Exclusive: Steve Harvey To Finally Speak Publicly In Regards To His Ex-Wife Mary’s Shady Shenanigans

- By Bossip Staff

Sources close to the Steve Harvey camp has revealed exclusively to BOSSIP that the radio personality/comedian/author will be interviewing with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to “tell his side of the story” in regards to the explosive drama surrounding Harvey’s former wife, Mary Shackelford.

Recently, Harvey’s second ex-wife, Mary, “outed” him in a series of YouTube videos for being a serial cheater and a ruthless man.

More details to come…

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  • jessica

    YES STEVE…. i can not wait… i know shes liein and crazy i can feel it

    • Kansas


      ????? SMH

    • jessica

      *lying.. my bad spelling mistake… dyslexia kicking in again

  • Nicole

    I hope he explains why he s so rude and arrogant to his fans too.

  • http://www.aol.com telli

    Yes Steve please explain how your wife of 9 years ends up with nothing. I’d love to hear you explain that away!

  • Kim

    Finally and I know Anderson will get to the bottom of it, I don’t think Steve is a saint but this ex-wife is mental I can spot it a mile away. Oh well she started this so I hope that she is ready to take the heat, here is the difference Mary; CNN is not the black blogs that have been falling in line and believing your mess without any evidence, this is reputable media that will ask the LOGICAL questions that black folks didn’t bother to ask before jumping on your bandwagon.

    • Nika

      There has to be some truth to her story. We all have made mistakes in our past but Steve seems to be letting his success go to his head. How is he a relationship guru with 2 or 3 failed marriages? Additionally, his new marriage is still in the honeymoon stage so I’d love to see what he is saying about Margie after 9 or 10 years of marriage. I hope he tells the truth and admits to his infidelity. He needs to be a man in order to teach his sons how to be men. Apologize to that wmaon and give her his due. He didn’t get where he is today without her help and support.

  • Nay

    Steve I hope you don’t stoop so low to get in a public verbal altercation. It’s no one’s business. You don’t owe the public an explaination. Best to read your versus (Bible) and seek counsel before you open the door.

    I will never forget her announcment during the Kings of Comedy Show (DC) and you brought her out and introduced her to DC: after her statement of being with you during hard times and taking what is her’s if ever – you should have known then if you didn’t before.

    • ReALiSt

      He owes the public especially sheeple azz black women an apology, and an explanation for lying to them… Do you know how many relationships has been destroyed because of this big face, mustache clown???

      The Pope also owe the black race an apology for lying to us…

  • Amber

    im tired of these two. hes fake and shes shady. the sooner they both go away and stop patronising us with their bullshit. The better.

  • yz

    Well it’s about time he comes out and tells his side of the story. It’s a shame people jump to conclusion about this situation without even knowing Steve’s side of the story. I am even more surprise to see people say they hate you or don’t like you and they have never met you.

  • ReALiSt

    Is it ironic that most of the people that think they are “experts” in different fields – lack a lot in those fields they claim they’re “experts” in??? It’s just a case of a blind man leading other blind punks – who happened to be black women…

    • anewme

      Realist, why do you hate black women so much? We don’t all fit the sterotype. 😦

  • Nicole

    Keep hope alive people this is Anderson Cooper he WILL do his research and he will ask the questions that you ignorant n*ggas are refusing to ask and the things that you have turned a blind eye too, in order to back this whack job broad, yes it will be the first time that some folks will be hearing of this but it will be his side that they will be hearing not hers, So happy that a REAL news organization is going to deal with this and not a bunch of ignorant crab in the barrel n*ggas.

  • Machete

    She is painfully hurt an she need $$$$ closure. Steve needs to fess up that he dumped her after putting milage on her. Just tell us the truth …. We still love ya dude

  • eman

    ok i think im getting a little tired of these two talking

  • http://www.bossip.com 5150

    It’s all down hill from here Steve

  • Simone

    Hmm!! I just did a search on the web and found something interesting, the white blogs are going in on ?ary and asking some really good questions. The black blogs are going in on Steve and are simply taking her word without any questions. Check it for yourself, simply do a search on Steve Harvey. Many of the articles over the past 3 days doesn’t even mention this many are about him and how he is building an empire. LOL!! I guess Mary is going to lose it when she sees that her stunt is not working. Wake up black folks and stop pulvarizing your own without even knowing the facts.

  • P

    He is a smooth talker…he said it on BET interview this morning. Oh that’s right he’s changed but then God’s not finished and he’s not perfect. It’s said that when someone tells you who they are… believe them. Mary has a somewhat tense personality but doesn’t make her a liar or crazy, but smooth talkers lie and make you believe it’s the truth. I’ll say it again. If he had changed, he would have fixed the situation because he had the means to do so. If he had the stronger mind then he also had the responsibility. If all he is going to say is that he is not perfect and she is crazy, I don’t want to hear it.


      WOW…YOU hit the nail right on the head and so eloquently put! I love folks who articulate in this way…U BAD!!!

  • mitch3000

    Bad move on Steve’s part. Anderson Cooper is not an easy interview. Bottom line the wife deserved more than $13,000 a year. Bottom line if you were about right, you would get this settled for the sake of your children. Bottom line is current wife would have kept her mouth shut. Steve has not learned one basic. You never fight with anyone that has nothing to lose. Right now. Mary lost her child and is living in poverty. She has nothing to lose.

    • princesspr

      KUDIOS!!!! Mitch…this is by far the best and most intelligent comment posted on this subject to date.

      Steve has NO idea what he is in for; Anderson Cooper is NO joke.

  • jmagic

    I wonder if this big lip bama will enjoy being the joke of everyone like he insisted everyone else was for him


    @Simone 1/30/11, 11:53:AM
    who gives a damn what white bloggers are asking as appose to african american peopole. Nobody gives a damn we live in two different world, your world, I can’t believe this happenend in our neighborhood, our world – oh well- anything can happen.
    Steve is straight up a fake with his new drug dealing loving wife, I’ll be damned if I let him try and sell me his role of a relationship therapist.

  • Simone

    TOOMUCH you are an idiot that’s the problem you people are stuck in your own world and don’t have a clue what is going on around you. Who gives a damn is steve and the 10’s of people that he employs with all of his ventures. Blacks are not the ones that are backing his ventures, the whites are so you may not care but it matters that once again we tear down our own without all of the facts and the white man can once again swoop in and point out the facts. Stay in your own little ignorant world and continue to tear down your own and see how that works for you. Your comment is the most ignorant that I have seen by far.


    The book Steve need to be selling is how to talk your stupid azz wife into NOT getting her own lawyer during a divorce. That book would fly off the shelves. I don’t know how Steve & his lawyer pulled that off but they are true players. Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, & all them old hollywood rich men want to know Steve’s secret.

  • tina dover

    Yeah Steve explain why you married a woman who married 2 drug kings of memphis who are cousins. Yuck!

  • Mai

    Oops. I forgot the word “is”

  • Justina

    Google Marjorie Bridges Townsend Woods you will find out the truth about the character of woman Steve married. She is a gold digger who only married Steve after her last husband went to prison. Steve is a country fool and those are the worst kinds. Now they are in ATL to get away from marjories shady past.

  • Frankie R

    Steve why didn’t you just pay this woman what she deserved you see how when you are to sneaky and underhanded it will cost you much more in the long run. Steve credibility is shot. He is a fraud, his own life is full with skeletons.

    • Bey-nonsense

      true and i believe that is why he’s suing her

  • Honut Sinti


  • This post is fake

    Why don’t I recognize anyone commenting on this post? Why am I unable to post? This is my 5th or 6th attempt and I’m trying under a differant name for the 2nd time.

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