Bossip New Music Exclusive!: Tyga Featuring Snoop Dogg, Game, And Pharrell “Really Raw”, Disses Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose?!?!?

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, that was quick. Seems like Young Money’s young spitter from the left coast has heard the mumblings that Wiz Khalifa has a problem not being the only light skinned ninja with tattoos.

On the first single from his debut album, Careless World, Tyga sends a few shots toward Mr. Black and Yellow and he’s backed by his hometown OGs in Uncle Snoop and Game. Remember, we broke it first!

Did you peep the slick sh*t?

What the f**k you boys want?/roll on ya like a joint/talk behind a ni**a back/but muthaf**ka don’t you point

Its that raw for them crippas, pirus, and strippers/homie you could tip her but I already gets her/had her, then I did her, same chick whats the difference/ain’t no fun if the homies can’t hit it

Tell ’em how you really feel young bol! Sounds like Mr. Khalifa is going to have to spend some time actually writing raps that aren’t about weed and women to address this situation. Hopefully Amber will keep her attention whoring azz out of the booth! Don’t play yourself like Kimmy Cakes sweetheart!

Hate It or Love It!?!?

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  • Ashley

    UM how is this about Wiz???

  • Clara

    How is he dissin Wiz?

  • Hef the Great

    you guys are full of shit, he hasnt dissed wiz at all.

    • Higher Than Jordan

      Exactly, if he was going at Wiz, Snoop Dogg wouldn’t be on the song as he’s tkaing dude under his wing…They both are wack and we don’t need another WWE beef… although Tyga is lyricaly better..

  • Uguess

    Is Wiz light skinned I better get my eyes checked. I put my money on Tyga!

  • JumpoFF

    Is he trying to look Gangsta in that pic cause he looks awfully sweet. Lol. Just saying.


    They’ve been trying to launch po Tyga’s career for the longest.

    • Emma

      They have been, haven’t they? First Pete Wentz… now Young Money.

  • Huh?

    Not that this is important but HOW IS WIZ KHALIFA LIGHT-SKINNED?

  • wtf!


  • Kadadah

    Tyga is look’n 4 a buzz 4 his upcoming snooze-fest of an album 😦

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  • d.

    I love Black & Yellow.

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  • ayo

    hmmmn, i’m i hearing the clipse rhymes or are my hears playing tricks on me listen to the 2nd or third verse

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