Tracy Morgan Drops Ex-Girlfriend For Another Woman And She Rewards Him With A Kidney?!

- By Bossip Staff

When Tracy Morgan is in a life or death situation, who does he call? Not his family or his friends, but his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Hall… who by the way he left for another woman!

In Decemeber of 2010, Tracy Morgan:

“Needed a kidney to undergo life-saving surgery last month, he turned to his ex-girlfriend for help, but according to the star’s brother and mother, he kept his operation a secret from his family.

Even while shacked up with brother James Morgan, Tracy never mentioned the need for a new kidney…

And how did his fam find out about the kidney transplant you ask? Via the internet of course! His brother James Morgan says:

“I just found out on the Internet last month that he had the operation. I really didn’t believe it. I thought it was just a stunt or something. I thought maybe that’s a misprint.”

After a long battle with his addictions, Tracy Morgan is giving the sober life a shot. Let’s hope he’s getting it together!


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  • purple love

    Girl are u crazy? Only CLOSE family members can have my kidney now if something like bone marrow or a piece of my liver that’s fine but a kidney smh

  • Amber

    am i the only one who thinks this guys played out and whack.

    • JayJay

      yh me tooo!


    As a Black Man, this is the type of stuff that digs us into a deeper whole, and i’m disgusted! I never liked this bufoon after ‘hustleman’ anyway… SMH

  • loved by me haters

    I agree purple

  • It's Me

    Just like George Lopez, they both got something in common. She should sue to get it back, LOL…


    ROFLMAO @suing to get your organs back. That is some REAL gangsta sh!t… REAL talk tho how do you not just lay down your life and be exemplary for someone that gave you a kidney? damn shame…

  • dexclusive

    That was a good thing for her to do, she will be blessed! I’m just worried, I hope she didn’t do it because she wants him back.

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