Dirty Dog Diaries: Kelsey Grammer To Wed New Bride This Month, Divorce With Camille Not Final

- By Bossip Staff


Kelsey Grammer plans to celebrate his wedding to girlfriend Kayte Walsh at The Plaza Hotel on Feb. 25 — and the invites have been sent even though he’s not yet divorced from Camille Donatacci. Grammer and Walsh have booked The Plaza’s iconic ballroom at a cost of $100,000- plus for their lavish reception. But the “Frasier” and “Cheers” star is still hammering out the details of a divorce settlement with Camille, 42, whom he dumped last summer after 13 years of marriage for British former flight attendant Kayte.

A source joked that the wedding could end up being postponed if he and Camille don’t settle in time, “making the invitation, which has already gone out, a collector’s item.” Another source told us, “Kelsey and Kayte have booked the Plaza ballroom for the reception. Despite the lavish surroundings, they want an intimate wedding with less than 150 guests. Kayte has laid out all the details, all the timings. The room will be decorated all in white, including a white cake. There will be a very tight guest list, and they won’t allow cameras in. They’re flying a lot of Kayte’s family members in from England and putting them all up at The Plaza.”

Kelsey knows the wedding routine well by now — this will be his fourth. The only thing that could ruin the big day would be if he and Camille are still at war over their settlement, with sources telling us she’s already turned down a $40 million offer and wants $50 million. They also have homes here and in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Colorado and the Hamptons. But a source close to Kelsey said, “He’s confident they will settle in time.” Camille said on “The View” yesterday, “He did rush it [the wedding]. It’s a bit impetuous, don’t you think? He wants what he wants right away . . . It’s almost like a child.” A rep for Grammer last night confirmed his wedding reception will be held at The Plaza following a ceremony elsewhere.

Dude is buggin…how the hell you gonna set a date to wed your new jawn, when your old jawn is not officially done. And judging from Camille’s track record, she’s not going out without a fight.


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  • Shinningstar

    She better not go out without a fight. What he’s doing to her is very grimey and he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. He’s disgusting and that trick he’s trying to marry is just as bad. At least wait for the divorce to be final. Scandalous crackas!


    I feel very sorry for Camille and her kids. Kelsey is doing him period end of story.

    No consideration for the effect on his children, disrecting and humiliating their mother in public.

    He’s a messed up dude

  • haha

    Camille’s story should teach everyone to be careful what you wish for…she wanted to be out of her husband’s shadow and now she don’t have to worry about being overshadowed by him. b*%$* you aint got a husband anymore! Not that I agree with the way Kelsey went about it.

  • WillVega1

    Well I hate to say it but this is a prime example of what goes around comes around. Ladies this is what happens if your a complete snob with someone elses money.

    follow me

  • MzFitt

    It also says a LOT about his wife-to-be!

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  • shut the fu*ck up

    but at one time camille was the “other” woman so what goes around comes back twice as hard…….so she can’t be mad she did the same; just not as grimy but karma don’t care about that now does she

  • Hell, I know!

    Kelsey moves were beyond whack, but let’s face it: Camille is a conniving, vindictive, always-wanna-be-da-victim bi-polar broad. Don’t let the small frame fool ya.

    • FaReelDoe

      All I know is I can’t stand Camille. When I heard he left his wife of 15 + years, at first I was a little sad for his wife and thought he was wrong. THEN…RHOBevery Hills debuted and I got it. I don’t know HOW THE HELL he stayed with her THAT long!!!!

  • Really???

    Sorry but she’s a little “touched” aka “crazy” so I don’t feel bad for her.

  • just me

    LOL at all the fools talkin about Camille like ‘what comes around….’ and ‘this what she get…she lost her huband.”

    Ummmmm… SO??? CAN’T YOU READ? 50 MILLLLL-IIONNN DOLLARS!! I hope she readin this and laughin at you dummies.

    She aint worried about him, she already said they haven’t slept together in years. All she want him for is the prestige, but its not like her life is going to suffer in any way, shape or form. As far as the kids, oh well, this is what their father wanted to do. With $50 million, they’ll be fine too.

  • XcluSiVe

    Ill TaKe The 50 MiLLioN & TeLL His A$$ DeuCes….LOL

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