Name Those Golden Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

On Friday night, Rick Ross & producer Stevie J celebrated their birthdays in Miami. A bunch of ballers were in the building… which means video hoes had to be there too. Can you guess which one rocked this gold lame onesie?

That would be Gucci Mane’s ex-piece Keyshia Dior.

Check out more pics from the shindig below. Is it just us, or is T*ts Rozay looking a little rundown?

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  • TheLovelyOne

    First!! And she looking like a Super hero (LOL)

  • ReALiSt

    Yawnnnnnning!! Nothing special!!

    I have smashed a lot of bigger azzes… Next!!

    • uhohitslelani

      lmao…suuuuuuure you have

    • http://Bossip Tiki Barber

      First you lie about being in london, than you in ethiopia WE LET THAT SLIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • ReALiSt

      You know damn well that your momma’s butt makes this look like a flat plate – and you also know damn well that I’ve smashed your momma’s puzzy more times that your pops… Now, do the maths, punk..

  • NikkiFromDuval

    HA!!! She looks like an Oscar.

    • Mrs. Rance


    • cmp2010


  • vicious vixen

    She’s a beautiful girl… But she TRULY ain’t sh*t… Gucci Mane girl?!? Really??? You let the original Short Bus Shawty get it??? *vomits a little in my mouth* No standards…

    • laydee


  • Getem

    Umm her but looks like it’s sagging or something. Wide and mushed if you ask me.

    • YourDelusional01

      Don’t forget dripping in cellulite!!

  • BritishGirl

    Sack the stylist!!

  • http://Bossip Tiki Barber

    @ Get em

    Im wit you miss on dem cakes !

    But shawty gotta a pretty face and a nice of enough body that I would break her off sumthin proper ! LOL

  • PRPPLE rain

    From the neck down she done lost her rabbit azz mind.

    • http://Bossip Tiki Barber


  • Sa.s.sy24

    She look like a damn fool in that tacky outfit, her azz is as flat as mine damn what happened?

  • naw

    Another example of “just ’cause they make it in your size don’t mean you should wear it.” Pretty girl but gold lame superhero onesies aren’t made for every “body”

  • daisy jay

    Forget the outfit, SHE NEEDS A NEW D@MN HAIRSTYLE

  • 504_MsGV

    I knew it was her fat pretty self.

    • YO MOMMA

      i agree shes fat and pretty on to the next one….. shes not all that fareal! and i hate saying shes not all that…i feel like im back in 10th grade no hommo!

  • Ugh...again?!?!

    She shapped like an auntie

    • Kadadah

      Haaaaaaaaa…I fkn can’t. And it’s said that she’s always on Twitter posting shots of her in the gym…tsk tsk 😦

  • Kadadah


  • Lee Lee

    Two words, Yeast Infection.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    She is cute at least…but that outfit does look like a Power Ranger Super Hero…also…

    GOLD…naw…too many easy jokes can be made off that…like She’s a Gold Digga fo’ sho’..dresses the part…

    don’t look at chicks azzes but maybe in heels her booty gets tooted like that… least not a lot of Fat & Grissle on her Bones…trying to squeeze into that outfit…at least no lumpiness..

    Give her a B (hairstlye is old) F for outfit..don’t advertise if ya a gold digga

  • 7lady

    Yeah Kesha is very pretty. I just wish she would switch up the doo and upgrade her baller status. Im not feeling this outfiy at all. She definitely got azz..that outfit is mushing her. It happens sometimes.

  • juliemango

    Shes pretty and has a nice do rr cleans up nicely!!!

  • World Sexy Girls

    yes even she still look fat but who say she not pretty ? he he

  • imjustsayin

    gold digger comes to mind
    i guess she wanted to really play the part
    pretty girl but you know money gotta be on her mind heavy when she gettin wit rappers like gucci

  • gordo

    she’s staright but i wouldnt kiss the h.o.e. you know she been lickin icecream cones off crusty lips face…

  • zok

    Her booty look flat and wide like she got a grandmama booty. The hairstyle is played out and that gold lame outfit is ridiculous.

  • Really?!

    The girl is cute but that rubber-looking cat suit is hideous and I’m guessing her butt probably doesn’t usually look so wide and flat either. Bad choice.

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