Exclusive: Michael Jai White Leaves Bangin Doctor Wife For This???

- By Bossip Staff

Michael Jai White has recently left his wife of over 5 years, Dr. Courtenay Chatman an OB/GYN, and a source has revealed to BOSSIP that it is because of Claudia Jordan. Aside from the infidelity, it is said that White’s wife has financed his career since the beginning of the relationship and was even the one to propose. (Probably bought her own engagement ring too, SMH)

Details on this mess below:

Michael’s wife is indeed pretty well off and comes from a wealthy family. Aside from taking care of Michael by paying ALL of the bills, she also financed a film he, wrote and starred in called “Black Dynamite” a little over a year ago that got into Sundance.

But wait it gets worse:

Michael has been having an on/ off affair with the model/ former Deal or no Deal girl Claudia Jordan for almost 3 years. Claudia lives less then a mile away from Michael and his wife. Claudia and Michael have been F. Buddies for the longest time. Claudia seems to really get around Hollywood, but she’s ranting on twitter daily about how she’s such a good faithful woman who never does anything wrong to anyone and she always constantly plays a victim. But I’ve heard about this woman being involved with close to a dozen married men who everyone knows publicly these guys are married.

Michael was a regular over her house always at night. If Claudia did have a few friends over, everyone would be leaving at around midnight but Michael would always stay. A really good friend of Claudia’s, says those two have been getting it in for years. Michael’s wife is recently just now finding out about all of the affairs.

They both live less then a mile away from each other in Valencia, CA. A suburban area right next to the Six Flags Amusement park. Michael’s Doctor Wife bought the home for both her and Michael and it’s been widely confirmed by many sources that former track and field star Maurice Greene (Claudia’s former fiance) put the down payment down on Claudia’s home and was paying the mortgage all the way up until he started having some financial problems a few years ago. When Maurice couldn’t help her out financially anymore, she moved on to Indianapolis Colts NFL Star Dwight Freeney who was said to be briefly paying her bills.

Our source revealed more on Claudia:

“In fact, Claudia was the person who pushed Freeney to also start a film and television production company because she wanted him to finance a reality show for her and her girlfriends at the time. Most of whom she is not friends with today. Freeney agreed to the idea and went out and rented office space in the Tracey Edmonds Building on Cahuenga Street in Hollywood, CA at 40K per month. When Freeney got tired of Claudia and discovered she didn’t have a good reputation he broke it off with her and stopped paying the monthly lease on the office space. Unfortunately Dwight had already signed a two year lease to rent the office space in the Edmonds building and now Tracey Edmonds is suing him for non payment.

The additional info I shared is not really relevant to Claudia and Michael sleeping together for the past three years but does give you some insight on the kind of woman Claudia can be.”

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