UPDATE: Gay Portuguese Model That Killed And Mutilated His Sugardaddy Only Charged With 2nd Degree Murder!

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, all the sh*t he did to ol’ boy and all he got was 2nd degree?!?! The legal system is a funny thing, a funny thing indeed…

Strangulation, bludgeoning, face-stomping, castration with a corkscrew — put them all together and you still get second-degree murder.

Boyish Portuguese underwear model Renato Seabra pleaded “Nao culpado” — not guilty — yesterday to the horrific Times Square hotel slaughter of his lover, a fashion-journalist sugar daddy three times his age.

Seabra, 21, already admitted attacking Carlos Castro, 65, over the course of at least an hour after they argued in their room at the InterContinental hotel last month, according to police statements released after today’s not-guilty plea.

The attacks included grabbing and choking Castro, stabbing him in the groin and face with a corkscrew, and then using the corkscrew to cut off the older man’s testicles, according to the statements.

Seabra also stomped on Castro’s face with such force his shoe left impressions in his victim’s skin, officials say.

Sounds, crazy right?? For those of you wondering what the “justice system” deems the difference between 1st and 2nd degree murder…

As cold-blooded as Seabra’s alleged actions in that 34th-floor hotel room sound, first-degree murder also requires that the murderer enjoyed himself, or “relished the infliction of extreme physical pain upon the victim.”

Seabra, apparently, gets a break for not having — or at least not admitting to having had — a good time while allegedly committing the tortures.

And the difference between Murder 1 and Murder 2 is all the difference in the world for a 21-year-old.

Murder 1 — a rare charge, brought only 42 times in 2009 in New York state — carries a maximum sentence of life without parole, meaning zero chance of daylight.

But Murder 2’s maximum is 25 to life, meaning a person so sentenced at least gets to see a parole officer after 25 years.

In Seabra’s case, that would be at around age 45.

Annnnnd there you have it folks! Kill as many people as you’d like, just don’t tell “your honor” that you had a blast doing it and we’ll see you streetside in about 25. Happy murdering! (SUPER side-eye)

Is the “criminal justice system” in this country totally f**cked??


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  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    Say what?

  • phytness

    Well, he’s very pretty and gay so that 25 years before parole may get him f*cked often whether he likes it or not. So his time may be fun or torture depending on where his mind is!

  • tiffany55118

    that mess has been going on for years. The legal system is corrupt and contradicts itself at every turn. Very rarely does it actually “get it right”.

  • huh?? okay..

    The US legal system is sayin that in 25 years they want to send his @ss back to where he came from!! Lets face it, chances are he will be sentenced to deportation anyway. Lets see if the judge throws the book at him or not!!

  • Timmy

    I can see it being 2nd degree murder. It’s not like he bought a gun or a knife for the occasion. They may have have a heated argument and maybe even a physical altercation and he escaped and grabbed the closest items around to end this dude. Dude was obviously mentally disturbed, gay or not. I’m surprised his attorney didn’t plead insanity.

  • Timmy

    The old man was trickin’ on him and dude was his lil trophy piece, and all the sudden young dude decided he didn’t want to be gay anymore. I believe there was some physical abuse involved too. Then after an altercation, dude snapped.

  • Grteful

    Gays are more likely to be killed by another gay person than a straight person. They don’t tell you that when they are propagandizing how innocent and great they are.

  • The Scourge

    So in another article he said he ‘…killed the older man to rid the him of his “homosexual demons” ‘

    Well… were he is going he is going to get homosexual demons jumping him for 25 years. All very sad… but evil begets evil. … and yet I hear people with excuses…”oh its a gay thing”

    Lock him away.

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