Random Ridiculousness: Teenager Arrested For Throwing Snowballs At Mailman

- By Bossip Staff

Since when are snowballs considered a “criminal weapon”?

A snowball attack on a Brooklyn mailman got a teenager arrested when the horseplay turned violent, cops said Thursday. Walter Ward, 16, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon – snowballs – and assault.

“He’s innocent and looks forward to the opportunity to resolve this matter,” defense lawyer Jacob Lipsky said following Ward’s arraignment last night in Brooklyn Criminal Court. Prosecutors said Ward not only hit postal carrier Russell Bumpurs with snowballs but pummeled the civil servant in the head and face with his fists.

The 33-year-old victim’s injuries were serious enough to require medical attention. The Wednesday afternoon beatdown happened while Bumpurs was delivering mail on E.54th St. in Flatlands. Bumpurs told cops that when he asked Ward to stop throwing snowballs at him, the teen attacked him, police said.

Lipsky countered that other teenagers were responsible for the attack and that Ward intervened to stop it. Ward, who was also charged with menacing and harassment, was released to the custody of his mother last night.

He refused to comment and covered his head with his jacket after leaving the courthouse. Judge Joanne Quinones issued an order of protection on behalf of Bumpurs and warned Ward he’d be arrested again if he went near the mailman.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ward said when Quinones asked him if he understood.

Wow. While it wasn’t right for that kid to throw snowballs at the mailman AT ALL, do you feel he should have really been charged with criminal possession of a weapon???


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  • http://londoniscool.com William K Wallace

    He deserves it, another young punk that wont own up to what they did. Tell you what, I will throw a snowball straight into your eyeball and then you wont be sticking up for this punk!

    • JustAshley

      I agree! Maybe he will think twice before acting like an azz!

      I can’t stand bad kids.

    • Royal Chocolate

      Totally agree. He also needs an azz-whoppin’. I can’t stand bad kids either.

      We all did stuff when we were young but never, ever anything harmful or disrespectful to an adult because we were taught better.

      No saying that his parent(s) didn’t teach him better but these days kids seem to be totally out of control.

  • IJS....

    Yes he should have been charged…

  • SharJackson

    Yes, the punk got what he deserved. These young punks need to learn that you just cant go around doing stuff like that to people. Young, ignorant punks. Glad someone made an example out of him.

  • Jenifer

    Good! Another bad @ss kid that has no respect for elders. Find his buddies and put them in jail. One less hardhead we have to worry about.

  • said

    throwing things at a federal employee…lock the dummy up! quit birthing ignorant kids

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  • Yes Ma'am

    Who wants a butch of dumb kids throwing snowballs at them. Snow when forms a snowball is ice and that craps hurt.

  • hell yeah

    kids think they can do anything to anyone and there should be no consequence for their actions. but guess what if you throw anything at someone’s head charges can be brought against you. live and learn kids

  • chocolatestarBx

    I live in the Bronx, and there’s no snow out here… only ice! Also in brooklyn… so this kid wasn’t throwing snowballs. He was throwing ice. Yes he should definitely have criminal charges brought against him. Ice can kill a person if thrown at their head at high speeds.

    • dee

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Mo

    Messing with a federal/state/county/city employee is like messing with the President or a Governor. Snowballs or no snowballs.

  • Curious Misses

    What is he throwing snowballs for?

    He should’ve been inside studying his books, instead he outside with a bunch of hoodlums finding time to cause trouble.

    They say, the devil finds work for idlers. He finds court rooms, jail cells, and body bags for them too.


  • LMBO

    Maybe if he wasn’t such a rude little brat it wouldn’t had happened. SMH

  • Toy

    He needed it. This man workn herd in the cold and he throwin snowballs bad kids these days.

  • jmagic

    gotta get these lil baboons early or they will growup to be gorillas with guns

  • girl x

    Attack a federal employee, you most likely to get federal time. Shouldn’t have been anything at anybody. Ignorant boy.

  • chocolate nightmare

    LMAO!!! Truer words have never been spoken.


    he needs to be thought a lesson!!

  • iRoqq

    Federal Government. Smh. Dont mess with the Feds.

    • tommykimon

      This man is at work trying to to deliver mail which is a very serious job. He shouldn’t have to deal with bad azz kids throwing snow balls at him.

  • Kamille Mosberg

    He deserves everything he get ,hopefully the fullest extent.Plus he needs a butt whooping.Lil’ B@stard !!!! Throw the book at this punk and try him as an adult.

  • DCMDVA_Sista

    Got what he deserved. A 23yr old in my area threw a snowball at a man at 4:30am and got his throat slashed with a box cutter. You don’t mess with people unless their willing to play your game. Think ole boy got off easy.

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