Ted is a con-artist. If he meant to do so good, charity starts at home. That means his children he did nothing for. I was a real “Ted” fan when this started but now I see straight through him. I work with clients like Ted everyday. I am familiar with his game. Without rehab he will not get far. Dr. Phil saw through him that’s why he suggested rehab.

  • Sukanya

    Evil people in here, How you people know if he is getting help by praying and going to church? Some people don’t want to go to rehab because they want to get through it by themselves, hell we don’t know what they do in rehab to those people. Crabs in a damn bucket I tell ya. I love that he gave his friend some money to help him out

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Well that was mighty nice of him.

    They are still playing his Kraft commericals on TV (I saw one earlier today), so is he still getting paid off that or was the $10,000 it for him with Kraft?

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Where is my comment

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      Well it posted but it was there when I posted the 2nd comment LOL!

  • SMH

    great now his buddy can go OD on drugs….

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    That was real nice of him however he needs to do right by him by going through with rehab & fully recover as well as his family before spreading his little bit of “wealth” with his “buddies”…just saying.

    Wish him the best tho

  • innovatoor09

    Good for him.He will be rewarded for that kind act. I wish him much success.

  • tru

    still rooting for you ted!

  • Ellie

    That’s amazing and so kind of him. I truly hope that Ted can keep his new life together. God bless him and his friend as well.

  • lala

    If I understand correctly he is still in REHAB!A rehab that allows him to go daily and also work…”Great Job Ted” I will keep him in my prayers!

  • Pen

    how about Ted drop some cash on them 9 babies he created but never supported that WE through our taxes had to support.GTFOH

  • ahigherconsciousness

    It’s wonderful thing that Ted’s making it rain on his homeless homey, but has he made it rain on all the children he left behind, and their mothers when he decided to walk away and do him? I’m glad the Lord has given this man another chance but we need to stop acting like he’s a hero. HE’S NOT! As the Word of God says “You shall know them by their fruit” and well in my opinion this man’s fruit is artificial!!! Not judging; just MY opinion.

  • Shotgun517

    All y’all haters out there wishing Ted bad luck you pissed he didn’t come to your corner and dropped you any dough keep your signs held high there’s hope for you!

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