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Happy Friday, Bossip Fam! Lovely Water Bearers, please know you were not forgotten! Last week we fell into the Aquarian cycle of the zodiac and just as this sign is known for being unpredictable, should we thank them for the onslaught of amazing weather we’ve had in the last few weeks? We are now in “Age of Aquarius,” so through these times, it’s been said that this astral sign will be the leaders of the zodiacs! Trendsetters with fearless ambition and an unrelenting sense of responsibility – that’s always been their nature but in their time of leadership things have to change! The need for it is great and never taken lightly, so the Aquarian will be working diligently to come into the person they strive to be – starting with whatever spiritual changes they feel need to take place, realigning their values and expectations along with solidifying their goals and aspirations in terms of their career, family life and the like. In this time, Aquarians mean business and they will stop at nothing to be successful at carrying out all their amazing, genius-like ideas they posses in the vast landscape of their head space.

The Water Bearer is known for being “eccentric” or original with avant garde style, quirky, sophisticated, quit-witted and hilarious! What’s possibly funnier than their jokes is their laughter, it’s infectious and when they let out a big, hearty chuckle, you can’t resist the urge to laugh out loud with them, even if the joke’s on you. Now, even though Aquarians are funny and fun to be around, they are often brutally honest to a fault, so if you don’t want the truth, don’t ask them because it hurts … when you ask an Aquarian. Their words are very honest, calculated and direct – they leave no room for misinterpretation. This is why they’re often accused of being emotionless which is not the case, they’re driven by logic. They’re also hugely opinionated, so once they’ve made up their mind, they’re not budging and it would be in your best interest to agree because they will go to war to convince you that they’re right! If they can’t (after a long court-room stlye debate) they will respect your opinion and agree to disagree because the Water Bearer’s heart and intentions are always genuine and they like to keep their many friends and family in a happy space at all times.

Loving an Aquarian is truly and adventure! They will challenge your thinking on a multitude of levels and, more importantly, be the driving force behind turning thoughts and ideas into reality! The Aquarian is so easy to fall in love with because their eyes are often dreamy and intensely focused when they’re interested. In fact, because their eyes, gazes and stares are so intense, they often overuse them so don’t be surprised that a lot of them wear glasses … nerdy but somehow stylish ones. That loving gaze they have makes one feel as though you’re the only two in the room, you know … that swirling feeling! That swoony, swirly, butterfly feeling carries over into the bedroom with this sign, so be ready for a very intense, yet, comfortable experience. They’re not always in it for physical gain, it’s all mental for them. They are one of the most devoted, committed partners one could ever ask for but if you’re loving an Aquarian, you better keep it fun and interesting! Don’t forget that the Aquarian’s brain is like the ocean – you can’t see where it ends, it’s always in motion and all that space is filled with so many thoughts and ideas; this is why curiosity and boredom tends to get the best of them from time to time. Again, keep it interesting and always be open to try new things! And please don’t try to make them jealous because they think a little differently and in doing this, you might just be reminding them of all the reasons why they want something new and fresh. So, folks, if you have the privilege of loving on an Aquarian, remember intellect will forever trump emotion with these guys, so be smart and keep them thinking!

My best friend is an Aquarius and she tends to be a little on the selfish side. She’s always looking for what will benefit her in any situation instead of supporting others. I love her to death though! She always keeps it real and she will never lie to me about anything. We’ve been friends for a very long time and she will always be a dear friend of mine but I can’t talk to her about everything. If I have an idea for business or something along those lines, she’s the first person I call because she knows everybody and will help me through the process. She’s awesome that way! – Kay, 31

I’m an Aquarius and I get called mean, rude, insensitive. I just don’t deal with nonsense and foolishness, you know what I mean? We can talk and all that but when you start trying to play me or talk like I’m beneath you, it’s a wrap! I don’t do well with crying and all that either. Most people say that I’m a difficult person to get to know but I don’t let everyone in and I’m a very private person. Once I do let you in though, it’s forever. You got a friend for life! – Steve, 35

I’m a Libra and my boyfriend is an Aquarius. I’ve read a lot of times that we’re cosmic soul mates. I love him in a way that I’ve never loved anyone else. I like that we can talk about everything. He’s always willing to communicate and it’s never an overly emotional argument or anything because I think we’re both pretty logical. I like that he gives me my space and I don’t have a problem giving him his either. It’s a good thing because it’s balanced and it allows us time to miss each other. The sex with him is so amazing. We have amazing sex. Some nights we don’t even do it, we’ll just make out and kiss each other for hours and fall asleep. But when it goes down, it goes down. He’s a freak and I love it. – April, 29

Shouts out to all the Aquarians! Happy birthday, Water Bearers!

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