Juelz Santana Popped! Thrown In The Slammer For Havin’ Them Grams And Blam-Blammers!!

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like the Dipset reunion album may be put on hold because it sounds like the Bergen County prosecutor has a Jones for Laron James…

The rapper Juelz Santana, whose single “There It Go (The Whistle Song)” reached the Billboard Top 10 in 2003, was arrested Tuesday on multiple drug and weapons charges after a 10-month investigation, authorities said.

A search warrant executed last month at Santana’s Washington Avenue recording studio turned up two fully-loaded 9mm handguns and 17 bags of suspected marijuana, said John L. Molinelli, the Bergen County prosecutor.

Santana, 28, of Teaneck, whose real name is Laron James, was charged on Wednesday with possession of a firearm and a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a handgun without having a permit, possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance, and possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of a school zone.

Santana was being held at the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack on Wednesday on $125,000 bail.

The raid, which Molinelli said was initiated by the prosecutor’s office’s gang unit, also netted two Santana associates last week. One of them, Toby M. Raynor, who raps under the name Hynief, had allegedly sold drugs to undercover prosecutor’s office agents over the summer.

Molinelli described the studio as a well-established gang operation.

“These guys are the real deal,” he said, adding that Santana is believed to be a member of the Bloods street gang.

Its funny to us how these cops and prosecutors get off on locking up rappers. The tone they use when talking about making an arrest of an MC is so…satisfied. Should only be a matter of time before we see “Free Santana” t-shirts popping up around New York, Juelz Dip-Dip, Santana Set-Set…


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  • Nana

    Lmaooooo when keepin it real goes Downhill!

    I actually live in Bergen County..police here r no joke!

  • Kadadah

    We have got 2 do better as a ppl. SMDH.

  • scorpiosexxy

    it’s the hip hop police, officers specifically set out to indict & arrest “rappers”. So then the “rapper gets arrested & they damn there break their bank trying to stay out… Smh

    • If a rapper had a brain

      There would would be no need to for a “hip hop police” if these crap artist would stop doing dumb sh** you azz!

  • Lola

    Thats what he deserves… DUMMY…Wit all the money and fame they still wanna be dumbos and thugs so yeah jail is where they belong…STOP POISONING OUR YOUTH

  • Uguess

    I was wondering where ol’ boy was getting his paper from. Weed though come on son? They sho hate to see us come up. In the school zone thing ain’t cool though don’t get me wrong.

  • Lola

    I hope they get Jim Jones and Camron too…Dipset is soo whack yo

    • MacMoon

      So you wishing jail on 2 black men cuz you don’t like their music? Filthy bytch.

    • Lola

      No, but because their music is about drugs and being g’d up…If you live that life, go to prison then…Dummies…Btw, they sellin dope cuz they cant sell records LOL

    • d.

      You sound like you are hatin to the third power.

  • If a rapper had a brain

    That butt of his is going to whistle in prison. Stupid and foolish nig.

    • Mr Fantastic


  • MissLayDee

    Lol @the title…



  • Reality

    “We as a people have got to do better” @Kadadah..He doesn’t represent me, he is his own person…should’ve thought harder…Turn to God dude. NExt…

  • MacMoon

    Hopefully he will beat the charges.F*ck u haters.

  • internetuser

    Maybe if he didn’t brag about selling drugs, being a blood and shooting people in most of his songs, he wouldn’t have brought that attention on himself.

    Keep telling on yourself dumb rappers……its working.

  • Koons Kualit Kontrol

    Keep up the good work rappers.

  • yo tengo fe!

    “Blam Blammers” HAHAHAHAHA!

  • already

    He will snitch…damn shame…separate the gang life from hip hop dummies.


    These rappers are so busy “keeping it real” in their lyrics that they self snitchin’ anyways. I mean who they murkin, how they gettin money, how many keys they movin’, and we don’t expect the police to show satisfaction? According to the music, these cats are Don Niccas and master criminals and the police are paid to get that sh!t off the streets. So why advertise if you doing dirt? In the words of the late street prophet Biggie Smalls “Real bad boys move in silence with violence”… instead of ‘stop snitchin’ t-shirts we need ‘stop self-snitchin’ Ts…

  • Kp

    Lmmfao the title is hilarious “them grams of blam blammers” omg but noooo I love juelz

  • whatisthat

    this brotha could not be surprised that he got busted for the crimes that has committed and he possibly is familiar to the justice system..ya all those who poses a threat to the black community with poison sold to children and parents..
    need to be taken off the streets asap..i don’t feel sorry for people that make dumb choices and they have a chance to make a difference and chose wrong..good luck and sleep well while ya there in prison..

  • kidrebelny

    The man is not really making any music, I bet he’s a convicted felon, the only thing they know logically to do is sell some drugs, because that’s all they can do. These celebrities would hate to have a 9-5 to make money, smh.

  • Do more reading

    Damn son..they raided the studio, so U know u was gonna be next.And that “1000ft from school zone” is the killer. DIPSET!!!!!!

  • http://www.urbanorleans.com/site/2011/02/03/juelz-santana-arrested-on-drug-and-gun-charges/ Juelz Santana Arrested on Drug and Gun Charges « Urban Orleans

    […] SOURCE […]

  • It's Me

    O well, he wanna be a thug, well look what ya starring at now. Possible 5 – 10 years in the pen. ya skinny azz won’t make it son!!

  • ThirdEyeOpen

    These boys are lost in a world.

  • thesaneone

    juelz, birdman, jim jones, camron, all them cash money/dipset fools are in the drug game. it’s sickening cuz they got money but they still bringing their communities down.

    go lupe! LASERS, not LOSERS!

  • DJ's Mom

    He looks scared! Stuff is serious.

    • Moe

      He’s should be scared. Bergen County, NJ shows zero tolerance to black criminals.

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