Usher Wants Women And Men

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Posted by Bossip Staff

You silly fools…not like that; that we know of. Men are welcome to attend his “Ladies Only” concert:

Usher’s upcoming tour may be titled “One Night Stand: Ladies Only” but it doesn’t mean that men will be turned away at the door. According to, a rep for Jive Records clarifies that although ladies may be the focus of the tour, men are more than welcome to attend the shows, which begin November 2nd in Atlantic City, N.J., and runs through November 25th in Dallas. The 14-day tour is in support of Usher’s latest album, “Here I Stand.”

Fellas, tell your boo you don’t care if she goes to the Ursher concert with her girls, because you are going with your boys! We might look at you sideways if you are sitting in the front row waving some Hanes boxers, but other than that…do your thing, you big ol’ player, you.

Pics of Usher and crew at 300 Bowling Alley below.

A couple more for ya if you check up under the hood…


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  • Oshie ("southernplayalisticcadillacfunkyoshie")

    This is right up there with ass tattoos and colored contacts.




  • dj


  • dayg715

    I’LL BE THERE!!!! Ursher can get it for real, all night, every night…

  • Ms. Toson

    Sounds as if it may be a decent show but nothing far from what he usually does on stage so I will wait until the following network air it, CW.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    You couldnt get me to go to an Usher concert even if they were giving away $100 to every concert go’er

  • Dax Xenos

    @6am- Man you aint never lied I would not go to a Usher concert for $200.00 per show and a $100.00 gas card.

  • HaddaNuff

    these silly, shallow, posturing

    little mildly talented little

    boys will NEVER last in the

    music business — twenty years

    from now they’ll be like

    Terrence Trent Darby — remember

    HIM ? — EXACTLY !!!

  • http://usherworld tameka not usher wife lol

    cant weit to see usher ontour dont care ifthere men i9ntere i onley there fot usher cant weit thepi9ces are great usher having a good time without his wife his wife was not the far she went to the grand openning of the mr pain studio andthere are new pices of her showing her belly and wearring a tight dress ihope there baby can breath inside of her that belt was way to tight aborf her belly. and there having i girl so i been told by my souces.

  • I Love Being Black (Yes, savor all this rich chocolatey blackness!)


  • jessica1

    Usher is so cool, but i just found out one of your secrets that you have joined an online club, by which you are seeking a white chick for some real…

  • tara

    sign up on then u can have fun ……..that’s great !

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee (watch da debate tonite.. indeed McPAIN is right... Obama is... "That One"!!! ) LOL!!

    Ursher looking all kinds of happy with “his boys”. Not insinuating anything… just an observation! LOL!!!

  • Creole Baby Says You Think You Really Know but You Have No Idea

    are all r&b singers gay or is it just ersher? (sarcasm)

  • maddzzu (OBAMA.Not just cause hez black cause hez BLACK & QUALIFIED!!!!!)

    7. Repeat step 1 to 5 in every city.LOL

  • ohf@ckthat!!!

    Ain’t nobody checkin’ for Usher!!! He played himself by marrying the wrong woman,and then fired the only woman that really cares about him!!!!

    And now he is back to his pre “My Way” days when he was talented but no where near mainstreem!!!!

  • Miss V@nity F@ir

    Oh!..cuz i was about to say..DAMMIT tameka turned him out..damn shame!

  • always knew

    @Its6amHoGetOut-“You couldnt get me to go to an Usher concert even if they were giving away $100 to every concert go’er”


    Me and you both! Who’s checking for Usher,anyway???Chris Brown already took his spot when he was on extended vacation with Tameka…..I’m not a fan of either, but even if they were giving tickets away, I would not want them….I stopped paying him ANY mind, way after he broke up with Chili….I do like some of his old songs! I’m just not a fan…

    P.S. Usher, NEVER LET ANYONE COME BETWEEN YO AND YOUR MOTHER..HINT..HINT..She will be there for you, long after you have divorced Tameka / or for whatever else that can go wrong..Never play your Moms, funny!…With that said,Good luck with your career…

  • always knew

    that was between you….

  • always knew

    Whoever said Terrence Trent Darby ? I remember him, he used to have aLOT of songs I liked…I heard he moved to England…I wondered what happened to him…That’s just weird you would bring that up, I was singing “Wishing Well and Dance Little Sister!”….I still like good ole Terrence’s music…Don’t compare usher to him, that’s not fair to Terrance…

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