RHOA Finale Recap!

- By Bossip Staff

Did you catch the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale last night? DRA-MA! From the saddest bride-to-be we’ve ever seen to Kim’s new (and improved?) boobies, this episode was full of juicy bits. Get into it at MadameNoire.com!

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  • Nana

    I like Nene’s style! She’s always on point wit her clothes….

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    I like Cynthia, but the turm super model does not apply to all models because she’s one broke a$$ model. And her father is a looser! My god, the man couldn’t help his daughter in a time of need. Cynthia, hang her hat where her hand could not reach, it just another example of keeping up with the Joneses.

    • Bopa

      Cynthia was a big deal at one time. I think she fell off the map once she had her daughter as most models do.

  • QueenLove

    A 10 yr old daughter…they should have gone straight to Atlanta’s courthouse. Peter looks like a gray beard, bald headed tired grand papa.

    • Princess07

      Cynthia’s 10 year old daughter by the actor Leon and not Peter. Cynthia deserves a wedding just like everyone else.

  • shell

    Cynthia’s 10-year old daughter is for Leon not Peter.

  • mya

    Boring show!

    Time for Cynthia & Phaedra to go.

    They served no purpose this season!

    Nene & Kim run the show. They will do one more season. Then, its time to go on to other projects.

    Nene is doing well on booking side projects. I wouldn’t be surprise in 2012 if she books DWTS!

  • midnite snack

    Cynthia,Cynthia..The man couldnt even buy some $50 walmart bands?? Being broke is a personal suffering..not cute for t.v. hun…Kim and Nene looked like they were off to a milking convention-not cute either!

  • SQ

    Peter must really be Broke, Couldn’t even afford teeth for his Momma…

    • Johnny'sgirl

      OMG!!!! You are so bad. LMFAO!!!!!!

    • Dede

      Oh my goodness! That’s the first thing I said when I saw his mama!

  • nia

    @ SQ lmaoooooo!

  • gigi

    Cynthia is entirely too sweet for Peter. He has a mean streak and is seems controlling. I guess Cynthia didnt want to disappoint the viewers and went through with the marriage for the sake of TV, I hope it works out cuz if she was that stressed b4 the wedding imagine what shes going through now, Cynthia i dont know peter but you couldve done better or stayed single.

  • Rashida

    Peter’s mom (aka Snagapuss) need to order some dentures!

    The episode highlights how stupid couples can become trying to pay for a wedding they can’t afford!

    Justice of Peace would have worked just fine.

    There both bad with money. I give the marriage 2 years!

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