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Can you guess which suspect R&B singer was spotted at Pacha NYC late Sunday night, looking a little less suspect than usual, partying with Eve and electro-house producer/DJ Wolfgang Gartner… and flirting heavily and exchanging contact info with this “strawberry blond?” Considering recent rumors, we were a little surprised.

That’s none other than Raz B’s homie Omarion who, according to our source, shut the club down with Wolfgang Gartner’s entourage, but spent most of his night entertaining this unidentified young lady.

Omarion and Eve arrived with Wolfgang Gartner’s entourage around 12 shortly before Wolfgang arrived at the club to play his set. They were escorted directly into the VIP area behind the DJ booth which was roped off for the group.

Eve ordered several vodka tonics, Omarion had a few but was mostly drinking red bull and water. He exchanged BBM contacts with a girl in the booth.

Eve left shortly before Wolfgang’s set was over, Omarion stayed in the booth until the very end, and left with Wolfgang and his entourage.

The girl Omarion got the number from was in the booth for most of the night, she was standing a few people away from him, seemed to make a comment about his bracelet/watch, he had a huge gold piece of jewelry around his right wrist, and they started talking for a bit.

She was short (so is he), strawberry blonde hair, gold sequined dress, looked late 20s, early 30s, very pretty. She must have been part of someones entourage as she was in the booth, she seemed to know a few people but no one that Omarion was with. After she struck up conversation with him they stepped back a bit (Omarion was standing towards the front of the booth for most of the night) and were talking back and forth for a while. because it was so loud they had to talk in each others ears, they seemed really flirtatous, she’d touch his arm, he’d pull her hair back, if they had just met they def. hit it off. After a while he must have asked for her number, she dug around her purse for her phone, he showed her something on her phone (maybe how to pull the barcode up?) and then scanned the barcode, to exchange BBM numbers.

We wonder how long before Omarion makes this girl his beard a superstar groupie chick.



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