Caption This: Vivica Fox And The Mysterious Wet Spot In LAX

- By Bossip Staff

The paps captured this pic of Vivica Fox arriving at LAX the other day with a mysterious spot in the crotch area of her pants. There are plenty of things that could be said about this but instead of us adding our two cents…

Caption This!!!


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  • Jacksonville

    Me and her joined the mile high club on the plane. She don’t know how to make a temporary tampon out of tissue.

    • Jacksonville

      Sorry, I mean teporary maxi-pad.

  • valentinestylez

    Come on now! It’s obvious she had (has) to pee!

  • Nana

    Slim jus got done eatin her out! It must stink than a mother down there!!!

    Bish FREE WILLY!!!!!!!!

    • chaka1

      *looks at photo*
      *reads comment*

      *throws laptop out the window*

  • tommykimon

    ooops looks like she didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. She should have tried to cover it up.

  • fuhku2

    Oh no………….leaky diaper maybe?

    • mscreative


  • drenk

    she had a hell of a dream on that flight home

  • Do more reading

    Its doesnt matter what we think/say..she will go on a show and explain it off as a spilt drink…

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    …with indian guns i meant…

  • I love Tamron Hall

    I tell you what tho – that pu**y look FAT!!!! Yummy

  • wow

    Women, live long enough and you’ll understand exactly what happened. You’ll find sweat glands in places you didn’t know you A little “Certain Dri” in the folds goes a long way. lol

    • CAN AM

      You said it.

    • LowSelfEsteemMakesYouFallForAnything

      Yup! That’s sweat. There are sweat glands in the pubic area and when a woman’s hormones start to go wack, those sweat glands in the groin go on overload. She didn’t pee. Nothing but sweat.

  • im 13 yrs old no school for a week

    she gettin old n fat man lol

  • Rawlo D

    Juicy fruit…… Juuuuuuuuuceeeey…

  • !!!!!


  • Whatup

    She was thinking of me!

  • Uhh Yeah Ok

    lol @ It’s ME

  • nymphis

    it all DEPENDS

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Love it!!

  • Indigo Montoya

    Maybe somebody made her an offer and that’s why she’s creaming herself. She need a damn job.

  • juliemango

    …its viv. returning back from a trip to have her eggs frozen they forgot to tell her about the leakage!!!

  • wow

    LOL! Girl you are crazy! LOL It’s her sweat glands. When you get a little bit older you’ll notice that you sweat down there alot, especially if you’re cold and you cross your legs to stay warm…FORGET ABOUT IT! I apply Certain Dri. It clogs your pores and the coverage last for 72 hours. Certain Dri is the truth.

  • Jluv

    She’s Sweating

  • Johnny'sgirl

    She could have at least pulled her jacket to in order to over it. Or held her purse in front of it.

  • Demetrius

    Caption: “Finally, I’m in the mile high club”


    mess. 😦
    p.s.- that rickedy cart & bags DO NOT scream ‘playa’ who’s, according to her, “films have grossed 1 BILLION dollars WORLD-WIDE!”

  • beyonce vs salonge

    is that even her that don’t look like her to me

  • http://bossip Hannibals Dad

    Damn (SET IT OFF)I think she let it off !!…….In her underwear !!

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