For The Fellas: Nivea Wants To Know “Can You Look Like You Give A Damn?!?!”

- By Bossip Staff

When it comes to the ladies, pampering and looking the best is a must before they step out the house… from the hair, shoes, outfit to flawless skin. When it comes to the fellas, they care but not as much. They might get a haircut, nice outfit and some shoes but when it comes to skin care… they will walk out the house with a big a** pimple saying “Hi!!!” on their face. Nivea, not to be confused with Lil Wayne’s leftovers,… has been all about skincare for 125 years and feels it’s time to put the focus on the men by launching the “Look Like You Give A Damn” campaign.

Nivea kicked off it’s new campaign with three different events— Sundance, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Bossip had the chance to experience the “Look Like You Give A Damn” Event in Las Vegas and lets just say the only thing that was missing was … Mike Tyson with the Phil Collins theme music playing in the background.

Take a Peek at Who Came Through:

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  • PraDaMaMa

    Soooooooo who was there….????

  • lateef


    In tears, ‘no to be confused with Wayne’s leftovers’!

    Wooo! I have the giggles!

  • lateef

    sorry, ‘not to be-

  • goodlucklava

    i dont get it … what was it about ?

  • Ms. Jones

    You serious that is the name of the event? Ghetto.

  • Q-Stanza

    the baby tiger makes me want to support, it probably makes more money than everyone who sh0owed up

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