Where Are These 10 One Hit(ish) Wonders??

- By Bossip Staff

Whether you’re part of the industry or listening from the outside in, everyone knows how fickle mainstream music can be. One hit is hard enough to come by, let alone an actual lasting and flourishing career. Hence the change up of our favorite R&B artists from lovelorn crooners to the newest school of techno babies (See: “DJ’s Got Us Falling in Love,” “Yeah 3x”. )

That’s why you can’t put a face to those early morning/late night radio jams that you barely remember the lyrics to: they’ve been diagnosed with the one-hit wonder syndrome. Or in other cases, the fate of “that’s that one song.” And while there’s nothing wrong with having a short career (better a little one than hustling mixtapes forever,) it does suck to be remembered as “that guy” or “‘ol girl.” So if you’ve been wondering who made some of your favorite songs from the ‘90s and up, or just if anyone else cares where they are, this list is for you.

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  • King Lew

    Mista, Hi-Five, ABC, C-C and the Music Factory.

    • confidently_ugly

      Hi fives’ lead singer Tony thompson is deceased but I think his “sexational” album was very underrated, you can find it on youtube. I suggest you have a listen

  • Amber

    i Loooved kris kross. one of them had cancer and the other one shaved his braids off.

  • good times

    These were def some good one hit wonders! Except for Lil Flip, I never liked him much at all. And I also think the dark skinned one of Kris Kross died like in the the early 2000s of leukemia or something like that!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Total disbanded waaaaaay before Keisha married Omar Epps. I mean like a decade before. Did you say that instead of saying, “Diddy squandered their talent and let them disappear into obscurity like all of his talent?”

  • clockwork

    What happened to the group Jade (Don’t Walk Away)?

  • Jermaine Harding

    @good timesNo Chris Kelly of Kris Kross is not dead none of them had cancer just a condition which made his hair fall out. He’s good now he’s still alive you can look him up on the internet

    • good times

      Thanx! That’s good to know LOL!

  • RMEs

    There was a group called X-Girlfriend that was produced by Full Force in the 90s. They had a song called “Why Can’t You Come Home”. I don’t know if it was super popular but they could SANG. Wonder what happened to them…

  • missj2w

    The crazy thing is that the music these one hit wonders made is better than 99% of the so called “hot” music that is out now.

  • ms.brilly

    Good list. I had forgotten about some of those guys (like Jon B.)

    Does anyone remember that group Y-N-Vee? or something like that… they had that single that was called “chocolate”. I mean, it was half a hit, but I liked it!

    What about Allure? Or that group 7669? Rell (Love for Free)?

  • haha

    where’s Left eye’s group? 808?? or something like that.

  • d.

    For the record, Kriss Kross had more than one hit.

  • confidently_ugly

    where is “B Angie B” ?

  • confidently_ugly

    its been decades since the industry put out REAL/TALENTED artists . You get one hit wonders with catchy hooks over a beat for 1.5 minutes. Its been years since Ive heard a “must have album”

  • Arageinharlem1983

    It is true – I have not heard a debut album like that in YEARS!!!

  • Arageinharlem1983

    Jon B is not a one hit wonder – he has had more hits than that!! He is underrated and so talented. It is a shame we do not hear more about him.

  • Hair Lova

    What about Adina Howard, Kut Klose, Rude Boys just to name a few. Also some of those people are not 1 hit wonders..

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