Ten Of 2011’s Fattiest Fast Foods

- By Bossip Staff

Quick, greasy, fast food accounts for a number of the health issues in America including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure and in 2011 there are reports that at least a quarter of Americans will eat fast food every single day.

Review Company Findthebest.com has compiled a list of some of the fattiest fast food options from the top 29 fast food companies in America.

Included in that list are choices from Wendy’s, Burger King and Dairy Queen.

Head over to HipHopWired.com to see if your favorite fast food meal make the list.

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  • Bim Boo born in 1993 ^_^


  • Tm30

    I will never understand why there is a need for a triple burger. A triple whooper, come on? I could barely make it through a regular whooper. Just thinking about eating this crap is making me want to vomit. The best burgers are the ones I make myself. While I’m on the subject of Burger King, I find it ironic how Steve Harvey is about weight loss and fitness, yet he plugs one of Burger King’s unhealthiest burgers. Nobody should be eating a 700+ calorie
    burger. The next thing you know they’ll have a triple or quadruple Big Mac…if they don’t already have it.

  • Mami87

    yuummmm sooo hungry 😉 lol

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