Halle Berry’s K-Fraud’s Verbal Abuse: Calls Her The N-Word, B*tch, And Much More!

- By Bossip Staff

Halle Berry’s K-Fraud goes for the jugular, and calls her the “N” Word!

According to TMZ:

In addition to calling her the “N” word, he would also call her a “f**king bitch” and other expletives. And the vulgarities are not limited to face-to-face confrontations. There are vulgar text messages as well.

So the plot thickens. Either Halle Berry is one spiteful baby mama, or Gabriel Aubry, is just that crazy!

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  • JustAshley

    See that’s why I’ve always been wary of interracial white/black relationships.

    It just seems that white people will slap you upside the head with the n-word in a heartbeat. I’ve heard too many horror stories.

    • kelleykel09

      i feel you on that Ashley

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--Me and "we" will piggyback in a thread!

      226 comments? Y’all know DAMN well I’m not about to go to the back of the line and leave my comment!

      **whistling as I e-a-s-e in line behind JustAshley and looking around like I didn’t do anything**

    • yt

      and if you swap the genders, there’s always OJ Simpson

    • RevitalizingBrainCellsEveryday

      All of you fools supporting PSYCHOTIC witch fell for the okkie doke. It doesn’t take a doc to tell U something ain’t right with her berries aka brain cells. You mean to tell me, they were cuddled up in pictures for a while, gazing into each others eyes, her holding on to him for dear life in pics…even vacays after the ‘breakup’ on the beach and here and there and ALLLL of a sudden when dude stepped out with Kim K, we started hearing her feathers ruffled. Then homeboy decides to stop being the puppet nanny and tells her that it’s not cool to see his daughter when SHE thinks it’s ok nor is it cool to take their daughter out of the country…so what does he do? He went to the courts and NOW… nothing but hate and negativity has been spewed about this dude. Whatever. If you all recall on a little show called OPRAH…Halle said something very real a while back…that she wanted a child…ALONE.

      She thought she’d find some pretty genes to mix with hers and make-a-designer-baby and sure enough, the baby is adorable but here yea here yeah, she thought she was going to be able to control this dude and ration out visitation with him whenever and run the shots. He stood up and now he’s a racist. B- please. Someone stick a fork in this wench, she’s done.

    • The Foxy Truth

      I straight feel ya Ashley! There’s been a number of times that I’ve heard white people and a few “other” races call Black people the N word right in front of me. And I’m talking about the one that ends with the letter R. In most of these situations these were people that dated Black women or were even like close family. When they get mad they show another side that you didn’t even know existed. And all this is coming from a mild mannered , educated, multicultural type of chick–referring to myself.

  • kayla

    This motherf&*(ing basterd!!!


    • Boomboomroom

      Yep and I’d agree you would deserve to be in jail for marrying a racist White man.

    • derek.d

      Yall are so gullible.

      Not so long ago, before he decided he wanted to date other women, he and Halle were chilling just fine, being “friends” and looking out for the child’s interest. Now, all of a sudden that he wants to date other women, he’s accused of calling Halle a nig*ger? Uh huh.

      So being called a nig*ger didn’t bother Halle when he wasn’t dating other women? Sounds to me like a woman scorned who had lawyers that are willing to play very dirty to make sure she wins custody.

      If he’s a racist, a giggolo, a fraud and a loser… well, he was all of those things BEFORE Halle spread her legs for him. So why is she letting this leak after the fact if not to win custody?

  • Soul Touch

    I’m going to be honest here…

    One of the reasons I have not gone ‘there’ is this reason. I’m sure many would not go there, not trying to umbrella all…but…let the homeboy forget himself and call me the n word and next thing you know I have a murder charge. Just ain’t worth it.

    • LEXI

      I think Halle just knoew what to say to get fools like you on her side! ” oh no he didn’t” and I am sure he didn’t.

      Really how many white people have you been called N from. I bet you have called them a cracker more then they you.

    • http://yahoo.com rose by any other name 350 8914 β„’

      Lexi….they started the n word first and its about time they got called a cracker, and its still not as hurtful ae the n word… because none of their white folks have been killed or died behind the cracker word .. but my ancestors have behind the n word .. so they deserve every cracker they will be called and more!!!

  • Soul Touch

    And he wants his daughter…why, so he can call her the same thing?

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Ok. This is geting out of hand. Neither of Nahla’s parents are puting her best interest at heart. Where is the text messages? People are going to take sides and try to discredit each party so they would say anything. There are too much people talking, this should be between Halle and Gabriel, not Halle, Gabriel, and their friends.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Called her the ni993r too hh? oh my! this is even messier than I thought,just wow!
    Wish her the very best & I predict current alleged beau Olivier to either toss her azz so fast it’ll make her head spin or impregnate that behind & pull a Gabriel..damn!

    • http://youtube.com/watch?v=o_Wq4QERYoc Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      Called her the ni993r too hh? oh my! this is even messier than I thought,just wow!


      LMAO, that’s what went thru my head when I read it…

      SMH… Who knows though…

  • mixed bad chick

    Umm a bad man is a bad man. So now what about the high domestic violence cases of black men against black women. All the deadbeat baby daddies all the women on welfare while their baby daddy is sitting in their section 8 house playing x box with no job. Gtfoh! This is not going to change those facts. A man can be no good black or white. He is quick to call her names just like those black guys tht are quick to go upside their baby mama head.

    • Soul Touch

      Absolutely….doesn’t change a thing for me when it comes to my choices.

    • JustAshley

      Ummmm, I never had a black man go upside my head. I never had a black man I was dating call me names either. I never even had a Spanish men I’ve dated go upside my head….or call me names.
      It just seems particularly hurtful for white people to go there after you’ve been intimate. That’s just degrading and humiliating….

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Best advice for Halle right now would be for her to remain single with NO drama for w/e time needed,work on herself & focus on being the best mother possible!
    Throw some therapy in the mix too

  • mixed bad chick

    They need to get it together for tht precious little girl. This can’t be good for her. She is what’s important.

  • PRE

    if he did call her that, this couldnt have been the first time and now she puts it out there???? did she say what racially charged word she called him???? right…nobody knows what happened but those two and of course they only put out things to make them look good and other look bad…hell, it’s not like shes had the best track record with men…

  • white girls have STD's

    Please dont make this a white man vs black woman issue. My bf is white and he is the best thing that has happened to me. Plus we all know there are waaayy more evil black man than white men.

    • Boomboomroom

      STFU bytch!!

    • Shameful

      white girls have stds, you are deluded. wake up. people are people, and it’s wrong to think so ill of black men while putting white men on a pedestal. your screenname is also offensive, so I figure you just wrote that to troll. but you have to be called out.

    • Getem

      I wouldn’t jump so fast to brag sweety. Just because you have a white boyfriend doesn’t make you anything special because you can end up just like Halley.

      And to add I’m in the military and military men, especially Navy and Marines(they deploy the most), are known for their infidelities.

    • roe

      im piggy backing the STFU bish! your hella dumb

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      Why would you say don’ t make this a black guy/white guy issue and then turn around and say black guys are more evil? You are making it that issue!! Let’s not be a hypocrite!

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      Apparently I misread that first statement.

    • good black man

      what in the hell? oh wait, its clear now, you a uncle tom who switched sides and feel good being with the white folks and you get a boost because they have “accepted” you. our ancestors must turn in their graves on the regular!

  • PrettyP

    This is what women do. I had a friend get out of a relationship with a high profile person, and what did she do, start saying all the sh1t that she tolerated when the money was there, but as soon as he closed his wallet and walked; oh he called me this and that. Yeah, ok. If it was such an issue, why didn’t you leave when it was first said to you? Women who seek revenge will make up ANYTHING to drag the man down. Anything to hurt him like she has been hurt. So Halle, he called you a nigglett before and you stayed, why now is it an issue? Cause he wants to see his child, and Oliver is uncomfortable around him? I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but if your race wasn’t an issue when you guys were smashin’ and he was calling you whatever, why is it an issue now? Sounds contrived.

    • Shameful

      Completely agree, PrettyP. I’m very disappointed in Halle for going down this road. She needs major counseling; and while she’s there, maybe it would be better for Nahla to be with Gabriel (as long as he’s not with trash like Kim).

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I dont believe he use the n-word,but he probably did call her a b***h! Good luck Oliver! Smh

  • white girls have STD's


    You are another example of a pathetic black man. FVCK OFF N*GGA!!!


      And you’re another example of a DELUDED N*ggah BYTCH who’s just one second away from being called one!! Now GET YOU SOME, H.O.E!…. πŸ˜† 😈 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜†

    • LEXI

      amazing at how fast the people who pretend to be offended by the N word are so quick to use it.
      Their are good and bad men of every color, it’s you stupid B’s that find these shitty as# men and act like you gonna change them

  • Me

    @ white girls have std’s There are? I’ve never seen a brother on How to Catch a Predator. I rarely see brothers on Forensic Files or Cold Case killing their wives and putting the body in a wood chipper. I hear about more white catholic priests molesting young boys and girls than any other race…

  • Getem

    The Tragic Mulatto. SMH

  • Nation

    who cares? you wanted the white mans love and you got it..there it is.lol..Dont go running to BET for black acceptance and empathy.

    • FG


    • Whatev


  • real talk uk

    I don’t bleieve halle. I mean a woman that good looking who can’t hold onto a man. There is clearly more to her than meets the eye.

    • real talk u

      Another reason why i don’t believe this is she is or was dating another white French man. Eventhough you can’t judge everyone on race or nationality if a White French man spoke to me like that the last thing i would do is go and date another white frenchman. Also when they announced there divorce Halle said they were still good friends and wated the best for Nahla. I think she lost it when she saw him with Kim Kardashian and now is trying to get revenge.

    • RevitalizingBrainCellsEveryday

      Wegottodobetter…along with your list of, “ERIC BENET, DAVID JUSTICE.MICHAEL EALY, GABRIEL.. ITS HER YALL ITS HER!!!”, don’t forget Wesley Snipes and Christopher Williams.

      I’m sorry but she gets no sympathy from me. When I lived in ATL, everyone called her nutty for checking up on David and basically stalking his behind. Single White Female has nothing on Halley’s crazy azz.

  • Shameful

    I think Halle is lying.

    • it's what makes a subaru a subaru

      Real Talk…..I think she is lying too….

  • wuzupruthy

    This is some bullshyt untruth!

  • Boomboomroom


  • loc

    my man would never ever say anything like that to me. so its not a swirl couple thing its just an a–hole thing

  • Mrs. Rance

    Oh wow, people are believing Halle huh? Yall obviously ain’t seen her antics before. That’s alright they are on full display right now. This story was the second leak by 9:30AM. She will be scratching and clawing at Gabriel until this thing is resolved to her satisfaction. You are about to learn that Halle will say/do ANYTHING to get her way.

  • wtf!


  • white girls have STD's


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