Blind Side 2.0: White Family Takes In Troubled Black Teen Whose Mother Died Of AIDS

- By Bossip Staff

Just like a basketball player, life twists and turns. Melvin Jones is not only a basketball star, but also a top student at Portland State University — and all because his high school coach, Kasey Poirrier, thinks of him as a little brother. Kasey’s mom, Jennifer Annable, was five months pregnant when she moved to Seattle with 50 bucks in her pocket. She worked long hours, struggling to become a teacher. Eventually she became director of a school for children with special needs, but her marriage ended in divorce before she could give Kasey that little brother.

One night Kasey asked his mom: “How would you feel about Melvin coming to stay with us?” Melvin Jones had just been shoved out of two other high schools and had entered Kasey’s with zero credits. At age 16, he was drifting on the streets of Seattle. “Every time I took him home, I was taking him somewhere else,” Kasey recalled. “We drove around to four or five different places and there were no adults.”

Melvin’s mom was dying of AIDS. “He was loved, but not parented,” is how Jennifer put it. So she made up a room for him. Why would a single mom take on such a challenge? Jennifer’s father grew up in foster care; her mother in an orphanage. Jennifer had opened her home to kids before: Five, in fact, during Kasey’s childhood.

“My dream was always to run an orphanage,” she explained. “When I was a little girl, I had a hundred dolls and I used to line them up on the back porch. Those were my kids.” Her mom was almost adopted three times, but each time, the couple sent her back. “To think that somebody would take in a child, then give them back,” Jennifer said. She simply wanted to help children like her mom. Still, she recalled: “Taking in Melvin was one of the hardest things I ever did in the beginning.” He did not trust her. He stashed the groceries she bought him under his bed, afraid some one would steal them.

Melvin resisted Jennifer’s every attempt to become his new mother. “I did not like it at all,” Melvin said. “I fought it.” Jennifer told Melvin: “ ‘I’m not trying to take anyone’s place, but you need a mom!’ ” And she had love enough to help another child. Still, Melvin’s little sister, Marika, was not happy. “Why you wanna go move in with her? She’s not family.” “He was with me,” big sister Lasheka Bousley insisted. “I was trying to figure out why he’d want to go with someone else other than me.”

Melvin simply wanted someone to show him how to study. “Jennifer was like a gnat, like you slappin’ at a gnat and it just won’t go away.”

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  • purple love

    White ppl do that all the time…



    • RXB

      They’re hoping to get another Micheal Oher. If he wasn’t into sports he would have just fallen through the cracks.

      White people aren’t all that great.

    • dcmbklyn

      @RXB how would she have known he would be good in sports? That’s like saying every Asian is good in math….Stupid statement

  • Angee

    Nice story.

  • Honut Sinti

    This happens often back and forth accross color lines. Good story.

  • TheOne

    I mean, it’s a great story and all, and I’m glad dude changed his life around, but if the lady was black would we even know about this? Black families help out the troubled kid down the block or friends of their kids all the time but I guess that’s not news worthy.

    Im giving a thank you to all the black families that help our black youth.

  • Alfred

    White people raised me, I was adopted by a white family at age 3 and they changed my life and raised me better than any black people could ever raise me.

    White people will ALWAYS be our saviours. Turn to the white man and he will help.

    They aren’t bitter or haters or jealous, just down to earth nice people.

  • WhyYouAsk

    I did this with my nephew. I took him in at a young age. He was always in trouble. In gangs. He was even stealing from me. But I locked him down. Got his head on right. Didn’t give him my bank card, but I cleaned out my 401k. He was a troubled youth. I stood by him regardless. He may not be my son on paper, but thats MINE! He’s getting ready to go to college this spring.

    • Getem

      Good for him! Awesome story.

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      That is wonderful!!!

  • If he wasn't an athletic star full of potential they prob would have left that nicca in the HOOD REAL TALK!

    My comment is my name

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      I totally agree with your screen name… that is the honest truth…. white people have no idea what it takes to raise a black kid, it takes more than money.. is the real love there… this site always put up crap that white folks do good and very little about their child rapists and theives and scammers.. always black!

    • JohnDHater

      Stop showing your ignorance and READ. This is not the first time this family adopted children and I’m sure they weren’t all athletes.

  • black suburban girl

    I grew up in the suburbss and I tell u what my mom and dad have helped so many of my brothers white friends who wealthy families kick them out. Or disown them for making the smallest mistakes in life! My mom has given money and a lot of time to these white youth!

    • Getem

      Now that I think about it my mom as well. We grew up in a nice suburban neighborhood and my mother always did nice things for my white friends and my friends period, regardless of race. My mother is a really good hearted person who will give her last dime to the cruelest person that needs it. She’s awesome. I’mma try to get her on the Ellen show.

    • Chaka1

      Mine did too. My dad was a police officer and I can remember three bad white kids in our neighborhood who he turned around. Two of them have found religion while the third owns a small business. They still thank him to this day.

  • Lisa

    What a blessing. God bless her for keeping one of our young balck men off the street and out of jail. ANYONE wh has a problem with this has a serious problem, there is nothing here to dispute. Black. White I don’t care a life is a life and she saved this young boys life. It justgoes to show that you cannot generalize a race of people. There is good and bad in every race.

  • LMAO


  • puh-leez

    Lol @ white people our saviors? LMAO didn’t blacks teach whites how to clean their azz and cook their meat?

  • mehico boondog

    puh leez its hard to be a monkey but being a dumb one must be horrible. Isn’t africa still living in their own shyt? In the year 2011? Arn’t the black race the only race going backwards? Fuking monkey

    • foxy lady

      Green card pleaz, because one more racist comment like that will cause u to loose your green card and be deported back to MEXICO!!!! OK!!! with your TACO BELL EATIN AS!!!!

  • Ellie

    This is a very touching story. I hope that people of all colors take the time out to help or raise children IF THEY CAN that are in need. I can see how some would view this as an attempt to praise whites..but ultimately what’s important is that this young black man is well on his way to becoming a contributing member in our society. Hope he keeps up the good work.

  • Tina

    If you want to know why black people have a bad reputation, look at some of the above comments. Such pettiness.

  • if anything be noble

    Very nice story but seriously…. who raises other people’s kids more than us? Black people’s middle NAME is “Raising Other People’s Kids” as in, Black Raisingotherpeople’skids People. SMH Today show, please sit down. Show all the Black people who have 14 otherpeople’skids sitting around the dinner table on a regular basis.

  • mehico boondog

    No matter what white people do for you, you cant keep that racist fork tongue shut. Hatefull and fu.cking bitter! Bitter! Bitter. Im talking shi.t to all you nikkers and im not racist because i ain’t white. Wasn’t that what you lot said? Only whites can be racist? Well im mexican and we taking ya over. And your fine sisters

  • Real Issh

    Great for him .. But I’m waiting for thee story of ah black woman or man doing thee same thing for a white child . I know many of them . I just need 2 pitch it 2 television .

    • Boomboomroom

      Well you are going to be waiting for a long time sista/brotha. And that story you are pitching is going right in the trash. White folks are never going to pitch a story where they don’t come out looking like heroes.

    • Hispanoila Brotherhood

      Actually I saw a story on CNN where a black woman adopted a white daughter. I suppose it wasn’t as big as this one cuz the daughter is not going to be a baller in the near future.

  • if anything be noble

    Cracking up at Getem’s mom on Ellen.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Thank God for people like her.May God continue to bless him&the family that took him in and gave him a better life than the one he was living.

  • kim

    i think thats false boomboom.. I kinda think white folks would like to see it. The thing about it is that we as black people hate on stories like that. You cant say it ain’t true. Theres always hate on those stories. Anyway,there arnt that many white kids to adopt or take in. They always first choice even in asia

  • if anything be noble

    I mean, come on now. We all think it’s great and all and I know I haven’t raised a child whose mom died of Aids so she gets credit for that. We’re just saying Black people do this stuff all the time. We open our hearts and pots and pans to everybody. I guess it’s the rare thing when white people choose to do it.

  • Boomboomroom

    They are waiting for the dumb Negroes in here to say. Dank da lawd fo YT peeplz. We’s condinu do wiship dem. Puleeze! Just like those myriads of Hollywood fake stories about White people going into inner city schools to teach. BULLSHYT!!

  • Miss Perfection Trini Sazon aka Anti -Coonery .

    nice story ..but this only made news because hes black there are many white women who adopt black children they should all make the news too

    • Boomboomroom

      No they don’t. Can you show me stats to back that up? In fact, black children ARE NOT that “high” in demand in the American adoption system. More Asian babies are adopted from overseas than anything else. Now European adopt Black American and African children more than White Americans do.

    • 4Real-Tho

      Yeah but do they turn out to be not only a TOP academic High-School and College student going from ZERO credits as a Sophomore to a student of Excellent? In addition, Did They also top that by being a TOP ATHLETE in COLLEGE? And to TOP that did they have plans to go on to Grad School for their Masters Degree? Otherwise, they are average stories of kids being rescued vs. this guy who Rose to the top in many areas of his life. Now, that’s news worthy! I am helping my nephews but they come nowhere near this story. This is where I am trying to take them and one is rebelling every step of the way. I give him to age 18-19 before he will be locked up and I won’t care because I have done more than I am suppose to do. Once they are grown and shown the way to the military or college, it is a level playing field. It’s do or die because everyone has a story to tell and has to carry their own weight as adults in life.

    • and ur point is?

      @4Real-Tho NICE COMMENT!!!everyone in here hating cuz this made the news.NOT EVERY SINGLE STORY GON MAKE THE NEWS!!!!!this was a special story indeed..good job Melvin, may God continue to bless u!!

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