Michael Vick To Be Tagged “Franchise Player” Of The Eagles…Poor Little Kevin Kolb To Possibly Get The Boot

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The Philadelphia Eagles will make it official next month and place their franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick, a league source has confirmed.

The move will prevent Vick from leaving Philadelphia this offseason and ensure he’s tied to the Eagles for the 2011 season. Vick was selected to start the Pro Bowl, his fourth trip to Hawaii in eight seasons. He set career highs in yards passing (3,018), touchdowns passing (21), touchdowns rushing (9), completion percentage (62.6) and passer rating (100.2). The Eagles (10-7) were 8-3 in games he started and finished.

What’s just as significant about the move is that, by tagging Vick, the Eagles then will entertain offers for backup Kevin Kolb, who is sure to generate more interest this offseason than any other available quarterback once there is a new collective bargaining agreement.

Franchising Vick will give the Eagles contractual control of two quality quarterbacks, one of whom they will be able to shop. Kolb still is under contract for 2011 at the cap-friendly price of $1.4 million, making him an even more desirable commodity.

Multiple teams coveted Kolb last offseason. Kolb started the 2011 season as the Eagles’ starting quarterback but was replaced by Vick after suffering a concussion in the season opener.

Kolb said after the season that he wants “to be starting somewhere” in 2011. Vick made $5.25 million in 2010 but would make an estimated $20 million — the average salary for the five highest-paid quarterbacks in the league — if he is designated the Eagles’ franchise player.

As a “reorganized debtor,” Vick’s income will be distributed to his family and his creditors in accordance with a court-approved schedule. As his income increases, he will pay more of it to the creditors.


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  • Mrs. Rance

    Yay Mike!!! Keep doin your thang boy!

  • purple love

    Now I love vick but dey better keep my hubby desean jackson!

    • Mrs. Rance

      You damn well that boy ain’t goin nowhere.




  • Nana

    All these NuMbeRs confuse the hell outta me…. All I knw is its a lot of money!
    Smh at Mike…praying he doesn’t loose his Gotdamn mind again.

  • Mz.Elite

    CONGRATULATIONS MIKE VICK!!!! Truly a blessing… These white folks mad now..lol

    FOLLOW ME!!!! Twitter.com/mzpretti_elite

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      “These white folks mad now.”

      Not the ones he owes money to.

    • Mrs. Rance

      LMAO!! I know that’s right. They’re like “give that nigra some endorsement deals too!” hehehe

    • eaglesfan

      @ not the ones he owes money to!!

      LOL!!! Go Eagles!!

  • ReALiSt

    That’s why you can NEVER write off a black man – we will always survive against all odds…

    Let’s go MV7 – you’re my IDOL!!

    • Wendy

      So true!!!! Team Vick!

  • dclove

    Congrats Mike!!! Damn he fine…smh

  • Mr. Cool

    Why does it take some young men longer to grow up? I wish Mike had the maturity that he now has. This is his FINAL CHANCE and I hope he “DO THE RIGHT THING.” during the off season.


  • Mrs. Rance

    Mr. Cool,

    Unfortunately, Mike’s brother is one of the baddest influences of all. Its clear Mike has a tough time resisting him. Poor baby. Getting past having no home training ain’t easy.

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    VA stays #teamvick..get it Mike!!!!

  • eman

    Kolb had his chance and he blew it vick is the true future quaterback for the eagles soo good job vick and let’s win a superbowl next year

  • It's Me

    Man when are those damn creditors gonna be paid back in full? Those companies has already written that shyt off as a f*cken LOSS, and got a tax deduction. Now they getting there money. They need to do an AMENDED RETURN f*cken CROOKS

  • c'est la vie

    Mike Vick …..

  • That wuz some real N*gga Sh*t!

    GO MV7 (aka) tha Matrix!

  • guns dont kill people, chuck norris kills people

    thank you, thought i was the only one that realized that. its just to give philly another year to try to sign him r trade him. also, making vick ur qb of the future is silly considering he’s 31 going on 32, and hes kinda injury prone.


    Placing the Franchise Tag on him keeps him on the team under contract for an additional year,at the rate of the five highest paid players at his position.He will get paid around $20 Million because that is what the average of the top 5 players at his position(QB) make.Try paying attention and doing some research,before posting.


    1.QB Peyton Manning, Colts $30.8 million total earnings ($15.8m salary/$15m endorsements)
    2. QB Matthew Stafford, Lions $27.6m ($26.9m/$0.7m)
    3. QB Eli Manning, Giants $26.5m ($19.5m/$7m)
    4. QB Philip Rivers, Chargers $25.8m ($25.6m/$0.2m)
    5. QB Brett Favre, Vikings $24m ($17m/$7m)

    Based on these numbers,Vick’s salary ,barring a lockout,figures to be around 21 million,but if the new CBA,does away with the Franchise tag designation,he would be free to go on the open market.

  • Are You Serious?

    Vick should be paid between 20 and 30 million in salary per year…

    They do need to save some money to pay a better O-line…so he can stop getting a defensive beat down every other game.

  • Willie Lump Lump

    Let’s get it Vick!!!

    The Panthers are idiots for not picking you up two years ago!

  • miss thing

    hes 30 goin on 31 actually and bret farve is what 41? john kitna was a back up and 38

  • likostar

    Brett Favre is a Pimp

  • XcluSiVe

    GoOOOOO ViCk….That’s RiGht MaKe These WhiTe PeOpLe MaD…LmaO

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