Must Be Nice: Diddy’s Son Justin Now Owns A Maybach Limo Too

- By Bossip Staff

Diddy’s son Justin recently celebrated his 17th birthday and marked the occasion with a more low key celebration compared to last year’s appearance on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen.”

What wasn’t low key however was his gift from the Bad Boy Records head who bought him yet another $300,000 plus Maybach; this time a limousine.

Diddy was criticized last year for buying such an expensive gift for the teen but obviously ignored critics and gave his son another luxury car estimated to cost over $396,000. (Continue Reading)

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  • lala

    N this is why black athletes, rappers n such go broke. Buying stupid sht.

    • STFU

      yeah, coz diddy’s gna broke. he’s gt silly money

    • kalifa

      diddy has triple digit millions…a $300,000 car is not even a dent in his pockets….

      he’s one of the hardest working dudes on the planet, pimping out everybody who can earn him a dollar…..

      let the man live his life…..

  • KKO

    Yes, he’s 17 woooooooo one more year one more year, the he’s legal!!!!

  • SeVen

    hi khloe Ur a sexfien

  • daisy jay

    Le sigh.

    Just because you may have the money doesn’t mean it’s good to spoil your kids. I understand making your kids “happy”, but when you shower them with stuff like that, they don’t value it AT ALL. Take it for granted. He’s probably a snob already.

    He’ll crash it in two weeks.

    • tommykimon

      Exactly Bill Gates isn’t giving leaving any of children money. He has told them to make their own way in the world. Black celebrites should try to do the same.

  • Keeping it 100-100% of the TIME!

    If I were his mom.. I’d sell that ish and put it in a fund for him when he turns 25 and Diddy’s empire has exhausted! Diddy here’s something to give your light skinned son.. A dad on a regular basis, and a stable home with a husband and wife, that’s pretty simple!

  • nia

    is this his biological son with kim?

    • really241

      no this is his son with Misa

  • Shanice

    Its Diddy’s money. He earned it. He can spend it however the hell he wants too.

    @daisy jay I strongly doubt he’ll be driving it himself..smh.

  • The Beautiful One

    Not impressed! We’re headed for a another major Depression, who cares what this spoiled brat has… Sh!ts about to get real!! :/

  • purple love

    Smh 1 more year n dat azz is mine…ctfu

  • Mabel

    Who cares, it’s his money and his son. It’s nobody place to tell another how to spend what they earn. I wouldn’t indulge my child to that extreme, but it is not my place to tell another how far to go with their child and their money.

  • get em paid!

    I want to see his report card! Ain’t burn bread on nobody kids but……

  • get em paid!

    hope those dummies don’t think they are fooling the IRS!

  • neen-o

    @nia that’s his 1st born son with the Mia (I think her name is)…


    i agree with Mabel. dats that man money. let him do with it as he please. next year if he buys his soon a rocket so be it. hell the man has money, his son is use to seeing and haveing money..what is he suppose to buy him a used honda?! then u haters be saying he treating his son wrong. STOP THE HATE PEOPLE. AND GET MONEY!!

  • tee

    Geez folks its a LIMO, prob an excuse to have a driver AND a bodyguard with him at all times.. NO DUIs, speeding tickets..evah? get it?

  • !!!!!


  • nwilson

    What does he need a limo for? If he is old enough to drive then he does not need that. He can give his son what he wants to, that’s his money. But, in all reality, black people need to stop just spending money on “toys” and learn how to invest it so that way they do not end up like M.C. Hammer, broke.

  • Allie

    Lmao that’s the equivalent of a college education with room, board, and books to boot, that’s insanity

  • afro british

    how many children does this man have? a nation? it seems he has a sweet 16 every other day

  • Ms. Jones

    If he has the money and he is doing good in school I say have at it. Its a reward, now my honor roll reward was 50 dollars and I was happy with that, because that is what my parents could afford. But come on now this is Diddy. He probably tips the doorman 50 dollars. Diddy has been in the game for a long time now long enough to know what he is doing I think. I doubt he goes broke anytime soon. I say congrats and stop hating because I’m a regular chick but if I had the money and my kids were doing well I would do the same thing.

  • teetee

    that’s why he should settle with the trillion dollar lawsuit – he obviously has the guap, he just needs to pay up ..

  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    they will have their own reality show before you know it.

  • lala

    Yeah he might have money but it does run out. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Look at Nic Cage, mc hammer, n the long list of athletes that went broke. They had millions n c where they are now. People need to take a page out of Donald trumps book n shop for ur kids at Walmart n call it a damn day, n stop buying all these toys that he can’t even use or appreciate

  • MacMoon

    Puffy…. lets be honest..u a punk…..Or you’ll see me with gloves….(RIP PAC)

  • white male

    I can’t believe someone who would buy such a thing is philanthropic. The owner of google drives a prius.

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