Sh*t Is Real In Egypt: Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters Mob Cairo’s Central Square To Force Out Mubarak

- By Bossip Staff

Protesters demanding President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster packed Cairo’s central square by the tens of thousands, in what the crowd dubbed the “Friday of departure.” Egyptians waved flags, sang the national anthem and cheered, appearing undaunted and determined after their camp withstood two days of street battles with regime supporters trying to dislodge them.

Thousands including families with children flowed over bridges across the Nile into Tahrir Square, a sign that they were not intimidated after the protesters fended off everything thrown at them by pro-Mubarak attackers — storms of hurled concrete, metal bars and firebombs, fighters on horses and camels and automatic gunfire barrages. The protesters passed through a series of beefed-up checkpoints by the military and the protesters themselves guarding the square.

Among the crowd was Arab League chief Amr Moussa, who told France’s Europe 1 radio he would consider running in elections to replace Mubarak.
The crowd was the biggest since Tuesday, when an stimated quarter-million turned out. A man sitting in a wheelchair was lifted — wheelchair and all — over the heads of the crowd and he pumped his arms in the air. Thousands prostrated in noon prayers and immediately after uttering the prayer’s concluding “God’s peace and blessings be upon you,” they began chanting their message to Mubarak: “Leave! Leave! Leave!”

Protesters at one point started banging railings and lamp posts, part of their alarm system to warn that what appeared to be Mubarak supporters, like those who attacked the square on Wednesday, were approaching. Thousands surged to the area where the attack was suspected to protect the area, shouting: “Peacefully, peacefully.”


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    RIGHT ON ???


  • LovelyLady

    Applaud!!! Realist comment I’ve heard in a lonnngggggg time

  • dee

    Just like a dictator to not know when his time is up…

  • Ellie

    I hope that the Egyptians get the democracy they seek. I’ve been pulling for them since this all unfolded.

    Also I definitely agree that it’s wrong that blacks are considered violent when they protest for change…All we can do is try to fight negative perceptions through our actions really. Unfortunately we can’t convince everyone that not all blacks are violent and out of control.

  • bb

    Not sure what you’re referring to but protest by black people example MLK has been historic and the civil rights movement I believe has been looked at positively as black americans fighting for their own rights.

    If you’re talking about what you black AA fight for these days then thats a whole other story. When last have a group of AAs come out for something significant? What have you guys been protesting for in most recent years?Please do tell!

  • if anything be noble

    Like I’m going to spend this day defending Black people on a Black-centered website to someone non-Black…. —- making some coffee…

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    @if anything be noble 2/4/11, 10:08:AM

    You are truly CLUELESS.


    Realist…as someone who finds you (mostly) repulsive in your worldview…I can’t help but find myself in amused agreement about a handful of your takes on this event.Particularly as it relates to Arab Muslim historical mistreatment of Sub-Saharan Black people.Beyond that-you’re still a knuckle dragging cretin. 🙂


    Mubarak must go.Let’s hope these people have the stones to be something other than a THUG MUSLIM “THEOCRACY”.


    That’s my boy.


    ALL OF THEM MUST GO!!! Mubarak down to every last camel milk breath smelling turk. There shall be no peace until you are destroyed.

    Rise black man, Rise!!!
    Awaken from your slumber!!!
    Climb, ye the hearts of humanity!!!

  • Ronny'

    Those invadrs destroyed some ancient King Tut treasures/ I have lost a little respect for their goverment.

  • Ronny

    Those invaders destroyed some ancient king Tut artifacts. Ive lost some respect for their goverment.

  • Dcgal

    Stop whining about perception. When was the last time a black man stood up for something other than chasing white women. This is the dirtiest generation of black men EVER. At least these men are living for something ore than their selves and some dumb as* sport like football or basketball. bEducation here is free and yet MOST black men in this country are undereducated and they have the nerve o blame it on OTHER people. I just heard of an organization called We Make Us Better thet is in Brooklyn. VERY black men needs to get off their butt and back something like this. Step away from the sports and hoes and do something worthwhile. Grow for a change.

    • carmelle

      I agree with you 100% this is the worst generation of black men and most disrespectful to their nubian sisters.I recently just read the article on we make us better now when they talk about change tha’s what you do stop blaming”the white man for all your faults this is 2011 it is time to stand up.THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

  • if anything be noble

    …washing out coffee cup…

  • http://bossip lou

    These people need to sit they crazy a.s.s.e.s. down. I have a feeling if this man did step down, they rowled up a.s.s.e.s still ain’t going home. It looks like they think it’s a big block party to me. They over there tearing up chit I planned to see in my life time. Then Obama/Hillary dumb a.s.s. standing back, well Butuma if the people want you to step down, you have to comply. Stfu you and your ca padres are only ready to go over in that mug and take over. World domination. I’m telling you Americans if you all try that chit, it’s on. Sit yall a.s.s down somewhere because when they get finish it’s going to be worse than ever before !

  • white male

    Mubarak was injured in the as-sas-sination of Sadat.

  • flo

    This is good. Their standing for whats right may God bless them.

  • The Beautiful One

    Maybe if us Americans did this every time our government did something we didn’t like, America would be in much better shape. No wonder we’re on the brink of an economic collapse, and utter catastrophe because we don’t stand up for ourselves. smdh

    • http://bossip lou

      Americans better sit they a.s.s down. There is nothing to fight about. This country is free to do what it wants to do. Stop depending on the Gov. Did you know you don’t have to? The economy collapsed because people wanted to live like the Jonses, they all borrowing money they can’t pay back, every body greedy. No jobs, but you are free to make one, or invent something. Stop being lazy depending on Gov. There are ways to work this world ! Now if the Gov does get out of hand, worry about it then. As of now most of yall just lazy waiting on the gov to make things right. Violence is not the answer. Better yet I want to see if they have a better life after this ? We have all the problems we have because we are dumb as a mug !

  • The Beautiful One

    @ lou
    You’re so ignorant to what’s going on , it’s RIDICULOUS!

  • Glok...Uncle Bumpy... DaReal American Gangster !!


  • B*tchie

    I get the feeling we will be doing this in America sometime soon 😦

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